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December 20, 2011

Clown Puppet Christmas Video I tells ya.

That’s right boys & girls….. Geeky the Clown puppet has another youtube video showing off Christmas decorations and such.  I could ramble on about it but then where would be the fun in watching it after that.  Go watch the video.  It’s my Christmas present to all of yall…. and no you cant return it.

Happy Christmas and a Merry Bah-Humbug to ya’s



December 9, 2011

I’m a freakin’ genius I tells ya.  Even though I couldn’t spell “genius” without spellcheck doesn’t mean a thing.  I write and draw comics, I do.  Better than that , I offer them for free to anyone that wants to read them.  Who doesn’t want to read free comics?  Communists maybe.  No… I bet even the communists like free comics.  I have a website but even better I offer an email pdf three days a week.  All you have to do is email me at and tell me you want “free comics”.

You may wonder what kind of comics are on this email.  Does it make me psychic if you were wondering that?  I’ll have to look into that.  I have eight humor comics…..EIGHT!!  Every Monday you will get QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR ( a strip about two idiot brothers working for their dad.)  MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS ( as the name suggests, this is a strip about a psychotic chicken in a floppy ear hat and a pessimistic clown.)  & BUBBA GNOMES ( gnomes and mystical type stuff but with a redneck twist to it.)  On Wednesday you get DAWN OF TIME ( Bubba the Caveman and Milo the Chimp and their friends at the beginning of history.) CAPN’ GEEZER ( travel space and time with Capn’ Geezer and his companions.  Oh… his main arch nemesis , Major Evil, travels in a Port-O-Pottie time machine.) & !?!  (…. that’s right , I named a strip with punctuation.  It’s an experiment to see if I can do a strip with no words ever and convey the humor only thru the action of the character.)  On Friday there’s SPACE REDNECKS ( Houston , MS with it’s own space program.  Yes, the M.S.S. BESSIE II is a space shuttle that runs off of moonshine.)  & GOING BATTY ( A Mad Scientist & his pet bat and all the freaks in the castle…. including the grotesques humpbacked assistant , BUTTERCUP. )

Is that an impressive list of humor comic strips or what.  What more could anyone want?  A time travel action adventure comic strip saga that appears all three days each week you say.  That’s AMAZING!  I just happen to be preparing a time travel action adventure comic strip saga that will appear all three days of the week starting on Dec. 19.  The title of this strip will be DOX.   Be sure to join up now and start from the beginning.  It will be Awesome I tells ya.  Tell your friends… heck , tell your enemies …. spread the word so everybody can share in the awesomeness.

See Ya in the Funny Web Pages….