Drink & Draws

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I’ve been seeing these things around the web. Drink & Draws. It’s where artists, mainly of a cartoonist type mindset, get together at a bar or pub and pick a common subject matter to draw and sketch about. It sounds pretty freakin’ cool, actually. The only problem is you have to be living in an area with more than one cartoonist to get together and draw. I don’t see that happening anywhere near me. They don’t even have to be professional cartoonists or even have their stuff on the web. They could just be artists that like drawing comics and haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet. All the people I knew years back that drew comics as a hobby have all moved away and don’t really draw any more. Mississippi just don’t seem to be eat up with cartoonists. There’s the creator of Arlo and Janis but he lives on the coast which is a very far piece off and being a syndicated cartoonist would probably not have the time for it. I’ve met him in person a couple of times at shows he’s had and talked to him by email and he’s a very cool fellow. The only other one I know that has done anything with his comics (on the web like me) I have never actually met in person. We’ve just communicated by email and live a couple of hours away from each other. I don’t actually drink alcohol and would probably call it a Meet & Draw, or even an Eat & Draw if I could find even a couple of people locally that would be interested in doing something like this. They would have to be in central Mississippi around the Winston County area. Sometimes it helps to get inspired if you have others of like mind to associate with. If anyone that might read this blog is a cartoonist in the central MS area or knows of someone in this area that is interested in drawing comics or getting into drawing them just email me. You can go to my web comic site at http://bubbaworldcomix.net and find my contact on the home page.


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