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September 10, 2013

I’m a web cartoonist.  I use to put my comics in a newspaper that I self published.  It was four pages and I put it on store counters and stands for people to pick up for free in my county and surrounding counties.  You may wonder how I was able to do this.  Well it was done with advertisers.  The advertising paid for the printing and paid me…. sort of.  I had to take care of some ill family members at the same time so I put the paper to the side after doing it for four years.  I tried to bring it back but the economy was just too bad to succeed with it again.  But I have my comics on the web.  It’s own website and everything.  It was way cheaper than printing it out on paper every month.  I even kept a few customers online advertising with me.  I have a regular job too and it eats up most of my time and I injured my drawing hand there too.  I didn’t draw for four months and have just started back within the last couple of weeks.  The website is BUBBAWORLD COMIX.  I do six humor strips.  They use to come out every day Monday thru Saturday.  While I’m getting my hand better ( I may be drawing with it but I still have to use a brace ) I’m doing three titles one week and three titles the next.  I will be alternating them like that every two weeks so I can still keep doing all six titles till I get a little ahead or my hand quits hurting.

I was charging $30 an ad on the site per month.  With 20 or 25 advertisers I could have my business in full bloom again.  That’s cheaper than the paper ads but I still think it’s too much.  So I have decided to make them $10 a month.  That means for $120 you can have an ad in my comics archives for a whole year.  Each comic has a page on my website with about 15 comics for that title with ads down the side of the page beside them.  I don’t keep a full archive on the website, that’s what my wordpress sites are for.  So the archives are constantly changing on the website.  $120 will barely get you a week or two in a regular newspaper.  Now if you are an artist, writer , novelist, or cartoonist trying to find cheap ways to promote your books or websites then this would be it.  If you’re an independent book store owner or comic book shop that can handle online sales this would be good for you.  There are systems out there with automated ads on sites and your not sure what you are paying and have to keep a close eye on it.  Then there’s also the ad blocking programs that cut those  very ads out of being seen by half the people going their.  I’m low tech.  I make the ads as jpegs and I link the jpegs to the sites.  Ad blockers see them as part of the actual website instead of an ad to be blocked.

Why not check out the BUBBAWORLD COMIX and see if it’s a place that you might like to advertise.  If I can get 80 advertisers then I can make it.  I also believe it will be easier to find 80 people with ten dollars a month than 25 with thirty dollars a month.  If you know somebody that would find this interesting then by all means share this article with them.  Have a Bubbatastic day.