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August 30, 2008

I’m going to review some books that I was fortunate enough to stumble upon in a comic book store I visit from time to time. It’s not my normal comic book store that I get the majority of my stuff from but when ever I find a new store, especially one so close to me, I like to get something there once in a while just to support comic book stores in general. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, so imagine my surprise when I found these little BBC BOOKS of Doctor Who. They are roughly the size of you hand, maybe a tad bigger, and hardback and about 250 pages or so.

They are a semi quick read and have the 10th Doctor’s character as played by David Tennant down pat. I’ve bought nine within three visits. So far I have read FOREVER AUTUM, WETWORLD, STING OF THE ZYGONS, THE PRICE OF PARADISE, NIGHTMARE OF BLACK ISLAND, and PEACEMAKER. I have not been disappointed yet. They have been great little reads and I discovered them right after the season finale so that was perfect timing for me. I still have WISHING WELL, WOODEN HEART, and THE DEVIANT STRAIN to read. The books go back and forth using the companions Rose and Martha. The DEVIANT STRAIN features the 9th Doctor as portrayed by Christopher Eccleston. I bought up the David Tennant books up first because I really like the way his Doctor is. I like Christopher Eccleston too, but some of the books got bought in between my visits so I’m glad I got as many David Tennant ones as I did. The last three I got were the last ones in the store and I don’t know if he will be getting any more. I can”t wait to read the others but I need to get some comics read in between the books. I actually got the new IDW trade paper back graphic novel of the first few Doctor Who Comic that they do. I’ve already read the stories in the monthly titles but couldn’t pass up having the graphic novel version. I’ve also been getting the collection of strips that appeared in the Doctor Who Magazines. My main comic book store has been finding them for me. I will have to look into getting the rest of the books. Maybe one or the other comic book stores I use will get them for me. I’d rather get them that way than off the internet.

If you’re a Doctor Who fan then you need to check out one of the comic strips that I do. It’s CAPN’ GEEZER of the Time Space Patrol. It’s at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET . I have six titles that I do there but on Thursdays I update CAPN’ GEEZER. I have a full archive that you can check out too and catch up on the title. He was inspired by all of the cheesy SciFi that I grew up on. His arch nemesis, Major Evil, might remind you of the Master. Of course, Major Evil built his time machine out of a … wait for it….a PORT-O-POTTIE! It’s more than a little cramp but it gets the job done. Check it out if you have time. If you don’t have time….make some time. You’ll enjoy it.


August 28, 2008

I’m an avid comic book and comic strip reader. I spend an hour a day just reading web comics every day. Myself being a web cartoonist, BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET, I just refer to it as research. I can’t help it if I enjoy my research. The point is I read a lot of comics. In the old days I read mostly Marvel and DC. I did read the Harvey books when really young, Richie Rich, Polka Dot, Hot Stuff, Lil Duey, Casper, Wendy and stuff like that. But lets face it… tend to grow away from those titles. They are a good starters though. Over the years my tastes have changed. I’m more into the independents now. I read a lot from Image but it is also different from the Marvel and DC model in the fact that their titles are creator owned. It’s a major company with an Independent feel. Occasionally I will buy a Marvel or DC book. I’ve just read the second Blue Beetle trade paper back from DC and plan to get the next one. I picked up a Spiderman TPB not long ago that looked real interesting. As for individual titles….I don’t really get any anymore. There’s a few. The Hulk was one until Marvel screwed up the title and I just quit buying it at all. It use to be one of those titles I couldn’t wait for the Trade Paper Back to come out. There are only a few like that anymore, the Doctor Who titles from IDW are like that. The rest of the titles I read I pick up as a Trade Paper Back or Graphic Novel.

For those that don’t know, a Trade Paper Back is a comic book that’s somewhere between 80 to 200 pages. It usually has a complete story arc of the title in it. The only difference between this and a Graphic Novel that I can tell is that a Graphic Novel was never a monthly title and came out first in the thick format. This is the way I like to buy my comics now. I get regular titles but I wait on the TPBs to come out. They are easier to put on a shelf and reread or loan out later. I’m getting a lot of the new Star Trek TPB’s from IDW this way. I get the Doctor Who monthly titles but I still pick up the TPB when it comes out.

