SPACE REDNECKS is a comic strip that I do over at my web comic page BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET . I do six titles all together and SPACE REDNECKS updates on every Friday. If the small town of Houston, Mississippi had their own space program, this would be it. A shuttle with a pick up bed and smoke stacks. A crew of RedNecks that are constantly feuding with aliens (the greys). The Professor that is creating new technology for them even has his lab in an old barn. Be sure to join Bubba, Skeeter, Space Cowboy, Jeff, Mutt and Roy (he’s the shiftless one) for all their far out adventures. Here’s an example…..


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  1. Bubba SPaM « H.E. ELLIS Says:

    […] / time patrol and his companions, arch nemesis travels in a port-o-pottie time machine…. SPACE REDNECKS ( Houston MS with it’s own space program )… GOING BATTY ( mad scientist and the critters […]

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