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Stephen Butler Bio for Van’s Artist Alley

July 29, 2009

Each week or so I will be posting a bio of an artist appearing at Van’s Artist Alley in Ridgeland, MS on Oct 3rd.  This week is Stephen Butler.

Steven Butler was born, raised, and still lives in the rural wilds of Lucedale, Mississippi.  He is married to a lovely lady named Christy and has 4 children,(Eric-18, Savannah-14, Lily-Ann-10, and Aaron Dale-6).  He has spent pretty much the entirety of his adult life as a self-employed freelance artist, working primarily in the comic book market as a penciler.  He got his start in 1989, and has worked for a number of comic book companies, inluding First Comics where he worked on the title The Badger, Marvel Comics, where he worked on Silver Sable and the Wild Pack, Web Of Spider-Man, Punisher War Journal, etc. Disney Adventures Magazine, where he drew pretty much anything and everything, and Archie Comics, where he has been working on the Sonic The Hedgehog comics since 1998.  He has also worked on several Christian Comics publications including “Powermark” and “Welcome To Holsom”.  Steven is very thankful to have a job like this, because it beats about a thousand other jobs he can think of, and is even more grateful to have such an understanding and supportive wife who never gives him grief over acting like a kid in his 40’s.  Steven just wonders why he wrote this bio in 3rd person— probably because he read too many Incredible Hulk comics in the ’70’s.


July 28, 2009

October 3rd, (a Saturday) 2009, there will be an arttist alley signing at Van’s Comics & Cards in Ridgeland, MS.  It will have 7 tables of independent cartoonist and writers.  Some of the tables will have more than one person at it.  Web Cartoonists and Comic book artists and writers will be there.  The most important thing….FREE ADMISSION!  Just show up between 10 am till 6 pm that day.  The artists and writers will be selling and signing their own books and art.

558 Hwy 51 Ridgeland, MS is the address to the store.

vans 09

This is a photo of the shop.  If you are coming from the North East ( Canton or Madison area ) heading South West on Hwy 51 it will be on your left (the East side of the road).  You will see these shops….

vans 06vans 07

….if you pass the Trace grill then you’ve gone too far.

vans 04

Van’s Has two drives entering into his parking lot on either side of his store….

vans 03

This is a full view of the store.  The Artist Alley will be in the building on the right but you will have to enter through the building on the left thru the door next to the Van’s Comics Sign.

If you are coming from the South West ( Jackson area ) heading North East then it will be on your right.  Use the landmark pictures above, only in reverse.

It’s East of Hwy 55.

I didnt take any shots of the inside of the artist alley room but I did get a couple or so of the inside of the comic book shop to give you an idea of how big it is.

vans 11

A view of half the store looking from the back toward the counter.

vans 12vans 13

two pictures from the front to the back showing two halves of the store.  It may be a little confusing depending on how close the blog puts them next to each other.

Once again it will be FREE ADMISSION to come and see the Artist and Writers selling their books and art.  Tell all your friends and family.  It’s Oct 3rd from 10 am till 6 pm.

I will put up more blogs later about the actual artists and writers that will be appearing and any websites that might help.

BubbaWorld Comix is my website for my webcomics if you want to check it out while you wait, and yes I will be one of the cartoonist/writers in the artist alley.  And I will have sketch cards and 3 books.


July 24, 2009

jcc chuck 03

Me (BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.COM)  and Shane with the Chuck on the last day.  I’m in the center.  That’s a rough looking crew.  I think they wanted this photo for a wanted poster or something.  We will all three be back together at Van’s Artist Alley in Ridgeland Oct 3rd with some other artists so be sure to check that out.

jcc crowd 01

jcc crowd 11

Many a costumed people were beheld.

jcc crowd 09

I tried to sell this guy a book but apparently he startled easily.

jcc crowd 15

Dont you hate it when children fight with their parents in public.

jcc mystery box 01

Trey asleep at the Mystery Box Booth.  What’s Barrett gonna do when he finds out.

jcc dv 01


jcc dw 01

Dr Who girl came by and gave us jellie babies, she did.  And she bought sketch cards, she did.

jcc inky 01

It just aint a convention without Inky the Clown.

jcc inky 02

He was all over the place….and at our booth a lot.  I dont know what’s more amazing, riding a bike that small or pedeling with shoes that big.

jcc ric 01

Ric , also known as the BubbaWorld walking billboard, made it.

jcc paul 01

As did Paul.  He’s holding a Lion-O that I drew that he got signed by Larry Kenney, the voice of Lion-O.

jcc twisted toybox 03

the Twisted Toybox had some kind of full body Franken critter costume.

jcc twisted toybox 06

Here’s a close up of Paul…I mean Shane….no…..Maybe it’s a close up of the Franken critter the Twisted Toybox had.  It’s so hard to tell sometimes.

jcc supper 04

Sunday night Me and Shane went with the Heroes and Dreams crew to eat with Larry Kenney.  That was a Blast , I’ll tell you what.  It was “the Best Weekend Ever.”

bwc globe

A close up of the BubbaWorld Comix Globe to end with.  See ya at it next year, and hope to see ya at the Artist Alley in October.  I will have BWC vol One and TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD vol One and the first MISFITS & MAYHEM horror graphic novel.  Shane helped writing the MISFITS & MAYHEM book.


