I’m curious as to how many web cartoonists there are in Mississippi. I’m one. My site is BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET and it houses six titles that I write and draw that updates on their own special day of the week thus making my website updating six days a week. Most of my humor strips are based in and around Mississippi….even the sci fi humor strips deal with Mississippi a lot. SPACE REDNECKS whole premise is, “If Houston, MS had it’s own Space Program.” CAPN’ GEEZER of the Space Time Patrol strip winds up in Mississippi a lot of the times he winds up on Earth. Even my caveman strip, DAWN OF TIME, features Bubba the Caveman in the area that he refers to “What will become Mississippi.” Being a Mississippian I just find it easier and funner to write my strips this way with my unique southern based humor. I’m still curious to how many web cartoonists are from Mississippi though. Being a cartoonists of any type is hard in the fact that you usually have no one in common near you to talk shop with….even more so in a small town in Mississippi.

I recently found a web comic called the ERRANT APPRENTICE that was about magic returning to the world in the 1970’s and a modern day knight from Ridgeland, MS. The creator of this strip is also from near this area too so I was overjoyed to find the strip. I was even happier when I discovered it was good. There are a lot of comics on the web now a days….you don’t actually have to be good at it to get your comic on the web. There are actually more pitiful comics than good ones and it takes a while to weed thru them to find the good ones. So the fact that the only two web comics that I know of from Mississippi are good is way above average. Actually….mine are quite brilliant even.

I’m a big supporter of self publishing. With the web the way it is there is no reason a cartoonists cant try to self publish his own work. Maybe there are more cartoonists in Mississippi but they just don’t realize that getting there comic out to the public is just a keyboard away. HOW TO MAKE WEBCOMICS is a great book published by IMAGE that any old or new web cartoonist needs in their collection. It’s written by four of my favorite webcomic creators that I read daily….Dave Kellet….Scott Kurtz….Brad Guigar……& Kris Straub. You can order the book from any one of their web sites.

When I was younger and in school and college I had friends that were artists too and wanted to draw comics one day, whether they were humor strips or comic books. I’m the only one I know of out of them that actually did something with it. I was self publishing a monthly four page newspaper with nothing but my comics and ads that I eventually moved to the web to make it easier on me. Most of my artist friends don’t even take time to doodle anymore. You can have all the talent in the world but it don’t amount to a hill of beans if you aint got any gumption to follow thru with anything. If you’re in school or college start crafting your comics now and keep doing it before the real world sneaks in and slowly conforms you into another drone.

It’s easier to inspire young new talent….It aint worth you time to constantly prod the ones that have proved they don’t have the drive to create anything with their talent anyway.

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