Stephen Butler Bio for Van’s Artist Alley

Each week or so I will be posting a bio of an artist appearing at Van’s Artist Alley in Ridgeland, MS on Oct 3rd.  This week is Stephen Butler.

Steven Butler was born, raised, and still lives in the rural wilds of Lucedale, Mississippi.  He is married to a lovely lady named Christy and has 4 children,(Eric-18, Savannah-14, Lily-Ann-10, and Aaron Dale-6).  He has spent pretty much the entirety of his adult life as a self-employed freelance artist, working primarily in the comic book market as a penciler.  He got his start in 1989, and has worked for a number of comic book companies, inluding First Comics where he worked on the title The Badger, Marvel Comics, where he worked on Silver Sable and the Wild Pack, Web Of Spider-Man, Punisher War Journal, etc. Disney Adventures Magazine, where he drew pretty much anything and everything, and Archie Comics, where he has been working on the Sonic The Hedgehog comics since 1998.  He has also worked on several Christian Comics publications including “Powermark” and “Welcome To Holsom”.  Steven is very thankful to have a job like this, because it beats about a thousand other jobs he can think of, and is even more grateful to have such an understanding and supportive wife who never gives him grief over acting like a kid in his 40’s.  Steven just wonders why he wrote this bio in 3rd person— probably because he read too many Incredible Hulk comics in the ’70’s.


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