Comic Strips is my daily updated site. Unlike most webcartoonists I write and draw six titles at one time. Instead of having six different websites I use the umbrella name of BubbaWorld Comix for all six titles. So now I have one site,, that houses all of my stips. Each title has it’s own day of the week that it updates on every week.

Monday-QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR- A strip about two idiot brothers working for their Dad in the Appliance Repair business.

Tuesday-MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS- As the name suggests it’s a strip about a Psychotic Chicken and a Pessimistic Clown

Wednesday-DAWN OF TIME- Bubba the Caveman, he’s the warmspot in the gene pool, and his Chimp friend Milo. Milo is the smart one.

Thursday-CAPN’ GEEZER- of the Time/Space Patrol travels the Univers with his companions Bot, Zoe, & Red Shirt. Going against villains such as Major Evil in his Port O Pottie time machine.

Friday-SPACE REDNECKS- Houston Mississippi with it’s own Space Program. And dont forget the fued with the gray aliens.

Saturday-GOING BATTY- Doc the Mad Scientist, Merlin his pet bat, and his grotesque humpback lab assistant ….. Buttercup. And all the freaks around the castle including redneck neighbors….now that’s scary.

I started it out as a monthly four page comic paper that was free due to the ads a sold and distributed thru central MS. I moved it to the web in early to mid 2007. Each year, including the one before I officially went to the web , I do a Halloween special. TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD. This encompasses humor Halloween stories involving all six of my titles. Sometimes it’s one story crossing over all six titles. I’ve just released the first three years into a book this October while putting the new special up on the web at the same time. It is still there till the end of November. There is a link on the home page to it. I do the normal daily updates and put the Halloween special up all at once. I use to do it in weekly installments thru out October but it’s just easier to do it all at once. This year’s special will be in a book with a special story add for extra content next year. The extra story will not appear on the web first. You will only be able to get it in the book.

Speaking of books, I have released three self published books since June of 2009. The first was a flip book collection of QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR & MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS. Each titles has half the book and it’s own cover and they are upside down to each other. Q.A.R. in “Metal In The Microwave” and M.S.D. in “Who Are You Going To Believe, Me or 25 Hysterical Nuns?” I, of course, released teh TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD book and at the same time put out a Horror Graphic Novel called MISFITS & MAYHEM. I actually plan on putting out a collection book with two titles in each every four months with the one coming out in October actually being the separate TALES & MISFITS books. I’m currently working on a Sci Fi graphic novel five part saga. I wrote the manuscript as a 80,000 word novel. It should make five graphic novels. I will put these out just whenever I get them done. They will come out between scheduled collection releases. The next book will come out in February and will contain a collection of the SPACE REDNECKS and GOING BATTY strips. I actually have something very cool planned for April Fool’s day. Be sure to check it out …. if you believe me. No, really, it will be cool. It will be better if you read the strips regularly first though. If it works then I plan to do it every year. So if you haven’t yet, go check out today….and every day….for the rest of your lives.



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