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February 28, 2009

I just got thru updating all of my comic archives from my BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.COM page for the month of Feburary.  You can find all six titles in the right hand collum under the blogroll in the bubbaworld comix archives list.

BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.COM updates daily at the home page….just follow the link.

Comic Strip Archives

February 20, 2009

I have been busy this last week or so. I do a web comic site that features all six comic strip titles that I write and draw at a site called BUBBAWORLD COMIX that can be found at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET

The program I use to do my webpage is convenient in the fact that I don’t have to know too much about writing html code but it is just as aggravating with some “bugs” in the system.  It would have to build the entire page, all 150+ pages, just to send the three that I would change day to day.  It wouldn’t go thru the first time and I would repeat the process…over and over some days.  Then it might “lose” a comic strip jpeg in the archives that I didnt even do anything to and the program would “replace” it with any comic strip archive jpeg at random.  Usually one that wasn’t even from the same title.  I would try to correct it and resend the changes and it would make a new problem.  Then I would have to send all to get all the problems fixed and it would just become a big ol headach.  Every 6 or more weeks I would add six more pages to the archives, one page per title.  I came up with a solution to my problem.  I started six more blogs here at word press, one for each comic strip title that I do.  I began posting the archives their with a months worth in each post.  I deleted all the 125+ pages of archives from my webpage and it sends so much quicker and easier now and I just direct the archive links to the wordpress pages.  You have to click on each strip to see a readable size but more people have been finding my strips thru searches on word press that they have my actual webpage.  The wordpress archives all have links to each other including my home page so more people have been making it their too.  It’s increasing my traffic and making my comics more known so I consider this move that had me worried a wonderful success.  If you look below the blogroll on the side of this page you will notice all of the pages I’m talking about including the homepage so go to ’em and read some comics and enjoy.