Apparently Mississippi is a land mass now, or at least that’s how the Weather Channel sees us.  No big surprise really, I mean I remember when they would conveniently stand in front of MS when showing the map and talking about some storm system that was leaving Arkansas and approaching Alabama almost like it was going to teleport over or something.  Being referred to as a Land Mass is almost a step up actually.

I remember a few times when they would mention a town in MS followed by a stare into the camera for a brief second that almost seem to convey , “Oh, those poor bastards”.  When you’re ignored by the Weather Channel as much as we are and then your town is mentioned on the air you realize it’s because some “wrath of God” type of storm is barreling down on ya.  It’s so bad that even the Weather Channel can’t ignore it.  Can you imagine the panic in the streets of whatever town in MS that would be mentioned on air.  The people must have run out into the streets screaming , ” THE WEATHER CHANNEL MENTIONED OUR TOWN’S NAME!  WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! WE’RE DOOMED!  WE’RE DOOMED! “…. or something like that I would imagine.

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