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February 9, 2018


This is a digital download book of 1000 pages of humor comics I have written and drawn over the years.  You might even say it’s my Life’s Work.  It is only five dollars for the pdf digital download that I will personally email you the link to download it.  You can purchase it on my WEBSITE just a click away.  There’s a paypal button there.  It contains collections of my main six humor titles QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR, MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS, CAPN’ GEEZER, DAWN OF TIME, SPACE REDNECKS and GOING BATTY.  It also collects all of the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD specials from past Halloweens.  These are humor Halloween stories that cross over all six titles.  It has a bunch of extra comics in it also.

Free Digital Monthly Magazine

February 8, 2018

I started a FREE digital Monthly Magazine a while back called the MISSISSIPPI ARTS & CULTURE MAGAZINE and after two issues I renamed it the BUBBAWORLD COMIX MAGAZINE.

It had articles about the arts and culture in the south along with an ongoing serial humor comic of my SPACE REDNECKS title.  I later revamped it to have all six of my humor titles and do them as just one shot gag comics again and it still has the articles.

You can find all of these magazines from the last ten or so months HERE … just a click away.  Also you can sign up for the monthly newsletter at my home site now at the BUBBAWORLD COMIX webpage    and get an email each month when the magazine comes out with a link to the actual magazine.  ALSO… I will be publishing two FREE humor graphic novels as digital pdf’s and anyone on the mailing list will get the links as soon as they are a go.  The first one will be CAPN’ GEEZER THE WAR CAPN’ .  This is my humor strip with the time traveler and his companions.  The next one will be SPACE REDNECKS THERE GOES THE GALAXY.  This will finish up the long form story I was working on at the beginning of my free magazine.  ALSO… I will be giving away artwork from time to time and the drawings will be from my email list.  So no entry fee, just be a member of the email list.  WHAT A DEAL!  WOO!

There is already a free comic , ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER, at my issuu page.  It’s a humor comic also.  Like this one I will be selling ads in the comics to help pay for it and make it free as a digital download.  I will be limiting the ads to ten to fifteen sponsors each book.  The books will also be available in print but you will have to purchase those if you need a copy to hold in your hands.  If the sponsorships work out I may be putting out more free humor graphic novels in the near future.

Check out the content and sign up for the emails.  Tell your friends… heck , tell your enemies… I need as many people to read my comics as possible.

Have a bubbatastic day.