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September 14, 2011

I just did a video…. on the youtube even.  BUBBAWORLD COMIX LOW BUDGET CARTOON THEATER.  I plan to do more of these in the future too….. I’m not so sure about the past though.  I dont think I will be doing any others back then.  My time machine is on the fritz again , and by on the fritz again I mean it’s never has worked.  Oh well.  There will be plenty more in the future and when we get there we will look back and say, “Hey …. there’s a lot more of these Low Budget Cartoons in the past now!”  And we will all be pleasantly confused.   I even linked the video for ya’s I did.

I have six different humor titles , my that’s a lot, and I plan to eventually use all of them in the Low Budget Cartoon Theater.  I also plan to put them out semi regularly.  I also plan to keep working on my time machine.  One day if it works I may travel back and tell myself it wasnt worth all the bother and to give up on it.

I’M EATING HALLOWEEN CANDY AND IT’S ONLY THE MIDDLE OF SEPTEMBER!!!   I’m eating it while I write this here blog I am.  It’s not even the year old stuff that you find in between your couch cushions on them cold lonely nights when you wonder if it’s still safe to eat while you’re already chewing on it!  NO!  This is the good stuff that is hitting the store shelves a month early.  Two months early is you realize that Halloween is at the end of the month.  But that’s okay…. I’m an adult now…. in age anyway…. and don’t have to wait on having Halloween candy till Halloween.  I can buy bags of it and munch on it now.  Of course my friends say, ” You might eat it all up before Halloween and not have any for the Trick or Treaters.”  To which my reply is always, “SO!  Let the little beggars go out and get a job and buy there own freakin’ candy.”  I will probably also be mildly curious as to how they avoided and got past all  the traps.

I’ve gots to go draw sumpthin’….

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