I Still Have A Blog Site Apparently

April 11, 2019

Hello my Nerdlings…. I’m back …. sort of …. never really went anywhere to be frank.  I’m still doing comics… The main website BUBBAWORLD COMIX has my new comic ROSCO on it.  It’s a prequel comic to the web series on the youtubes by the same name, ROSCO.  I’m providing links making them just a click away.  The comic is about a crossroads demon thru the ages that is incompetent at his job.  The Youtube series is the same crossroads demon that lost his job when he got fired from Hell and winds up crashing at his friend’s house with his friend’s wife and new baby.  The First season is up now and we’re working on the second season. Rosco is the monster puppet that I’ve been using for years  I’m still working on the original six humor strips but they appear at my Patreon Page for supporters there.  I may even start posting some Rosco comics here on this blog page.  So get ready, the Ompa Loompas have the factory running again.


February 9, 2018


This is a digital download book of 1000 pages of humor comics I have written and drawn over the years.  You might even say it’s my Life’s Work.  It is only five dollars for the pdf digital download that I will personally email you the link to download it.  You can purchase it on my WEBSITE just a click away.  There’s a paypal button there.  It contains collections of my main six humor titles QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR, MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS, CAPN’ GEEZER, DAWN OF TIME, SPACE REDNECKS and GOING BATTY.  It also collects all of the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD specials from past Halloweens.  These are humor Halloween stories that cross over all six titles.  It has a bunch of extra comics in it also.

Free Digital Monthly Magazine

February 8, 2018

I started a FREE digital Monthly Magazine a while back called the MISSISSIPPI ARTS & CULTURE MAGAZINE and after two issues I renamed it the BUBBAWORLD COMIX MAGAZINE.

It had articles about the arts and culture in the south along with an ongoing serial humor comic of my SPACE REDNECKS title.  I later revamped it to have all six of my humor titles and do them as just one shot gag comics again and it still has the articles.

You can find all of these magazines from the last ten or so months HERE … just a click away.  Also you can sign up for the monthly newsletter at my home site now at the BUBBAWORLD COMIX webpage    and get an email each month when the magazine comes out with a link to the actual magazine.  ALSO… I will be publishing two FREE humor graphic novels as digital pdf’s and anyone on the mailing list will get the links as soon as they are a go.  The first one will be CAPN’ GEEZER THE WAR CAPN’ .  This is my humor strip with the time traveler and his companions.  The next one will be SPACE REDNECKS THERE GOES THE GALAXY.  This will finish up the long form story I was working on at the beginning of my free magazine.  ALSO… I will be giving away artwork from time to time and the drawings will be from my email list.  So no entry fee, just be a member of the email list.  WHAT A DEAL!  WOO!

There is already a free comic , ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER, at my issuu page.  It’s a humor comic also.  Like this one I will be selling ads in the comics to help pay for it and make it free as a digital download.  I will be limiting the ads to ten to fifteen sponsors each book.  The books will also be available in print but you will have to purchase those if you need a copy to hold in your hands.  If the sponsorships work out I may be putting out more free humor graphic novels in the near future.

Check out the content and sign up for the emails.  Tell your friends… heck , tell your enemies… I need as many people to read my comics as possible.

Have a bubbatastic day.


May 31, 2017

http://patreon/bubbaworldcomix if you would like to support on my patreon page or share with your friends this is my to-do list
(1) Produce the DOX sci fi comic book monthly ( only patreon $5 a month or more supporters see these as pdfs )
(2) Write short Horror Stories for a collection book ( hopefully one a month that only $5 a month supporters see as pdfs ) the collection book will be in my store after it’s finished.
(3) Produce the monthly BWC MAGAZINE with the SPACE REDNECKS comic in it as a pdf. ( Free to everyone )
(4) Update humor gag comics twice a week on my main website (free to everyone)
(5) Thru the year I will be writing and drawing Humor Graphic Novels that will be available to the Patreon supporters first as a pdf before the printed books are available .
(5a) I will be working on CAPN’ GEEZER & THE WAR CAPN’ before too long.
(5b) I will be working on the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD : IT CAME FROM THE SHOP FRIDGE to have ready for October
(6) I will be writing and illustrating the children’s book AINT’ NO ONE HERE BUT US CHICKENS . Available first as a pdf to the patreon supporters then as a printed book.
(7) a humor podcast THE ZOG REPORT about idiot aliens from the Capn’ Geezer comic strip reporting back to the homeworld. ( free to everyone on the youtubes )
(8) a podcast about geekery and nerd stuff to be named later. ( free to everyone on the youtubes )
(9) drawing the LIGHTS OUT book 3 of 5 this year written by Landon McMinn . This will be available in my bookstore but Patreon supporters may get a back scene look at the making of the book every now and again.
(10) the other stuff I cant think of but will be doing also…
Join my Patreon page and help me create and keep me at the DRAWING BOARD. Share with all your friends and share with some of your enemies .


