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October 30, 2011

You’re probably been thinking, “Where’s he at?  Why hasn’t he posted any blogs lately?  Is he dead in a ditch?  How many licks does it take to get to the center of this tootsie roll lolly pop, Mr Owl?”  Quit searching the ditches, I’m fine.  To be perfectly honest I didnt even notice myself missing… mainly due to the fact that no matter where I went , there I was. 

It’s Horror Movie Marathon night.  Something I do around every Halloween.  Whichever friends can join me help.  How they actually help I’m not sure.  It aint like they prop my eyelids open the later it gets.  they’re just there watching the same movies with me… and eating my candy.  Ah, they help me eat my candy, although that aint really much help.  I like my candy…. they’re being more of a hinderance now that I think of it.  I may have to rethink this next year.  BRINGS YOUR OWN CANDY YOU CANDY EATING GOOF’S , I’ll yell.  That should do it.

After the Horror Movie Marathon we will listen to the Coast to Coast AM Radio Show.  There are some freaks that call in to that show I tells ya.  They will just about let anyone talk on the radio that calls in on open lines night.  Which makes me wonder what they think of me when they quit ansewing my phone calls.  Oh well, Ob la da sey la vie…. or something like that anyway.

I’ve started an email comics paper by email I have.  I’m sending it to anyone that wants it for free.  They just have to let me know they want it and the email address they want it sent too.  Apparently telepathy isnt the best way to let me know seeing as how I havent received any emails by thoughts yet.  So if you want it just email me at bubbaworldcomix (at) gmail (dot) com  .   I wrote it that way so the spammers wont be sending me so much I tells ya.

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