I was in the Wal Mart the other day….I really hate going to the Wal Mart. I miss the department stores that use to be on Main Street in my town. Our old Wal Mart moved out to the bypass and is technically a Super Wal Mart. It’s actually a smaller size Super Wal Mart. It added things to the store to make it bigger, the most noticeable being the grocery side. The rest of the store doesn’t seem that super though. In my opinion they actually went down hill on the sections I did use, Men’s Clothing, Books, DVD’s. The old store seemed to have a better selection before it became so called super. The toy section was disappointing before they even moved. Even thought I don’t care to shop at the Wal Mart I still wind up going there for stuff now and again. I will occasionally pick up an Archie Comics Digest off the rack at the check out and get it for nostalgia sake. I read the Archie Comics growing up and loved them. I still occasionally enjoy them when I get them now. I was doing some shopping for an angel tree kid, a local charity that provides Christmas gifts for needy children, when I decided to add some Archie Comics Digests into the mix. I couldn’t find any. Nowhere on the magazine racks at the check out or in the rest of the store. I looked several times. I asked different cashiers and none of them could remember the last time they even saw any around. I have already fussed about the fact that there are no longer any comic book racks in any of the grocery or convenience stores that I can tell of. The last hold out was the fact that the Archie Digests were at the check out of the Wal Mart. Now that is gone too. Just where will kids get any decent comics to read to get them interested into the field and keep reading them as they get older. I worry about this because I’m a cartoonist. There are not many cartoonists around for me to talk shop to now and just how will future ones get interested in the field with no reference materials for them the read. Unless you live in a major city that has a book store chain or, even rarer, a comic book shop, you’re just out of luck. The internet is the only place left to read comics regularly without having to drive a few hours to find a decent book store.

I must commend the local librarian in my town for having the foresight to start putting Graphic Novel comic books on the shelves. I even donate a few here and there to add to the collection. The Tupelo library really impressed me when I went in there one day to look around and kill time while I was there waiting on my Mom. They had a huge Graphic Novel comic book section they had just got in. It brightened my day. I guess that’s where the children in the smaller towns might have to start discovering comics at now. They cant just walk into a drug store or convenience store with their parents and see them on a rack anymore. I just hope more libraries choose to keep them on their shelves.

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