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April 23, 2010

I , BUBBAWORLD COMIX , will be at some places here within the next three weeks.  April 24th, which is on a Saturday, I will be at the first Arts & Crafts festival in Weir, MS.  One of the things that concerns me of this appearance is the weather.  It may be raining and T-storms that day.  If I wake up Saturday morning and it’s raining I will not be going to an out door festival.  If however the weather is good I will be setting up my tent and may even stat doing Comic-a-tures .  Similar to caricatures but I will be drawing people more like they were a character out of a comic strip or book.

Much like I did myself here.  It’s also the perfect weight loss plan.  I just drew myself the size I ought to be.  I literally erased those pounds.  I will probably start doing these at my other signings if they do well for me.

The next event will be FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Heroes & Dreams in Flowood, MS.  I will be there with other local Mississippi artists drawing sketches, sketch cards and comic-a-tures.  I’m really looking forward to this also.  Every year Comic Book Shops give out special free promotional comics all across the nation on the first Saturday in May.  This year it’s on May 1st.  I believe that they will be open from 10 am till 8 pm.  Check out the HEROES & DREAMS website for more information about them.  I go to Heroes & Dreams a lot now doing signings and sketch sessions and always enjoy myself immensely.  This will be the first FCBD that I spend with them.  I’ve gone to others in different places before.  At one I got the actor that plays Aquaman on the WB Smallville series to sign my Namor #1.

Something else that I’m really looking forward to is the opening of a new Comic Book Shop in Meridian, MS.  Crossfire Comics will be opening the first week of May and will be having an Artist Summit May 8th.  Also on a Saturday.  Myself and some other fine Mississippi cartoonists/artists will be at this gathering.  Steven Butler and Mitch Byrd will even be joining us for this one.  Mississippi needs more Comic Book Stores and Meridian is a good place for one to open.  If you cant make it to Flowood on FCBD and Meridian is closer then show up at CrossFire Comics.  But by all means, if you can make both do it.  Lets support our Comic Book Shops that put on these events for their customers.

If you are on the coast FCBD will be celebrated by 3 Alarm Comics and will have some fine artists there too.  I will be in Flowood that day but do enjoy when I’m able to hang out on the coast with Scott and them.

MISSISSIPPI’s SOUTHERN FRIED COMIC CON will be held the last weekend of June.  June 26 & 27.  The fine folks at HEROES & DREAMS will be throwing another fine Comic Con in Jackson at the Cabot Lodge this year.  I will be there along with some mighty fine cartoonists & Artists.  Larry Kenney the voice of Lion-O of the Thundercats will be there again and he is a blast to hang out with.  I’ve been looking forward to this show all year.  I made some good friends at it last year and will enjoy having a whole weekend to hang out with them.  I provided a link to the con and they have a facebook page for the latest updates.  All three Comic Book Shops I’ve mentioned in this post will be represented there.  I think they are even planning panels this year.  I dont have the details on those yet.  If you’re in Mississippi and enjoy comics or Sci Fi then you should really support this Con.  I was at it last year and I plan to be at it every year they put it on.  Come out and see me at these shows, read my comics at the BUBBAWORLD COMIX web site and I’ll “See you in the Funny Web Pages.”

April Fools Day Special

April 5, 2010

I’ve recently just did an April Fools Special comic this past Thursday at BUBBAWORLD COMIX.  I took my humor strip , CAPN’ GEEZER, and re did it as an action adventure strip for one day.  It’s the humor strip that landed on April Fools Day this year so it’s the one that got the treatment.  Each year I plan to do this with which ever comic title of mine lands on April First.

Here’s an example of  it normally…

and here is one of the pages from the eleven page special….

and I actually put the second page up just cause it had the main characters in it.  Capn” Geezer, Zoe, Bot and Major Evil.  You can pop over to BUBBAWORLD COMIX now and click the link at the top of the page to see it.  But go now cause it will only be up for the month of April.  After that it wont even be in the archives.

Also I have some shows coming up.  May 1st is a Saturday and as the first Saturday in May it is also known as Free Comic Book Day.  HEROES & DREAMS in Flowood, MS participates in this and I will be one of the cartoonists in the store that day drawing comics, sketch cards, sketches and commissions.  Be sure to drop in.  I will be in Meridian on May the 8th with some of Mississippi finest cartoonists celebrating the opening of a new comic book shop, CROSSFIRE COMICS.  Then there will be the SOUTHERN FRIED COMIC CON held in Jackson, MS put on by the fine folks at HEROES & DREAMS.  Larry Kenney, the voice of Lion-O will be back and he is a blast to be around, I’ll tell you what.  There will of course be an ARTIST ALLEY which is where I will be at.  Be sure to come by and find me there.  The con will be the Last weekend of June on the Saturday and Sunday.  I will post more on it as it draws closer.  If you have a facebook page become a fan of the SOUTHERN FRIED COMIC CON.