I’m Andy B. Childress and I’m a cartoonist, artist, painter and nut.  My webcomic site is BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET or BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.COM .  Either address will take you to the same page.  I update it daily six days a week.  I write and draw 6 titles and each title has it’s own day of the week that it updates weekly on.  If you think thats confusing to read just imagine how confusing it is for me to say.

I work on other projects, mainly trying to self publish some graphic novels that I’m writing and drawing and one or two that I’m drawing and have someone helping me write them.  They vary from sci fi, humor, and horror….in fact even my horror writing has a good bit of humor in it from time to time.

Go to the site and check out my stuff if you like comics.

One Response to “About”

  1. Kurt Brugel Says:


    I saw the photos of Mitch Byrd in your store. I’m wondering if you have his email address? I am a start up publisher that wants to publish him in my up coming issue.

    Any assistance is much appreciated.

    Kurt Brugel

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