Go to Europe and buy some comics. You will see that they don’t even know what a monthly title is. They release their comics as Graphic Novels to begin with. There comic book stores are real impressive because of this. I write and draw comics. I have a web comic at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET . I update it every day six days a week with humor type strips. I am also writing and drawing some Graphic Novels that I plan to self publish using my website to promote them. I just like the idea of a Graphic Novel. You can get the whole story arc in one book. They’re easier to display and reread. I personally think it would be better if creators just went straight to releasing Graphic Novels and forgot about the monthly titles. I would probably buy more Marvel and DC books if they were like this instead. I don’t really expect the major companies to start releasing only Graphic Novels but a guy can dream, can’t he? I’ve read the “INVINCIBLE” TPB vol 1 from Image and plan to get more of these. I have all of the “WALKING DEAD” TBP’s from Image. I believe it might even be by the same writer. As I’ve said earlier I’m getting the STAR TRECK titles from IDW in TPB. I’ve got a couple of HELLBOYs and plan to get more. I even have the first 3 or 4 TPB of the SUPERMAN BATMAN book. My comic shop has been getting me the collection books of the DOCTOR WHO strips from the DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE. I have a whole shelf dedicated to these Graphic Novels that I’ve been getting and soon will have to clear off a second shelf for more.

I don’t plan to do a monthly title book. I’m not saying I wont, just that I don’t plan too. I like the Graphic Novel model to much. I have too many ideas now that would work perfectly in this format. Some would be one shots and others will be series. I have a Horror Graphic Novel that I’m working on with a friend called MISFITS & MAYHEM. It will have six short horror stories written by both of us, half by him and half by me. The whole book will be drawn by me. We plan to keep making this title as the years go on. We have just recently talked over a new title that is too early to release too much information on yet but it will be a continuing series. I have a Sci Fi book that I’m going to be doing by myself that will be a 5 or 6 part series. I’ve actually have written in as a actual 70,000 word novel but plan to use that manuscript to draw the series from. There are other sci fi ideas that I plan to do that will probably only be one shot stories. I wish I could just manage my time more to get all of these projects done. You may enjoy your monthly titles and that’s fine. If you ever switch over to the TPBs you will realize that you will have the same amount to read and the release times will probably be staggered enough that the cost won’t hit you all at once. It’s also cheaper to buy the TPBs than it is the individual titles so you would actually save money.

I have a blog on my website at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET that you can keep an eye on where I talk about the progress on my Graphic Novel ideas.


August 27, 2008

Growing up I read all sorts of comic books. Starting out on Richie Rich, Casper, and Archie. Later on I got into Superman, Batman, Spiderman and a good many of DC and Marvel books. In order to get these books I had to go to a bunch of different stores and check out the racks each week. There was one convenience store that I would go to first each time because they had the best selection. I would then go to the grocery store that we frequented the most and finally the 2nd grocery store in my town. Sometimes they would have something I missed but mostly I already had my titles and the trip there was just to double check for the occasional surprise.

I would get my Mom or Dad or Brother to run me by these places once a week while we were already uptown. Usually on Wednesday because thats when the magazine truck made it’s rounds to all the stores in town. After I got my driver’s license I was able to just make my comic book runs myself. The time period was the 70’s and 80’s. I had no idea what a comic book specialty shop was or that such a concoction even existed. In my area of Mississippi I’m pretty sure it didn’t.

I went to college and didn’t really want to wait all week to get my comics so I would go to a few places in the small community college town. By few I mean one. The other places were actually in a small town 10 miles down the road from the college. My roommate in college was an avid comic book reader also so we usually made the comic book run together. We would start at the one grocery store in town then travel the 10 miles to the next town. We would stop at 2 convenience stores that were right across the street from each other then continue to the main grocery store in that town. We would go back to the dorm room and immediately start on our reading. Rusty was a die hard Marvel fan but I had both my DC and Marvels. Those were good times and wonderful memories. On my way back home on Friday evenings I would stop by the convenience store at home and the main grocery store and check for the titles that I did not find at college. There were usually 1 to 3 that I would have to get this way each week.

