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July 1, 2014
   I am doing a contest where some people could win an original hand drawn t-shirt from BUBBAWORLD COMIX.  All you have to do is put on your favorite Geek t-shirt and then jump in a body of water , or if you dont have a body of water to jump in you can use a tub, shower or a bucket dumped on ya.  At some point while doing this say or yell “BUBBAWORLD COMIX IS AWESOME”.  Put the video up on youtube and/or the Facebook.  Then you are entered.  I will be choosing multiple winners out of the entries.  CLICK HERE for the youtube video explaining this and it also gives an example of something you can do.  And CLICK HERE for the facebook page to post it on.  By posting it on the BWC FB Page I will know you have entered the contest.  I will be choosing winners thruout the summer.  If you win I will contact you for a shirt size.  So go out and have some fun this summer and be sure to check out BUBBAWORLD COMIX main page and archives for all your comics you may have missed.  CAPN’ GEEZER has an ongoing storyline right now and so do SPACE REDNECKS and GOING BATTY.  There’s all sorts of fun going on at the BUBBAOWRLD COMIX I tells ya.


April 18, 2013

BUBBAWORLD COMIX is holding a contest for actual people to become companions in the CAPN’ GEEZER comic strip.  Travel thru space and time with Capn’ Geezer and his assistant , Bot , in a comic strip.


Your name and likeness will be a companion in the CAPN’ GEEZER comic strip.  If you win you can decide if you want your last name used or not.

It may be a one shot , it may be for weeks or months… there is no telling how long.  Zoe and Red Shirt have been there for 13 years so far.  I doubt it will be that long though.

This is a humor strip so there will be jokes and silly situations.  If you have any problem with you cartoon likeness being in those situations or saying things that I write then don’t enter the contest.  If you enter the contest you are giving me license to use this character the way I choose to do so.

If by chance you are a steampunker then let me know if you want to appear as your steampunk persona.


Multiple ways to enter

1.  Write an email and send it to me HERE telling me how much you want to be a companion traveling thru time and space with CAPN’ GEEZER & BOT.  Mention how long you have been reading CG or if you’ve just started reading it.  New fans have the same chance of wining as old fans.  Include a photo of yourself.  Close up and full body shot.  I will have to make you into a cartoon after all if you win.

2.  Or make a youtube video telling why you want to be a companion.  Pretty much the same as number one just as a video.  Of course you will be in the video so there’s the included pictures.  Try to get some close ups and full body shots.  I will be making a YouTube video and putting the link HERE for response videos to be added to it.  For now my youtube channel is HERE

3.  Bribe is an ugly word.  But it does works.  Presents and gifts will be accepted.

Go to BUBBAWORLD COMIX and check out the CAPN’ GEEZER page


June 6, 2011

My friends and I did a video blog , otherwise know as a Vlog.  We put it on the YouTube.  We talked about the Horror graphic novels that I’ve put out and the T shirt based off the cover of the MISFITS & MAYHEM vol 2 cover and BubbaWorld Comix in general.  We also chose a unique location to vlog from.  We recorded from the middle of a lake.  Here’s a link to the vlog .

If you would like a MISFITS & MAYHEM Tshirt or even one of the Horror Graphic Novels in print or on CD as a PDF file then just go to the BubbaWorld Comix website.

I also have a contest going on at my youtube channel for a chance to win some original artwork.  Check out the Vlog  to find out about it and get the details on the contest page at BubbaWorld Comix.

Contest for Original Comic Strip Art

November 28, 2008

If you’ve read any of the blogs on this site you realize that I am a web cartoonist and that my comic web site is located at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET .  Well, come December I will be holding a contest to give away original comic strip artwork that I have done. I will be giving away not one, not two…..BUT seven original comic strips to seven different lucky cracker heads.

Some may wonder if these seven people will meet in front of the BUBBAWORLD COMIX studio that has been closed to the public for over 20 years and tour thru it and at the end of the tour, the survivor gets everything….Short answer…NO!  First off, the BUBBAWORLD COMIX Studio is too small to fit seven people at one time.  Second, that’s the plot to Willy Wonka, you cracker heads.

what I plan to do is simple. I want toe readers send an email to bubbaworldcomix (at) gmail (dot) com .  Tell me which of the six titles that you like best and why.  Don’t be flattering just to  be flattering or trying to butter me up.  The more honest the answer the more it will be noticed.  Then provide a list of the other five titles in the order that you like them, 2nd favorite to 6th favorite.  No explanation is needed for this list.

I will be giving away a strip of each title.  I may draw a name randomly or pick a winner because I was moved by or liked their email.  That’s why I need to know your most favorite title.  If for some reason one of the titles is not on any entry for most favorite, the people that listed it as their 2nd favorite, or so on, and didn’t win in their first choice will be used to find a winner for that title.  That’s why I need to know your rankings for all six titles.

The 7th strip to be chosen will be totally random.  Everyone that hasen’t won anything will be in the drawing and the title listed as your favorite will be the title sent to you.

I will be accepting emails till Christmas eve till midnight that night.  Actually I will be checking my email for the last entries Christmas morning so if you’re a little late it may still slip in.  If you’re not familiar with the strips or the characters at BUBBAWORLD COMIX then now is a good time to go to the site and check it out.  It even has a full archives.  I will be announcing the contest sometime between now and Dec. 1st at the website.  If you’re reading this blog on my blog site and are familiar with the strips already then feel free to go ahead and send an email in.

Pleas provide your full name, email, and snail mail address.  (I will need that to mail it to you if you win).  You can provide a phone number if you wish but it is not nessasary.

Contest is open anywhere mail is recieved.  If you live outside the United States just be sure I know how to address your package if you win.

Now Hurry Up and Email Me.

(The cartoonist insists that the phrase “cracker head” is used as a term of indearment that he uses to refer to family, friends, strangers & generally the entire human race.  For this reason the cartoonist wishes that no one takes offense at being reffered to as a cracker head & if you do take offense at it then you’re just a big ‘Ol cracker head, you cracker head.