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I Still Have A Blog Site Apparently

April 11, 2019

Hello my Nerdlings…. I’m back …. sort of …. never really went anywhere to be frank.  I’m still doing comics… The main website BUBBAWORLD COMIX has my new comic ROSCO on it.  It’s a prequel comic to the web series on the youtubes by the same name, ROSCO.  I’m providing links making them just a click away.  The comic is about a crossroads demon thru the ages that is incompetent at his job.  The Youtube series is the same crossroads demon that lost his job when he got fired from Hell and winds up crashing at his friend’s house with his friend’s wife and new baby.  The First season is up now and we’re working on the second season. Rosco is the monster puppet that I’ve been using for years  I’m still working on the original six humor strips but they appear at my Patreon Page for supporters there.  I may even start posting some Rosco comics here on this blog page.  So get ready, the Ompa Loompas have the factory running again.