A new character is being introduced into the CAPN’ GEEZER strip that I do every Thursday at my BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET site.  The new character’s name is Red Shirt.  The funny thing about this introduction is that he has already appeared on the site twice before.  It was the Halloween special, TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD, that I’ve done for the last two years.  In 2007’s special he even mentions that he hasn’t been introduced yet and CAPN’ GEEZER replies that they travel in time and can cross their own time stream for a holiday special if they want too.

This is a prime example of how big my buffer of comics is.  It’s taken over a year and a half later to actually get to the strips that introduce the character.  The fun thing is , it is a time travel strip so who’s to say that something in 2009’s Halloween special that might be different might actually be a peak into the future.  I don’t mean I will put something in and figure out how to get it worked in later.  I have pleanty of strips pre drawn and even more pre written that I can take from actuall content.  I already know what peak into the future I will be using for this year’s Halloween special.  You will just have to wait another 9 or so months to see.  What I’m thinking of will probably not show up in the continuity of the strip for another 2 years or so.  I’m guessimating.

Go to the site and keep reading….there’s no telling what you may find.


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