I’m an avid comic book and comic strip reader. I spend an hour a day just reading web comics every day. Myself being a web cartoonist, BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET, I just refer to it as research. I can’t help it if I enjoy my research. The point is I read a lot of comics. In the old days I read mostly Marvel and DC. I did read the Harvey books when really young, Richie Rich, Polka Dot, Hot Stuff, Lil Duey, Casper, Wendy and stuff like that. But lets face it… tend to grow away from those titles. They are a good starters though. Over the years my tastes have changed. I’m more into the independents now. I read a lot from Image but it is also different from the Marvel and DC model in the fact that their titles are creator owned. It’s a major company with an Independent feel. Occasionally I will buy a Marvel or DC book. I’ve just read the second Blue Beetle trade paper back from DC and plan to get the next one. I picked up a Spiderman TPB not long ago that looked real interesting. As for individual titles….I don’t really get any anymore. There’s a few. The Hulk was one until Marvel screwed up the title and I just quit buying it at all. It use to be one of those titles I couldn’t wait for the Trade Paper Back to come out. There are only a few like that anymore, the Doctor Who titles from IDW are like that. The rest of the titles I read I pick up as a Trade Paper Back or Graphic Novel.

For those that don’t know, a Trade Paper Back is a comic book that’s somewhere between 80 to 200 pages. It usually has a complete story arc of the title in it. The only difference between this and a Graphic Novel that I can tell is that a Graphic Novel was never a monthly title and came out first in the thick format. This is the way I like to buy my comics now. I get regular titles but I wait on the TPBs to come out. They are easier to put on a shelf and reread or loan out later. I’m getting a lot of the new Star Trek TPB’s from IDW this way. I get the Doctor Who monthly titles but I still pick up the TPB when it comes out.

Go to Europe and buy some comics. You will see that they don’t even know what a monthly title is. They release their comics as Graphic Novels to begin with. There comic book stores are real impressive because of this. I write and draw comics. I have a web comic at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET . I update it every day six days a week with humor type strips. I am also writing and drawing some Graphic Novels that I plan to self publish using my website to promote them. I just like the idea of a Graphic Novel. You can get the whole story arc in one book. They’re easier to display and reread. I personally think it would be better if creators just went straight to releasing Graphic Novels and forgot about the monthly titles. I would probably buy more Marvel and DC books if they were like this instead. I don’t really expect the major companies to start releasing only Graphic Novels but a guy can dream, can’t he? I’ve read the “INVINCIBLE” TPB vol 1 from Image and plan to get more of these. I have all of the “WALKING DEAD” TBP’s from Image. I believe it might even be by the same writer. As I’ve said earlier I’m getting the STAR TRECK titles from IDW in TPB. I’ve got a couple of HELLBOYs and plan to get more. I even have the first 3 or 4 TPB of the SUPERMAN BATMAN book. My comic shop has been getting me the collection books of the DOCTOR WHO strips from the DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE. I have a whole shelf dedicated to these Graphic Novels that I’ve been getting and soon will have to clear off a second shelf for more.

I don’t plan to do a monthly title book. I’m not saying I wont, just that I don’t plan too. I like the Graphic Novel model to much. I have too many ideas now that would work perfectly in this format. Some would be one shots and others will be series. I have a Horror Graphic Novel that I’m working on with a friend called MISFITS & MAYHEM. It will have six short horror stories written by both of us, half by him and half by me. The whole book will be drawn by me. We plan to keep making this title as the years go on. We have just recently talked over a new title that is too early to release too much information on yet but it will be a continuing series. I have a Sci Fi book that I’m going to be doing by myself that will be a 5 or 6 part series. I’ve actually have written in as a actual 70,000 word novel but plan to use that manuscript to draw the series from. There are other sci fi ideas that I plan to do that will probably only be one shot stories. I wish I could just manage my time more to get all of these projects done. You may enjoy your monthly titles and that’s fine. If you ever switch over to the TPBs you will realize that you will have the same amount to read and the release times will probably be staggered enough that the cost won’t hit you all at once. It’s also cheaper to buy the TPBs than it is the individual titles so you would actually save money.

I have a blog on my website at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET that you can keep an eye on where I talk about the progress on my Graphic Novel ideas.


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  1. nathaliedls Says:

    It’s hard to just draw comics when you have a long idea in hand, too. It is an art in itself to draw short narratives in strips/comics, but when you think big, that’s another story.

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