A new QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR is up….YAYY!  The updates have begun.  Also I will be at the Mississippi Pulp Con at the MS Arts Center on Feb. 16 , 2013.  Be sure to come out and check it out.  Follow the link and learn more about it.
I’m planning an interesting thing for the end of the year.  I’m gonna work on writing my Halloween special for next year and getting it drawn early so I can start it on Halloween day and have it go uninterrupted thru November which will take up past Thanksgiving.  I already have a ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER story written that I will be working on also so it can be my Christmas special.  No , it’s not a Christmas story it will just be appearing during the month of December.  If this works out I will be able to take it easy during the three close holidays while not missing updates while working on new comics for the new year without being in a rush.    Yay!


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