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Comic Strip Paintings 2

April 15, 2008

Here’s the second COMIC STRIP PAINTING that I’ve done this year.

This is another SPACE REDNECKS where Bubba is shoving an alien into a microwave.  If you go to the BUBBAWORLD COMIX website you can read the archive and find the strip that this is based on.

Comic Strip Paintings

April 13, 2008

I’m not your typical cartoonist. I , in the past, have been known to paint on occasions. The last painting I did, before 2008, took me 3 years to paint….or 3 days. I only painted on it for three days but there was a year and a half between each day. This year I decided to do something a little different. I call it My “Year of Paint 2008”. I am going to attempt to paint an average of one painting a week for the whole year of 2008. So Far so Good. I am around 15 and I think we’ve had 14 weeks this year.

As I was painting I decided on a new subject to paint. COMIC STRIPS! Not just any comic strips but the ones that I write and draw. I am picking out some of me favorites and painting them on 1×3 foot canvases in acrylic paint. I’ve been having loads of fun doing it and enjoying the mess out of it. The first one I did was actually on a 1×2 foot canvas and used my SPACE REDNECKS title.


The first panel someone is saying, “Hey look, a sign of intelligent life!”. In the second panel the SPACE REDNECKS are in the asteroid space bar surrounded by some ‘Grey’ aliens and Bubba is saying, “Ding Dang it! We’re in a Grey Bar!”

This is probably one of me favorite comic strips that I have ever done. I actually gave it to my art teacher from college a couple of weeks ago. I have done six COMIC STRIP PAINTINGS and actually gave him the option to choose which one he wanted and this was it. I am glad to see it go to a good home. He is retiring at the end of this semester and it was his retirement gift.

I am going to the Cotton District Arts Festival before too long with a booth and setting up to sell my paintings. Hopefully they do well.

Until next time have a bubbatastic time.

BubbaWorld Comix

April 12, 2008

Well ding dang it , I done went and joined a blogging community.  I am a cartoonist with a web comic call BubbaWorld Comix

Yall should go and check it out.  It’s updated six days a week with six titles.  Each title updates on a different day.  QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR is on Mondays and about two idiot brothers working for their dad in the family appliance business .  MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS updates Tuesdays  and as  the name suggests, it’s about a psychotic chicken and a pessimistic clown.  DAWN OF TIME updates on Wednesday and follows the adventures of Bubba the Caveman and his great grandfather, Paw Paw Bubba, and Milo the chimp.  CAPN’ GEEZER is a srip about a time traveler and his crew.  Capn’ Geezer’s main arch nemesis is Major Evil.  Major Evil’s time machine is built out of a port-o-pottie.  This title has fun with all the good old sci fi I grew up with.  SPACE REDNECKS updates on Fridays and is if Houston, Mississippi had it’s own space program.  GOING BATTY ends up the week on Saturdays and is about Merlin the bat and the mad scientist, Doc, and all the freaks that live in the castle.

I draw all of these comics and I write them too.  It has been updating six days a week since Aug 2007.  I have a back log of strips so there should be no fear of me missing an update for at least 2 years.  That’s right….I’m about two years ahead on updates.  So be sure to go to Bubbaworld Comix and check them out.