What can I say….I wanted a caveman strip with dinosaurs and stuff. I also wanted a Caveman named BUBBA. That’s simply how DAWN OF TIME came about. The chimpanzee that I designed years earlier and had no place for now had a perfect home and finally a name…..MILO. He’s actually the smart one to balance out BUBBA’s insanity. He has his hands full with BUBBA’s great grandpaw, PAW PAW BUBBA. An old crotchety caveman that believes DoDo birds are demons. I gave BUBBA a pet pygmy Trex named, well, PYGMY. He has since gotten a pet saber tooth cat which PAW PAW BUBBA has referred to it as being as cute as a man eating carnivore can be. I named it SEYMOUR after my own cat that I’ve had for 12 years now and still going. I’ve speckled the strip with other characters of cavemen and aliens. The main two aliens, JON & SHANE, are there to do a study on prehistoric Earth. They are your classic Grays and are quite indignant about being there.

This was the third title that I created and the only way to get the ideas flushed out of me head was to write and draw the blasted things. I figured that I would get them all out and be done with it. That’s not the case and never really has been. That’s why I’m currently creating six titles at once. Every time I get an Idea I just run with it and the ideas don’t actually stop. That’s when I decided I needed an umbrella name to associate all of my comics together in one universe, sorta. Every good Southern family has an Uncle Bubba each generation. I am that person in my family. All my nieces and nephews know me as Uncle Bubba. They all pretty much agree that I live in me own little world up in my head. Thus I came up with the name BUBBAWORLD COMIX. It just seem to fit perfect and has ever since.

The hardest thing to do with DAWN OF TIME is to figure out how to involve it in the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD stories. I have worked them in each year and am pretty proud of being able to do it. Be sure to check out last years TALES when I put the link up at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET on October 1st this coming Wednesday. And check out the DAWN OF TIME strip every Wednesday.


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    […] in a floppy ear hat and a pessimistic clown, there are two swamp dragons in the strip also )… DAWN OF TIME ( Bubba the caveman and his chimp friend Milo )… CAPN’ GEEZER ( space / time patrol and […]

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