Pop Culture Art Summit 2


This past weekend was a blast, I’ll tell you what.  What’s better than a bunch of cartoonists/artists getting together and hanging out all weekend and all day Saturday at a Comic Book Store and drawing all day?  Nothing, that’s what, nothing is better than that.  It was the POP CULTURE ART SUMMIT in Biloxi/Saint Martin this past Saturday at the 3 Alarm Comic Book Shop.  Friends of ours from the Jackson area showed up right before me and my buddy did…

….and we just hung out at the shop with the owner, Scott , for the rest of the day.  We all came down a day early.   As I put the pictures up just be sure to pay attention to the walls with all the original artwork on them.

We met another Web Cartoonist from the coast, which is pretty cool.  As I’ve said before , “Mississippi web cartoonists are not abundant in the wild and only a few still live in captivity.”

His site is at  http://www.neo-earth.com/ so be sure to check it out.

Mitch showed up and then it was a party.  We all hung out talking comics and art while checking out each other’s comic art.  Mitch worked on some pages and just inspired the rest of us.  His work is awesome.  If you dont know who Mitch Byrd is then you probably dont know what comics are either.

A bunch of us went down the road to this great all you can eat Italian/pizza place to hang out even more and just pig out on pizza and pasta.  I myself stacked up a multi layered  pile and called it the “Leaning tower of Pizza.” 

there were plenty of artists and people and even tacos provided by the store for the artists.  I loved every minute of it.  Hanging out with old friends and making new ones and reminiscing with people that I had just met.

I was in the back….well except for this picture …. I left to take pictures didnt I.  Hard to take pictures of yourself when you’re not where you were.

Here’s Steven Butler with his art and his “the Mind of Mikey McBean” book.  I got one and I read it.  I suggest yall get one too if you can.  There’s another web cartoonist from the coast I met on the left of the picture.  I’m still looking for where I put the address to his site.  I’ll post it here when I find it cause he had some good stuff.  He should have grabbed a table and joined us, actually.  Maybe next time.

Somebody requested I do Zombie Smurfs…..Of course I did it.  I’m drawing more now.  Sketch cards even.

All the artists there did a jam piece for the owner.  I took this picture before it was finished….there was more done to it after this.  This was a great weekend.  Great Host, great artists , great crowd.  I enjoyed the mess out of it.  I even got to visit with me Aunt that I dont get to see too often.  I plan to show up on the coast again at some time.

I will be at the Heroes & Dreams on free comic book day the first Saturday of May, the 1st, 2010.  The weekend after that there should be an artist summit in Meridian.  I dont have all of the information to put in this blog now but will make another blog about it closer to the time.  I’ll be doing the same for Free Comic Book Day also.  I actually plan to be at Heroes and 3 Alarm again before then.  It’s cool to have some cool comic book shops to hang out at….especially if you’re a cartoonist.


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