Roland Mann was born in Memphis, Tennessee and spent his growing years in Mississippi, a true Son of the South. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1988. Upon graduation, Roland found himself in comic small press as partner/editor in the packaging company Silverline. He also wrote many titles during this time, the first being CAT AND MOUSE which was published for nearly two years, won critical acclaim and opened doors for a career in writing. Among other titles he wrote were ROCKET RANGER, MISS FURY, PLANET OF THE APES: BLOOD OF THE APES, KREY, and DEMON’S TAILS.

In 1992, Roland moved to California and became an editor with Malibu Comics where he eventually became Managing Editor. He edited titles such as THE NIGHT MAN which became a television show, PROTOTYPE, EX-MUTANTS, PROTECTORS and DINOSAURS FOR HIRE. In early 1996, Roland returned to independent writing with a little help from corporate capsizing by Marvel Comics which acquired Malibu Comics. He returned to small press publishing with Silverline where he published titles such as SWITCHBLADE, SILVERSTORM, CYBERTRASH AND THE DOG, MARAUDER and THE SCARY BOOK.

Roland earned a Master’s degree in English and was a university instructor for nearly five years. He was also the editor for a weekly newspaper in NE Arkansas. He has recently moved to Oxford, MS where he is is promoting for publication two completed novels he’s written. He lives with his wife BJ, their 13 year old daughter Brittany and 8 year old son Brett.

Roland Mann will be appearing at Van’s Artist Alley in Ridgeland, Ms.  October 3rd at Van’s Comics and cards.

His websites are:

Roland Mann’s Facebook Comic Con Page


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