I’ve decided to do a blog about each one of my titles that I write and draw and put up at the daily updated web comic site BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET .

Today’s title will be QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR, which appears every Monday. The strip is mainly about two idiot brothers that work for their Dad in the Family Appliance Repair Business. I guess this strip is near and dear to me heart due to the fact that it is a warped (very warped) view of most of my growing up life up to my twenties. The two brothers look nothing like me or my brother but they have our personalities. Jasper is inspired from my older brother and Corky is, sadly, inspired from me. They have two older brothers, Jr. and Thomas, both of which are inspired by my oldest two brothers.

These two brothers get into all sorts of adventures with aliens, Elvis, bigfoots, or just hang out at the coffee shop with all their weirdo friends. Sometimes they dress up as the superheroes REPAIRMAN & TOOL TOTER. They usually have to go against their nemeses BUBBAMAN or IT MAN. Their brother Jr. occasionally joins them as the PLAID NINJA after his short run as the NAKED NINJA. Occasionally they even get a service call run.

The mayor of the town is a Chimpanzee and his translator is a circus clown that also serves as his secretary. The boys drive an old jalopy type truck with no roof. A few of my friends in real life appear in the strip as “extras”. I use them in the straight man role while doing the craziness or joke with the main characters. The exception to this rule is KILTBOY. If you read the strip let me warn you now… YES….KILTBOY IS INSPIRED BY A REAL PERSON as scary as that is. The real person is a nut so I let the character inspired by him be just as big of a nut.

This is also the strip that inspired the name for my Halloween Special every year called TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD. All six of my titles are theoretically in the same area…just two of them are separated by the fourth dimension….one of them just some of the time. Because of this I use the Halloween Special to cross over the titles with each other. In 2007 I did a 30 day special that crossed over all six titles. This year (2008) I’ve crossed over different titles but only 2 or 3 at a time in different stories. Be sure to go to my site BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET and check out the special each week of October and all the daily updates.


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