May 30, 2017

My PATREON page has been retooled.  I will be producing a monthly comic called DOX.  It’s a sci fi time travel adventure.  I wrote it as a novel and I’m gonna draw it in a series of comics until I get to the end.  I have no idea how long that will take.  They will be available for my $5 and above supporters on my Patreon page as  a link to the pdf book.  When I get enough I will put them into a trade graphic novel and print it but until then only the Patreon supporters can read it.

I will also be writing short horror stories for a Horror collection series that I’m doing.  As I write the short stories they will be available there also as a pdf with a link provided to find it.  I will print that book when I get enough stories for it.

I will also be putting out humor graphic novel comics.  These will have a pdf of them linked to the Patreon page for the supporters to read before they go to print.

So much time and so little to do…. no … strike that… now reverse it… there we go.

Later my nerdlings.


April 22, 2017

So much time and so little to do…. no… strike that… now reverse it.  There we go.  Yes , there is so much to talk about, where does one begin?  THE MIDDLE!  To start at the beginning is so predictable.

My PATREON page is a good middle place to begin.  If you haven’t heard of Patreon it’s where creative types can have people support them on a monthly basis to help them to keep creating.  It’s a lovely concept.  Now if I only had some supporters there it would be even better.  I have perks for some of the tiers but the one I’m gonna focus on is the $2 a month tier.  That is such a low price and you get so much.  You will get to see the pages for the DOX graphic novel or graphic novels as I draw and produce them.  I wrote the novel years ago and just got around to publishing it a month ago….. Time has no meaning to me, which might explain why I’m always burning my biscuits…. The DOX NOVEL can be bought on my lulu page which I believe , and I’m unanimous in this, that the word DOX is being linked to it.  I’ve decided to do it in a more fun style than I was trying before.  A style that fits me a little better and is a bit more distinctive too, I believe.  Check out the Shak-a-ree … they’re a nasty bit of business I’ll tell you.

….mmmm…. one of these guys is a cyborg… I wonder how that happened?… mmmm …. Maybe you should buy the book… or join in supporting me on the Patreon and see as the pages unfold.  This sounds like so much fun, I can’t wait to draw it all.

What’s next … or previous… time has no meaning here…

BOOKS!!  I’ve been putting books out.  Links everywhere.  In no particular order… because that’s how we roll around here…  LIGHTS OUT vol. 2 is a horror comic written by my friend Landon McMinn and follows the adventures of a young boy and his teddy bear fighting the Supernatural.  He plans this to be a five part story and LIGHTS OUT vol 1 is also available cause you might want to read these in order. Both Books were illustrated by me , Andy B. CHildress.  Then there is the BUBBAWORLD COMIX OMNIBUS 2 I just put out a wee bit ago which means there is a BUBBAWORLD COMIX OMNIBUS 1 also.  They collect my six main humor titles in each book.  If you would like there is the BWC GAS GIANT: GALACTIC MAYHEM  Vol 1 and Vol 2 or the GAS GIANT PDF book that contains both of them.  Vol 1 and 2 combined are 700 pages of comicy goodness.  There’s more at my books page, even a coloring book for grown up folks.

covers collage

This pic shows 16 of the 17 books I’ve put out in the last few years.

I plan to be doing some podcasts before to long.  One will be just geeks and nerds talking comics and nerddom and geekdom.  The other one will be a comedy audio series with a bit of sci fi thrown in for good measure.  More about these later… or before… however that works out.  Until then have a Bubbatastic Day.

Oh, and keep checking on BUBBAWORLD COMIX main website for one shot gag comics.


Block Printing

March 5, 2017

Over the last few years I have gotten back into block printing.  Basically you take a lino block and draw a design and then carve it out with some carving tools.  Then you take some ink with a roller and roll on the block and press it onto the paper.  Occasionally you may have some blood mixed in with the ink… I suggest cutting away from your other hand.  Really, I have the scars to push this point home.


I decided to do a chicken print in celebration of my comic character’s HERMAN THE PSYCHOTIC CHICKEN’s 33rd years since I created him.  So I decided to make 33 prints only.  So they will be numbered 1/33 to 33/33 like you do when labeling prints.  I will actually be making 66 prints in all… 33 will be in black and white and 33 will be hand painted with water colors.  And they will be avaliable for only $33 for the pair.  But only 33 people will be able to get them.  If you’re interested in this limited print then you can email me at bubbaworldcomix@gmail.com and see if they’re all gone yet.  Here’s the first one painted.


Also if you ever want to watch me making my art and comics I live stream it on my twitch channel at www.twitch.tv/bubbaworldcomix  .  Be sure to check it out sometime.


