It was great , fabulous and I ( BUBBAWORLD COMIX ) had the time of my life, I’ll tell you what.  It was the weekend of June 27-28th and if you missed it I weep for you.  There’s always next year.  Start planning now cause you dont want to miss it.

It’s the third year for Jackson to have a con and the second for me to be a part of it.  It gets better each year.  It gives me a whole weekend to spend with the friends I made at it last year that I only get to see once in awhile every few weeks at the Heroes & Dreams ( Flowood MS ) during the year.  There are plenty of people in costumes, artists in artist alley, exhibitors, and people with comic books and merchandise.

I’ve been in the artist alley for the last two years and June marks the month I put my first collection book out.  I had my 3rd collection book that I released at the con which makes my 5th book total that I’ve put out since June 2009.  Next year I plan to not be in the artist alley and instead get an actual booth for my books and art.  I held off releasing this book so it would be a con release but next year I will be releasing BWC vol 5 at the beginning of June ( I know this because I release something every four months ) and I will be making a special unscheduled release for the Con next year.  THE DOX SAGA.  It’s a sci fi thriller that I’ve already written the whole series for and will be five or six graphic novels.  The first of which will be the Con release at the next con and I will release the others at the next five or six following cons.  I will post more on the DOX SAGA through out the year in more blogs.


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