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January 4, 2012

A new year and a new post, can you believes it?  If you’ve read earlier posts of mine you may already realize that I put comics into a PDF and send them out by email three times a week.  From this moment henceforth I shall refer to this as a DIGITAL PERIODICAL .   It’s twenty-twelve and  I publish a DIGITAL PERIODICAL …. it is officially the future!  I live in the future… although I seem to have misplaced my flying car at the moment.

Just to show you what you may be missing if you havent signed up for the BWC DP  ( email me at to get it for FREE ) I will show you the first page of the new Action Adventure Time Travel strip that appears all three days at the base of the PDF.  The strip is titled ” DOX ” .  Just click the image for a bigger size.

If by chance you do decide to join the flocks of intellegint & beautiful people that want these comics emailed to them and want the pages of the DOX story that you have missed, then just let me know in the email and I will make up some special PDF’s with four or so of the DOX strip on each one and get ya caught up.  WOW! That makes me super awesome!

If you’re just the least bit curious about what else is in the paper then let me just tell ya, I will.

Every Monday you will be entertained by the humorous strips of QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR ( a strip about two idiot brothers working for their Dad ) and MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS ( as the name suggests this strip is about a psychotic chicken in a floppy ear hat and a pessimistic clown ).  They are joined by a third humor strip by the name of BUBBA GNOMES.  Basically gnomes with a redneck twist.  I dont currently put this one online like the main six titles I started with , but like the DOX strip I think I can share one here since yall begged so nicely.

Oh my stars and garters!  With a Smurf reference even!  BONUS!  Yay Smurfs!…. what was I talking about?…. Oh yeah, ninjas…. no comics.  I always get those two confused.  Of course the fourth srip on Mondays is a DOX strip.  Time traveling adventure I tells ya!

Then there’s Wednesday…… the spelling of Wednesday always looks funny and strange to me…. you have the hilarious humor strip DAWN OF TIME ( a strip about Bubba the Caveman and his chimp friend Milo ) followed by CAPN’ GEEZER ( a strip about a time traveller (( MORE TIME TRAVELING GOODNESS!! )) and his companions and adversaries , one of which travels in a port-o-pottie time machine ).  The third humor strip is an experiment of mine… I swore I would never do anymore experiments after the last one ran away and terrorized that village…. well, not so much as swore as was forced to sign an agreement not to do any more experiments… well, not so much forced to sign an agreement as was chased out of said village by angry villagers with pitchforks and fire.  They ruined those perfectly good pitchforks by lighting them on fire, but I digress…. where was I , oh yeah… This third ninja….I mean comic strip is done completely without words.  I KNOW! THAT’S FREAKIN’ AMAZING!  I use the action to convey the humor.  I named it  ” !?! “…. I know , confusing aint it.  How would you even pronounce that?  Well, that’s easy.  Take your index finger, put in in your mouth pressing on your cheek, then pull it out so that it makes that “popping” sound and that is how you pronounce ” !?! “.  The strip features the same character each week.  I will even give you fine folks an example of this strip also.

and of course there is another installment of the DOX action adventure time travel strip at the bottom of this page too.

Then there is Friday with the two humor strips SPACE REDNECKS ( Houston , MS with it’s own space program ) and GOING BATTY ( mad scientist, crazy bat, mummy, lil’ Frankie and grotesque  humpbacked lab assistant by the name of Buttercup ).  ANNNNDDDD another , count them it’s three, installment of the DOX strip.

That’s a lot for FREE.  I draw eight humor strips and three pages of an action adventure strip every week.  That’s a lot of drawing for one person I tells ya, and I do the lettering and inking.  That might be why I dont blog as much as I need to… in fact I need to draw right now….

….see ya in the funny web pages….