February 21, 2017

Just got back from Pensacon 2017 and it was awesome.  It’s like a nerd family reunion with all my nerd friends.  So many of us make this convention every year.  So , I just remember I have a blog and should be using it.
So , I’m gonna post some memories in me blog but just concentrate on one at a time… then the others will come later.
First day of Pensacon.  A bunch of us are eating breakfast at the big table like we do every year.  It’s breakfast time and the host hotel has a cool restaurant in the hotel.  We’re all eating there when in walks David Bradley.  That’s right , Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Strain, An Adventure in Space & Time (Doctor Who special).  That David Bradley.  He walks over and talks to Mike Ensley (the guy who started Pensacon) and then sits at the table behind us.  It’s neat and cool just to be eating a table away from a cool nice guy like that but then we all get up and start leaving when I pick up my big furry horned puppet, Rosco.  I carry this puppet to shows and cons and he’s been to every Pensacon.  David sees him and points saying, “That’s brilliant.”  So I step over and we talk about the puppet.  He asks if I’m doing a show over the weekend and I tell him no that the puppet just helps in selling my comics and art and I also do interviews with him.  We talk about the An Adventure in Time & Space show he did.  I thank him and go about my way.
Later that day I’m waiting while the Slyvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred set up so I can interview them when David walks up.  He asks the volunteer next to me if she’s met the Puppet.  He tells her that he had breakfast with the puppet and that the puppet ate all his food.  We have a good laugh and he goes on about his way.
So who do I run into on my way out of breakfast the next day?  That’s right , it’s David again and yes I do have the puppet.  He laughs and says, ” I just keep running into you and this puppet, don’t I.”  And yes, the puppet and myself ran into David for just about every breakfast.  Even though Monday morning Rosco the puppet was packed in the car for the ride home I did have my writing pen with me and the writing pen is a snowman puppet.  So at least I had a puppet of some sort when I ran into David again as I was leaving.
Stay tooned for more Pensacon Memories coming later I tells ya and have a bubbatastic day.


Also, here’s a shout out to one of my BubbaWorld Comix sponsors.  Be sure to check them out.   GUNDOG SUPPLY



February 14, 2017

Free stuff is always good.  Am I right or am I right?  I’ve been putting comics on the web for free for years.  I’m still gonna be doing that but I’ve retooled how I’m gonna be doing it I tells ya what.

Every THREE MONTHS there will be a free comic on my ISSUU site.  The first one is there now, ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER.  It is a humor comic.  It came out at the end of January.  The first MISSISSIPPI ARTS & CULTURE magazine came out at the end of December of 2016.  I will be putting out 4 comics each year and 8 issues of the magazine each year.  Every three months a comic and the two months between each will be the magazine.  AND IT’S FREE.  It’s a pdf that you can read online or download.  I sell ads to make it free but , hey, IT’S FREE.  Woo Hoo.

At the end of April the next comic will be coming out.  ZACK was 30 pages but I plan the rest of the comics to be around 100 to 150 pages.  Actual humor graphic novels.  Due to size restraints each book may be split into four parts BUT i will release them ALL at the SAME TIME.  No waiting.  You will get the full story all at once.  The next comic will be SPACE REDNECKS : THERE GOES THE GALAXY.

The magazine will have articles about artists and events in, around, and near Mississippi.  Also, I plan to start a ongoing serial comic strip starting in the March Issue.  It’s gonna be cool I tells ya.  Spread the word.  Tell your family, tell your friends, heck… tell your enemies too.  They may even like you more after you share this awesome news with them.  I will try to post here when I update but you can follow me at my ISSUU site and be alerted every time I put something up.

Get ready for some free comics and have a Bubbatastic Day.


January 1, 2017

Hello peoples.  I have a new collection book with all six of my main humor titles called BUBBAWORLD COMIX OMNIBUS VOL 2.  It is available HERE just click away.

I have been working on the ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER book which is also a humor comic.  The cool thing is that it will be available for free as a PDF online for anyone to read that would like to.  It will be ready in mid to late January at http://issuu.com/bubbaworldcomix so be sure to click there and follow me over there.  I will try to put out a humor comic ( usually a graphic novel size ) after this first one at least four times a year.  I’m doing my Monthly MISSISSIPPI ARTS AND CULTURE magazine there also.  It also afforded me a test run to check out the site.

My sci fi, horror , and adventure comics will still be for sale at my LULU page but as I start to sell ads in the PDF humor books I may be able to offer my print books cheaper.

I’m currently working ( literally right now ) on the second book of LIGHTS OUT for February .  Just click the name of the book for book one if you haven’t gotten it yet.  It is a horror comic.

In April, towards the end of the month I will be releasing SPACE REDNECKS : THERE GOES THE GALAXY on the http://issuu.com/bubbaworldcomix site as a free PDF humor comic graphic novel.

There will still be updates at BUBBAWORLD COMIX main page of humor one shot gag comics also.

There is more to come and I hope yall have a happy new year.