Well, if you follow any of me comics and post you’ve may have noticed an absence of late.  Around three months I believe, Oh my has it been that long?  Why yes it has.  i hurt my wrist at work, my regular job not while cartooning , and now it’s very painful to draw.  It’s a stretched ligament or tendon or some such like that.  I did it to my left hand twice in a three month period but it’s completely healed as of right now.  The problem is that I did it to my right hand also.  It’s the one I draw with mostly.  I say mostly because I’m ambidextrous.  I can write and draw with both hands I have just always done my comics with me right hand.  I’ve just recently bought a sketch book to further train my left hand in drawing.  To look at the first few drawings they are actually pretty good and better than a lot of folks can draw with their normal hand.  The problem is they are not BubbaWorld quality yet.  I would not draw a comic strip with my left hand and post it as of right now.  I’m just starting back drawing again this week and I have to use a brace to be able to do that.  If you’re wondering what my doctor said…. well, I didn’t bother seeing one.  I know it’s a time heal thing and what good is it to pay some quack a lot  of money to tell me that.  My chiropractor did look at it when I went to get my back adjustment.  He has reasonable rates and I trust him more that some of the medical doctors we have around here.  The first thing I’ve drawn since starting back was a BUBBASQUATCH for the mascot and logo of the BACKWOODS COMICS FESTIVAL that I’m hosting in Louisville, MS on Sept 28, 2013… time travelers are invited and welcomed…. Take a gander at them if you will.

backwoods header 03a

bsq 002

BubbaSquatches are big hairy hominids that tend to be sighted around or near comic festivals.

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