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October 27, 2008

MISFITS & MAYHEM is the horror graphic novel comic book that I am working on with a friend of mine.  We plan to self publish it next year.  It will have six short horror stories in it.  Three will be written by me, Andy B. Childress, and three will be written by Shane Sullivan.  All six stories will be drawn by me.  You can see the first two stories now at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET .  It’s my final week of October Halloween special at my web comic site.  If you go to the page just click on the banner at the top or just click the MISFITS & MAYHEM link to go directly to the beginning of the stories.

These are horror stories.  The first four weeks of my TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD special were using my humor strip.  The MISFITS & MAYHEM stories are horror based and if you do not like such things it’s best not to read them to begin with.  The language, although not horrible, may not be suitiable for some.

Below is the first page of the two stories (the COLLECTOR & LEGEND )and it features the horror host of the book, Creepy Clyde. Go to the website to read the whole stories.


October 24, 2008

That’s right peoples….the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD Halloween Special, NIGHT OF THE CHUPACABRA, is up at my BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET web comic site.  It features my titles, QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR, GOING BATTY & MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS.  This is the fourth week of October special.  It’s actually been up all week and took me this long to post about it here….busy, busy, busy, I am.

Go to the BUBBAWORLD COMIX site and check out the daily updates and click the banners for the weekly Halloween TALES, or just click the TALES links in this post for the current story….which is NIGHT OF THE CHUPACABRA.

Next week….this coming Monday even……will be the premier of the first two short horror stories from the horror graphic novel comic book, MISFITS & MAYHEM, that I am working on.  Fun, fun fun….be sure to check it out or I shall taunt you and call you silly names, I will.


October 15, 2008

My schedule has been a little hectic of late. I started putting up my TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD Halloween Special from my BUBBAWORLD COMIX web site on this page. It’s going to take a long while so I decided to just quit. It’s already up at the BUBBAWORLD COMIX site. You can just go there to read all three weeks of the specials. You can click on the banners on the home page or better yet I’ve provided links to each individual link. TALES WEEK 1 TALES WEEK 2 TALES WEEK 3.

Next week I will put a link up to the new TALES and do the same for the MISFITS & MAYHEM stories the final week. If you see a disabled “next” button on any of the pages it’s just because I haven’t enabled the link till that week gets here.  Plus you will be able to click nest and move right along thru the stories.

Click the links and enjoy some good ol’ Halloween Fun.

TALES part 2

October 10, 2008

TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD part 2.  Once again if you want to read the whole story now and the 2nd week story go to my site BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET and read them now.  If you havent read the first part it is a continuation so you will want to read my previous blog.  here are some more comics…..


October 7, 2008

I’m going to post the first week TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD Halloween Special in separate posts over the next few days. There’s a lot of strips so I will have to do it over a few days. If you cant wait just go to my web comic site at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET and read the first week special in it’s entireity and the 2nd week special is fully up there already.


October 6, 2008


BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET will be updating daily with it’s normal updates but will also be putting up a new Halloween Special each Monday of October.  Just click the banner above the comic on the main page to get to the new TALES each week.  All the TALES will be left up till the end of November.

The last week of October will have the first two stories of my Horror Graphic Novel Comic Book, MISFITS & MAYHEM, be sure to check them out each week and check out the site every day.


October 2, 2008

The funny thing about the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD that I put up for this week is that it actually intros a new character from the CAPN’ GEEZER strip, before he makes his debute in the actual strip on the BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET site.  CAPN’ GEEZER even makes reference to crossing their own time stream with a new character before his introduction for the sake of a holiday special.  The story line going on now on the BUBBAWORLD site with the CAPN’s ship being stolen is leading up to the introduction of the character, RED SHIRT, in a few weeks.  This week’s TALES was run last year on the the site….over a year before the RED SHIRT character would be introduced.  Ironically, I didn’t realize it at the time but the companion ZOE had not been intorduced last year at the time of the Special.  She showed up for the first time during October of last year a couple of weeks after I had made the crossing the time stream joke.  This fact completely slipped by me while I was actually drawing attention to the other one. Be sure to check out the new TALES that I’ve done for this years new TALES Halloween Special that will be appearing each Monday of October at the BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET web site.  If you haven’t read it, check out this weeks TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD.  Just click the banner link above the normal daily update.  As the weeks go by the current banner will be above the daily update and the previous weeks banners will be beside the current comic strip updates.


October 1, 2008

It’s gravy day! It’s gravy day!!! Actually it’s not….but even better it’s time , finally , for the BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET Halloween Special known far and wide as TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD.

My web comic site will be having the regular updates that it always has but it will be having some extra content, I’ll tell you what. Wednesday, October 1st….as early as 1am…in the morning even…I will have the first TALES up and going. It’s actually last years TALES replaying. But since most of you haven’t seen it anyway it’s still new to you. Like those sneakers my neighbor found at the dump…..they made going to the dump a family outing….and they always came back with more than they took…..I’M RAMBLING….

Last year I did a 30 day crossover of all six of my humor titles and spread the updates over 30 days. That story will be up, IN IT’S ENTIRETY, from Oct 1 till the end of the month. Each Monday , and there are four of them, in October a brand spanking new TALE will be put up on the site and will remain till the end of the month. Each TALE will be complete. Heck fire, I may even leave them up thru November just to make sure every body gets a chance to see them.

The first 3 Monday’s of October will feature TALES involving different titles of my humor strips that you can find at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET every week…..Now safer for fabrics….The last Monday of the October, the fourth one, I will put up the first two stories from my Horror Anthology Graphic Novel Comic Book….(that’s a mouth full)….MISFITS & MAYHEM. It will even be complete with intros from the horror host, CREEPY CLYDE.

But tonight, after 1am, be sure to enjoy the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD from last year.

See Ya in the Funny (Web) Pages!