The only constant in the universe is change….nickles , dimes, quarters , pennies…..I’m not sure why.  Anyway, speaking of change, I’ve been redesigning my website BUBBAWORLD COMIX with a whole new look.  I’m rather proud of it  if I do say so meself.  I centered the comic and put things down both borders.  I changed up the header a little too.  I even changed the way I’m selling my books.  Some may think I’m taking steps backwards but I dont know.  I removed my paypal buttons and put up the prices of the books and a request to email me at bubbaworldcomix (at) gmail (dot) com is you wanted one.  And also I would be taking checks and money orders.  I’m old fashioned.  I dont like all this computer automation.  I’d rather have a little human interaction.  So I’m rejecting technology while at the same time embracing it.  Lets face it, I’m doing a web comic.  Although technology and myself are uneasy allies at best I still have to utilize it just to show my comic to the world via the world wide web.  There are still lots of folks out there that probably dont trust their cards to the internet or just dont use cards.  They can buy books from me.  If you have to use the credit cards and such then I still have a paypal account.  You can still use it.  It just wont be automated.  You’ll actually have to contact me , the person you’re doing the transaction with.


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