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Block Printing

March 5, 2017

Over the last few years I have gotten back into block printing.  Basically you take a lino block and draw a design and then carve it out with some carving tools.  Then you take some ink with a roller and roll on the block and press it onto the paper.  Occasionally you may have some blood mixed in with the ink… I suggest cutting away from your other hand.  Really, I have the scars to push this point home.


I decided to do a chicken print in celebration of my comic character’s HERMAN THE PSYCHOTIC CHICKEN’s 33rd years since I created him.  So I decided to make 33 prints only.  So they will be numbered 1/33 to 33/33 like you do when labeling prints.  I will actually be making 66 prints in all… 33 will be in black and white and 33 will be hand painted with water colors.  And they will be avaliable for only $33 for the pair.  But only 33 people will be able to get them.  If you’re interested in this limited print then you can email me at and see if they’re all gone yet.  Here’s the first one painted.


Also if you ever want to watch me making my art and comics I live stream it on my twitch channel at  .  Be sure to check it out sometime.