I had my computer crash a couple of weeks ago.  Amazing how six years of cat hair can clog your vent fan and burn up your processor.  Amazingly my computer guru friend was able to retrieve my data to put on me new laptop.  I was contemplating on getting a new computer anyway…. update and such.

Of course my program I use to do my website, it was drag and drop sort of thing…. no time to learn html and such, was gonna have to be uploaded on my new lappy.  I haven’t seen that cd in over six years, when I uploaded on my old laptop.  It’s a miracle I found it that time.  I hated that program.  Why haven’t I changed programs before?  … time has no meaning to one such as I sometimes.  Well, I went and found this place and am ecstatic about how it’s doing.  I’ve been meaning to redesign my website for centuries now…. well maybe not centuries …. decades maybe…. well definitely years…. yes , I have been meaning to do this for years….. screw it, Centuries sounds way cooler.  I’ve been meaning to update for CENTURIES I tells ya.

Now I’ve just got to contact some folks and move me domain names to attach to my new website so everyone using them can find me…. I’M OVER HERE!!  Hope they heard me.

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