JACKSON COMIC CON WAS GREAT!  If you didn’t come shame on you.  They Had Larry Kenney as the special guest.  He’s the Voice of Lion-O in the Thundercats cartoon & Count Chocula & Sonny the CoCo Puffs Bird along with many others including the voice of the Best Week Ever on Vh1.

jcc larry k 01

This is myself with Larry Kenney , the voice of Lion-O…He was a blast to be around the whole weekend I’ll tell you what….

jcc larry k 02

This is me and my buddy Jeff.  This picture was taken by Larry Kenney.  This may start a new trend.  Taking pictures with celebrities only they are not in the picture, they are taking the picture.

jcc larry k 03

And of course my buddy shane was there.  He’s the one helping me write the Horror anthology graphic novel, MISFITS & MAYHEM.  It will be out in October along with my BubbaWorld Comix’s TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD.  And of course you can always get the current BUBBAWORLDCOMIX VOL ONE that is out now.

Being a part of Artist Alley was really cool.

jcc aa 03

Chuck Jett was a cool fellow and was our neighbor.  He had some cool horror paintings , one of Barnabus Collins.

jcc aa05

You can see a bit of Barnabus behind him as he’s taking a pic of somebody in costume.

jcc aa 07

Katheryn & Zac and their crew.  They were super cool.  I’m glad I got their names in the shot so I can remember them now.  I’m horrible with the names I am.

jcc aa 04

Some people say that Jesse Labbe is real, while others say he’s just a myth.  Is this an actual photo of the Jesse Labbe.  Skeptics say it’s too blurry to be definite proof of his existence but I choose to believe he does exist.  He’s as real as Sasquatch and the Loc Ness Monster I tell you!  I offer this blurry photo as proof.  The skeptics want accept it but come Aug when his book comes out they will have to redefine their thinking.  They will have proof in their hands.  Some may still choose to live in ignorance.  Of course they use the same argument on Anthony Coffey.  Maybe Monster Quest can prove they exist , I don’t know.

jcc aa 12

Wade Acuff….nuff said.

The one thing I do regret…ooo, wait.  It’s Black Canary!  I’m sorry.  I lost my train of thought.

jcc bc 02

Oh…the one thing I do regret is not gettin a picture of Stephen Butler and Mitch Byrd.  They were drawing at the 3 Alarm Comics booth and I went over and talked to both of them whenever I could and forgot to get any photos of them.

jcc dv 02

Maybe it was because I was being metally choked by Darth Vader outside their booth at the time….my memory is a little fuzzy around this time.

jcc bwc 01

The best thing about Artist Alley was THAT I WAS THERE! Woo Hoo! I’ll tell you what!  This is my spot right after set up on the first day.  See the cute little BubbaWorld Globe that I made.  All the cool people came by the BubbaWorld area.

jcc bwc 08

….and even the not so cool ones.

jcc bc 03

Shane with Black Canary and Wonder Woman.  Can you see them struggleing to get away?  Trust me , I was there.

jcc bwc 03look ma

guess which drawing he was checking out.  As soon as I said “these are not the droids you are looking for” he left.

jcc bwc 02jcc bwc 05

I sold sketch cards to blurry people and not so Blurry people.

jcc bwc 06jcc bwc 07

John Yelverton showed up twice to the booth.  Once as his alter ego, Superman.  The picture is blurry because he was moving at super speed to hide his secret idenity …. I guess I shouldn’t have said his name then.  He’s much taller when he’s Superman…I don’t know how he does it.

jcc bwc 09jcc bwc 11

Shane harrassing women in costumes again.

jcc bwc 04jcc bwc 10

People of all ages were there…..

This is becoming such a long post that I will make another one later in the week.  Part two of the Jackson Comic Con coming soon….


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