July 21, 2009

JACKSON COMIC CON WAS GREAT!  If you didn’t come shame on you.  They Had Larry Kenney as the special guest.  He’s the Voice of Lion-O in the Thundercats cartoon & Count Chocula & Sonny the CoCo Puffs Bird along with many others including the voice of the Best Week Ever on Vh1.

jcc larry k 01

This is myself with Larry Kenney , the voice of Lion-O…He was a blast to be around the whole weekend I’ll tell you what….

jcc larry k 02

This is me and my buddy Jeff.  This picture was taken by Larry Kenney.  This may start a new trend.  Taking pictures with celebrities only they are not in the picture, they are taking the picture.

jcc larry k 03

And of course my buddy shane was there.  He’s the one helping me write the Horror anthology graphic novel, MISFITS & MAYHEM.  It will be out in October along with my BubbaWorld Comix’s TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD.  And of course you can always get the current BUBBAWORLDCOMIX VOL ONE that is out now.

Being a part of Artist Alley was really cool.

jcc aa 03

Chuck Jett was a cool fellow and was our neighbor.  He had some cool horror paintings , one of Barnabus Collins.

jcc aa05

You can see a bit of Barnabus behind him as he’s taking a pic of somebody in costume.

jcc aa 07

Katheryn & Zac and their crew.  They were super cool.  I’m glad I got their names in the shot so I can remember them now.  I’m horrible with the names I am.

jcc aa 04

Some people say that Jesse Labbe is real, while others say he’s just a myth.  Is this an actual photo of the Jesse Labbe.  Skeptics say it’s too blurry to be definite proof of his existence but I choose to believe he does exist.  He’s as real as Sasquatch and the Loc Ness Monster I tell you!  I offer this blurry photo as proof.  The skeptics want accept it but come Aug when his book comes out they will have to redefine their thinking.  They will have proof in their hands.  Some may still choose to live in ignorance.  Of course they use the same argument on Anthony Coffey.  Maybe Monster Quest can prove they exist , I don’t know.

jcc aa 12

Wade Acuff….nuff said.

The one thing I do regret…ooo, wait.  It’s Black Canary!  I’m sorry.  I lost my train of thought.

jcc bc 02

Oh…the one thing I do regret is not gettin a picture of Stephen Butler and Mitch Byrd.  They were drawing at the 3 Alarm Comics booth and I went over and talked to both of them whenever I could and forgot to get any photos of them.

jcc dv 02

Maybe it was because I was being metally choked by Darth Vader outside their booth at the time….my memory is a little fuzzy around this time.

jcc bwc 01

The best thing about Artist Alley was THAT I WAS THERE! Woo Hoo! I’ll tell you what!  This is my spot right after set up on the first day.  See the cute little BubbaWorld Globe that I made.  All the cool people came by the BubbaWorld area.

jcc bwc 08

….and even the not so cool ones.

jcc bc 03

Shane with Black Canary and Wonder Woman.  Can you see them struggleing to get away?  Trust me , I was there.

jcc bwc 03look ma

guess which drawing he was checking out.  As soon as I said “these are not the droids you are looking for” he left.

jcc bwc 02jcc bwc 05

I sold sketch cards to blurry people and not so Blurry people.

jcc bwc 06jcc bwc 07

John Yelverton showed up twice to the booth.  Once as his alter ego, Superman.  The picture is blurry because he was moving at super speed to hide his secret idenity …. I guess I shouldn’t have said his name then.  He’s much taller when he’s Superman…I don’t know how he does it.

jcc bwc 09jcc bwc 11

Shane harrassing women in costumes again.

jcc bwc 04jcc bwc 10

People of all ages were there…..

This is becoming such a long post that I will make another one later in the week.  Part two of the Jackson Comic Con coming soon….


July 17, 2009

I’ve had a book signing or two.  A Couple  in Louisville (home town) and one in Meridian.  Oddly enough I’ve sold the majority out of the back of me car as I run into folks or talking about them and being over heard.

First off my books made it in my hands before the Red Hills Festival in Louisville.  Here’s a look at my booth.


and a look at the street before things got started…


This was the first Red Hills Festival that I ever made a profit on.  It rained and misted most of the day.  The crowd was nowhere near the normal size due to the weather.  And I left a few hours early before the big rain hit.  And I still managed to sell enough books to make me happy I went.  I also met a fellow MS web cartoonist from Ethel that I knew from the internet so that was cool too.

I had a signing in June at the Winston County Library.



This was before the signing started.  I didnt take any pictures during the actual signing.  I’m a bit absent minded at times.  That’s Mom in the first one.  I did ok at this one.  I wasnt a lot but enough that I was still happy with the results.  A day selling a few books is better than a day selling no books.  I actually sold more by accident on the way home from the signing, so the total of al the day sales was cool for me.

Then there was the Meridian signing.  I did it at a coffee house on Front Street called the Gathering Place.  I love this spot and try to drop by whenever I’m in Meridian.  Thanks to Terrance for letting me have the signing there, He’s a cool fellow.  And also a shout out to my Buddy Barrett who help me out a lot by promoting it and putting up posters for me.

bw signing meridian 03

Here’s my buddy Ric who I talked into tagging along to help me with the signing and hanging out with me at the signing.  This is getting stuff took into the Gathering Place.  Notice the very stylish and cool T-shirt Ric happens to be wearing.  Is that a Bubbaworld Comix T-shirt?  Why Yes it is.  It’s actually hand drawn by me with sharpie markers.  Ric is also my walking billboard.

bw signing meridian 02

a better view of the T-shirt before we left for Meridian.

bw signing meridian 04

And my Paintings set up inside the Gathering Place.  We were set up in the area right behind this at the nearest table.  Again I didn’t think to take any pictures during the actual signing.  I didn’t even think of telling Ric to.  The good thing about forgetting this again is that maybe I wont forget in Jackson.  I’m about to go to the Jackson Comic Con (July 18 & 19) and be in the Artist Alley.  I am so looking forward to this.  I hope it’s a yearly thing and grows some each year.  I plan to support it each year.  Shane will be with me so I plan to actually take a butt load of pictures this time around.  Plus it’s my first comic con that I’m a part of.