The new year has been going pretty good so far. I’m back on a regular drawing schedule…now if I can just keep is going right. I’ve decided that Friday mornings will be my drawing day. I start and keep going until I have 7 new comics drawn for my BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET site. Seeing as how I have a year and a half stock pile and only use 6 comics a week, my stock pile should stay stable and actually grow.

The last two weeks have worked perfectly for this. I account some of this to the fact that I moved my drawing table to a better place and it has made all the difference.

I have also drawn 2 new pages to my horror graphic novel, MISFITS & MAYHEM last week and 2 1/2 more this week, and this week is just getting started.

Fridays are going to be awesome.


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2 Responses to “DRAWING & DRAWING”

  1. Kevin McCool Says:

    I wish I know how to Blog………..

  2. bubbaworldcomix Says:

    I can teach you , grasshopper…..of course since I’ve written this my drawing schedule has increased. The last 2 weeks I have drawn every day. At least one humor strip a day and at least one (sometimes more) graphic novel pages.

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