The year after I graduated college a comic book shop opened in the town next to mine just 25 or 30 miles from my house. A friend told me about it. I went to check it out a few times. I’m a comic book and comic strip nut and I still didn’t know what to think of this new concept. A store for only comic books and comic related products. The owners, two brothers, told me about their subscription service. I didn’t know what to think of it. Could I trust such a thing? I liked going to a bunch of different stores and rummaging thru the racks and sometimes having to go to multiple stores to find issues that I desperately needed but was already sold out in the store I was in. How could a store pulling all the titles that I read each week and putting them in a box until I show up, even if it was only every 3 or 4 weeks, so that I never had to miss an issue or go running all over creation to find all of my issues going to compare? They even had a bigger selection so I could start reading titles that I had no hope of finding in the grocery or convenience stores. How was that better for me, a comic book addict. Oddly enough I was suspicious. It was change and I had to wrap my head around it. A few weeks after visiting the store a few times I broke down and gave them my list. I browsed the store and found new titles. I discovered independent titles that I liked. I added to my list. It was nirvana. For over a decade I didn’t have any worries over my comic book selecting and it was perfect.

Things still change though. The brothers expanded other aspects of their businesses and left the comic book store running more and more to the employees. This was not a bad thing at first. The employees they had were really good and looked out for you almost as good as the brothers did. There were many times the brothers or these employees that I’ve mentioned found stuff for me that they new I would like. They would bring it to my attention and 9 out of 10 times they were right and I would add it to my list. It would usually be something I would never had known about if they hadn’t drawn my attention to it. The only problem was the employees were college students. College students tend to graduate, move away, and get better jobs. What happens then? You get new employees. Employees that don’t necessarily care about comic and are just looking for a paycheck. They could care less about the customers and then you start having problems not only with new stuff but getting the things that had been in your box regular for over 10 years. Since before these idiots could even drive. The brothers were smart enough to see the trend and sold the store. The following owner didn’t have it long before he had to close it due to incompetence. Luckily I had moved on to another store. I was still friends with the brothers from the first store and always will be. I didn’t leave without an explanation like a lot of my friends did. I went to them and told them of the problems and how many customers that they had lost had not quit buying comics, they were just getting them somewhere else. I probably helped in there decision of selling the store before it became a liability for them.

The problem was that there were no longer comic racks in the grocery or convenience stores in my town anymore. Were all small towns like this now? Are there any comic book racks in any small stores across America for kids to get started on comics anymore? I started using a different comic book store. It was not close. In fact it is over 2 hours away from me. I have been using it for nearly 10 years now and it is owner operated. For some reason the best comic book stores seem to be the ones that are run by the owners. I get him to mail me my books the majority of the time. Occasionally I get to go by the store and browse and shop. There are not many shops in Mississippi. Five that I know of in the whole state. Six last year but one shut down. I’m an adult….by age anyway….and I can drive out of my way or use a debit card and have my books shipped to me and conduct my comic book business over the phone. What do the kids today do? Where do they go to get started on reading comics regularly. A friend of mine that started a comic book shop years ago and then shut it down after only 2 years said the majority of his customers were between the ages of 20 and 50. One of the reasons he decided to close his shop was due to the illiteracy rate.

When comics were available in sight of a little kid shopping with his mother, was it better. That little kid could bug his mom till she bought him a book to shut him up. She might start buying him a book or more every week. She could even use it as a means to ensure his good behavior. The plus side was he was reading. It may have had cool pictures, but he was reading and enjoying reading. Later on it would lead to reading novels and such. Even if it only led to reading a bunch of comic books every week even during his adult life it was increasing his vocabulary. I’m not saying that the comic book specialty shops destroyed the comic book racks. I would not give up the comic book shop I use now. I don’t know if it was a major factor or just a contributor. I’m just curious if there are any more racks out there. Did they all disappear? Do the people that deliver the magazines and tabloids still even offer comics or did they drop out when you started to have to go thru a distributer? Were they using a distributer already? I don’t know these answers yet. I do miss the racks if for no other reason than to give kids that will never see a comic book specialty shop in their early years a place to discover comics.

Did the Internet replace the comic book rack? There are tons of comic strips and comic book type stories on the Internet now. I even have a site at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET . My site updates daily and are 1 to 2 tier humor type strips. I am also currently working on some graphic novels behind the scenes that I plan to self publish and use my website to promote them. I spend about an hour every day reading all of the comics that I bookmarked from the Internet. Is this the new comic book rack? It’s better than nothing I suppose. It’s a little sad in a way, but that might just be my nostalgic outlook on things.


