I have a webcomic that I update daily at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET. Which should explain the unique name choice for me blog site here. Anyway, I update that site six days a week with humor comics. But I am also working on a horror graphic novel by the name of MISFITS & MAYHEM. It will be an anthology of short horror stories with a horror host introducing each one. I, Andy B. Childress, wrote half the stories and a friend of mine, Shane Sullivan, wrote the other half. I will be drawing everything myself. We have all six stories done for the first volume, yes we plan to keep this going for a while, I just have to draw them now. I have the first two stories and there intros drawn already. Just as soon as I finish the rest we will self publish the book and it will be available to buy online. I was hoping for an October release but that doesn’t seem possible now. Due to a few unforeseen circumstances I had to push the date forward some. It will be done though. I will blog more about it as I get more done to it. There are other graphic novel ideas that I have too that I will blog about when ever I get to start on them.


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