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August 5, 2010

I’m still working on making three complete sets of every BubbaWorld Comix character.

This is the rabbit from Knothead’s magic act.  You might say he has some issues.  Before long he will become more regular in the strip.

the antique refrigerator that is in the Swamp Dragons’ kitchen….

…the Emu that will start showing up more regular in the strips as a background character.  Just the Emu that wonders around town.

….the ’68 Buick Skylark that Herman hover converted.

…and of course Harold the Mime…..he will be making his debut before too long.  That finishes the set of MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS sketch cards.  Next will be the CAPN’ GEEZER set.  There will probably be some posts before that though of projects I’ve got in the works.