August 21, 2008

SPACE REDNECKS is a comic strip that I do over at my web comic page BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET . I do six titles all together and SPACE REDNECKS updates on every Friday. If the small town of Houston, Mississippi had their own space program, this would be it. A shuttle with a pick up bed and smoke stacks. A crew of RedNecks that are constantly feuding with aliens (the greys). The Professor that is creating new technology for them even has his lab in an old barn. Be sure to join Bubba, Skeeter, Space Cowboy, Jeff, Mutt and Roy (he’s the shiftless one) for all their far out adventures. Here’s an example…..


August 16, 2008

The one year anniversary of BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET is going good I believe. Saturday (8-15-08) is the last day of the future bonus strips. You wont be able to see these strips again until they reappear in their proper spot anywhere from 1 to 2 years from now.

The next event will be my Halloween special, TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD. I did this special last year on the website. I ran bonus strips for 30 days that was a continuous story line involving a six title cross over. I will be doing it a little different this year. I have 3 stories planned. Each story involves multiple BubbaWorld strips but not all the titles in one story. Each story will appear complete once a week during the month of October. There will also be a link back to read last years special in it’s entirety. The last week of October I will put up the first two horror stories that will be appearing in the MISFITS & MAYHEM horror graphic novel that I plan to self publish later on. It will include the intros featuring the horror host for the series. The stories are THE COLLECTOR (written and drawn by me, Andy B. Childress) and THE LEGEND (written by Shane Sullivan and drawn by me). THE COLLECTOR has appeared on the site before but it will have hand drawn word balloons instead of the crappy computer ones I tried to use. Plus the intro was not on it that time. All in all, it should be a fun filled October at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET.


August 15, 2008

In celebrating my one year anniversary at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET and planning the MISFITS & MAYHEM horror anthology graphic novel I have neglected to share any more of my COMIC STRIP PAINTINGS that I have done. I have done 7 of these paintings in total. They are on one foot by three foot canvases. I will be showing off two of them today that are based off of two of my MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS strip.


These are two of my favorite strips from MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS. The one with Knothead the Clown pulling the “HAT OUT OF THE RABBIT” is my absolute favorite and a lot of other people have expressed this as well. The hysterical nuns was just fun to design all of the nuns.

The anniversary celebration is going well over at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET with the future bonus strips. be sure to check it out before they are gone.


August 11, 2008


I have a webcomic that I update daily at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET. Which should explain the unique name choice for me blog site here. Anyway, I update that site six days a week with humor comics. But I am also working on a horror graphic novel by the name of MISFITS & MAYHEM. It will be an anthology of short horror stories with a horror host introducing each one. I, Andy B. Childress, wrote half the stories and a friend of mine, Shane Sullivan, wrote the other half. I will be drawing everything myself. We have all six stories done for the first volume, yes we plan to keep this going for a while, I just have to draw them now. I have the first two stories and there intros drawn already. Just as soon as I finish the rest we will self publish the book and it will be available to buy online. I was hoping for an October release but that doesn’t seem possible now. Due to a few unforeseen circumstances I had to push the date forward some. It will be done though. I will blog more about it as I get more done to it. There are other graphic novel ideas that I have too that I will blog about when ever I get to start on them.

One Year Anniversary

August 9, 2008

BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET will be celebrating it’s first year anniversary since becoming a full fledge web comic.  I originally started it as a self published monthly paper and after four years decided the web was better.  Because of this I’m am way ahead on my drawing schedule.

I have been updating this site since Aug 13, 2007 as a daily updated web comic site.  Even though the anniversary isnt till Wednesday I will be celebrating all week.

Each title updated on a certain day of the week and I have 6 titles.  For my anniversary week each title will have it’s regular update and a second strip from it’s future.  The future strips will not appear in the archive until it reappears at it’s correct time.

Next week the schedule is as follows with the estimated times of when the special “FUTURE” strip will appear in sequence.

QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR  –3 years 7 months
DAWN OF TIME — 1 yr 9 months
CAPN’ GEEZER –1 yr 10 1/2 months
SPACE REDNECKS — 1 yr 7 months