The funny thing about the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD that I put up for this week is that it actually intros a new character from the CAPN’ GEEZER strip, before he makes his debute in the actual strip on the BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET site.  CAPN’ GEEZER even makes reference to crossing their own time stream with a new character before his introduction for the sake of a holiday special.  The story line going on now on the BUBBAWORLD site with the CAPN’s ship being stolen is leading up to the introduction of the character, RED SHIRT, in a few weeks.  This week’s TALES was run last year on the the site….over a year before the RED SHIRT character would be introduced.  Ironically, I didn’t realize it at the time but the companion ZOE had not been intorduced last year at the time of the Special.  She showed up for the first time during October of last year a couple of weeks after I had made the crossing the time stream joke.  This fact completely slipped by me while I was actually drawing attention to the other one. Be sure to check out the new TALES that I’ve done for this years new TALES Halloween Special that will be appearing each Monday of October at the BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET web site.  If you haven’t read it, check out this weeks TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD.  Just click the banner link above the normal daily update.  As the weeks go by the current banner will be above the daily update and the previous weeks banners will be beside the current comic strip updates.


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2 Responses to “NEW CHARACTER INTRO”

  1. Nam Says:

    Ha, thanks for the great links

  2. Bubba SPaM « H.E. ELLIS Says:

    […] in the strip also )… DAWN OF TIME ( Bubba the caveman and his chimp friend Milo )… CAPN’ GEEZER ( space / time patrol and his companions, arch nemesis travels in a port-o-pottie time […]

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