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July 29, 2010


The Tornado Cow that shows up in Knothead’s Yard…

Knothead’s two story mobile home….below is the robot that Herman the Psychotic Chicken built.

an idiot customer in a book store….

One more post will have all the MSD cards , next will be the CAPN’ GEEZER cards.  The CG are all drawn and inked in, I’m actually drawing on the GOING BATTY cards now but I will be uploading them a few at a time so as to not be over whelming.


July 17, 2010

Above is Mr. Mann and he owns The Mann’s Bookstore.  It’s mostly comics, sci fi and horror.  Everything else is called miscellaneous and fits on one tiny shelf.

Below is Cho Nuff and he has the Feng Shui Coffee shop.  He’s from the far east…..Arkansas.

Sophisticated Al wears overalls , top hat, and a monocle which tends to upset Cho Nuff’s feng shui for his Coffee shop.

Below are three redneck aliens that fake crop circles to create confusion.  They only appeared in one MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS strip and I doubt I will use them again.

…..more to come later…… BUBBAWORLD COMIX


July 14, 2010

Above are some of the Nuns that Herman and Knothead tend to torment from time to time.

Below is the KILT BOY character.  He thinks he’s Scottish and has a tinfoil wrapped cardboard sword.  He appears in more than one strip.  He’s a semi regular character in the QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR title and appears occasionally in the GOING BATTY title.  He’s friends with Herman and Knothead in the MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS

Below is MELVIN THE MAILMAN.  He’s a semi regular in the MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS, QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR, and GOING BATTY comic strip titles.  He’s paranoid about a lot of things but is actually tormented by Herman the Psychotic Chicken.

…..more to come later………… BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.COM

BubbaWorld Comix Universe Sketch Cards (part 2)

July 12, 2010

…..MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS sketch cards continued…..

Above  is BILL THE SWAMP DRAGON.  He’s the one with the goatee and necktie.  He and Bubba and Herman all live in a cave in the swamps of Nanih Waiya.  It’s a lovely cave that any Hobbit would be proud to call home.  Below is BUBBA THE SWAMP DRAGON.  He has the ascot tie and no facial hair.  Swamp Dragons like eating teddy bears and knocking the slats out of your bed and letting you blame someone or something else.  There’s a theory that there may be some sort of perception filter around them so people either ignore them or think they’re something else unless made to directly confront it.

Below are some views of the front door of the Swamp Dragon Cave.

FUZZYWHAT is pretty much what his name suggests.  A big lump of fur with eyes.  He’s from a different dimension.  There was rift to his dimension behind Herman’s boots in his closet that led to Fuzzywhat’s dimension that had been there for years.  Fuzzywhat decided to step thru to see what was on the other side and when he did the rift closed leaving Fuzzywhat trapped on this side.

….more to come later……

BubbaWorld Comix Universe Sketch Cards

July 12, 2010

Of course I hope you already know of my comics web page BUBBAWORLD COMIX.  If you dont just follow the handy link I gave you by clicking on the name.

I am doing sketch cards of every character in the BubbaWorld Comix Universe.  Most cartoonists have one title, maybe two that they work on and have to keep up with all of the characters in said titles.  Some of these cartoonists may even have a writer helping them.  I have SIX titles and I write them MYSELF.  I really should start say I have seven titles , since I’m adding a new cast of characters this October to the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD Vol TWO.  It will be all new content that has never been seen on the website, ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER. ….. but back to the sketch cards.  I’ve just recently was at the SOUTHERN FRIED COMIC CON in Jackson, MS the last weekend of June having a blast at it if I do say so.  The people that put on this con did a great job and it’s only it’s third year running.  Every bit of support helps to make it an even better con each year.  So I am doing a sketch card of every character of ALL SEVEN TITLES that I do.  I’m also doing each one three times each.  This way I will have three complete sets of the BUBBAWORLD COMIX UNIVERSE SKETCH CARDS.

They will be raffled off to help raise money for next years con.  Three sets with one set in three stores around the state of Mississippi.  HEROES & DREAMS in Flowood, MS.  CROSSFIRE COMICS in Meridian, MS.  and THREE ALARM COMICS in Biloxi, MS.  The money will go to help fund the con next year.

Just so you understand why I’m calling this the BUBBAWORLD COMIX UNIVERSE, let me tell you that there are over 120 plus characters that I’m about to draw.  Maybe more.  I tend to lose count.  Some people ask why do I write for so many characters.  The answer is simple.  This keeps me from going schizophrenic and developing multiple personalities.

I will be putting up the cards as I do them for the titles MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS…..CAPN’ GEEZER….. DAWN OF TIME ….. GOING BATTY …… SPACE REDNECKS ….. QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR ….. ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER ….. and a few characters that have only appeared in the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD Halloween specials.  I will be doing some short posts after this one but more frequent with a few cards in each post so as not to overwhelm yall.


KNOTHEAD THE CLOWN.  Very pessimistic, hates mimes, lives in a two story mobile home and is pals with Herman the Psychotic Chicken. Sleeps on a park bench because of his back.

SPEEDBUMP is Knothead’s dog.  Speedbump has not appeared  in many strips.

HERMAN THE PSYCHOTIC CHICKEN.  Wears a floppy ear hat most of the time because he thinks he’s the Easter Bunny and other times because he thinks it’s stylish. Loves to Aggravate the Nuns.  Lives with Bill and Bubba the Swamp Dragons.

More to come later……


July 4, 2010

It was great , fabulous and I ( BUBBAWORLD COMIX ) had the time of my life, I’ll tell you what.  It was the weekend of June 27-28th and if you missed it I weep for you.  There’s always next year.  Start planning now cause you dont want to miss it.

It’s the third year for Jackson to have a con and the second for me to be a part of it.  It gets better each year.  It gives me a whole weekend to spend with the friends I made at it last year that I only get to see once in awhile every few weeks at the Heroes & Dreams ( Flowood MS ) during the year.  There are plenty of people in costumes, artists in artist alley, exhibitors, and people with comic books and merchandise.

I’ve been in the artist alley for the last two years and June marks the month I put my first collection book out.  I had my 3rd collection book that I released at the con which makes my 5th book total that I’ve put out since June 2009.  Next year I plan to not be in the artist alley and instead get an actual booth for my books and art.  I held off releasing this book so it would be a con release but next year I will be releasing BWC vol 5 at the beginning of June ( I know this because I release something every four months ) and I will be making a special unscheduled release for the Con next year.  THE DOX SAGA.  It’s a sci fi thriller that I’ve already written the whole series for and will be five or six graphic novels.  The first of which will be the Con release at the next con and I will release the others at the next five or six following cons.  I will post more on the DOX SAGA through out the year in more blogs.