The one year anniversary of BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET is going good I believe. Saturday (8-15-08) is the last day of the future bonus strips. You wont be able to see these strips again until they reappear in their proper spot anywhere from 1 to 2 years from now.

The next event will be my Halloween special, TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD. I did this special last year on the website. I ran bonus strips for 30 days that was a continuous story line involving a six title cross over. I will be doing it a little different this year. I have 3 stories planned. Each story involves multiple BubbaWorld strips but not all the titles in one story. Each story will appear complete once a week during the month of October. There will also be a link back to read last years special in it’s entirety. The last week of October I will put up the first two horror stories that will be appearing in the MISFITS & MAYHEM horror graphic novel that I plan to self publish later on. It will include the intros featuring the horror host for the series. The stories are THE COLLECTOR (written and drawn by me, Andy B. Childress) and THE LEGEND (written by Shane Sullivan and drawn by me). THE COLLECTOR has appeared on the site before but it will have hand drawn word balloons instead of the crappy computer ones I tried to use. Plus the intro was not on it that time. All in all, it should be a fun filled October at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET.

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