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January 1, 2017

Hello peoples.  I have a new collection book with all six of my main humor titles called BUBBAWORLD COMIX OMNIBUS VOL 2.  It is available HERE just click away.

I have been working on the ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER book which is also a humor comic.  The cool thing is that it will be available for free as a PDF online for anyone to read that would like to.  It will be ready in mid to late January at so be sure to click there and follow me over there.  I will try to put out a humor comic ( usually a graphic novel size ) after this first one at least four times a year.  I’m doing my Monthly MISSISSIPPI ARTS AND CULTURE magazine there also.  It also afforded me a test run to check out the site.

My sci fi, horror , and adventure comics will still be for sale at my LULU page but as I start to sell ads in the PDF humor books I may be able to offer my print books cheaper.

I’m currently working ( literally right now ) on the second book of LIGHTS OUT for February .  Just click the name of the book for book one if you haven’t gotten it yet.  It is a horror comic.

In April, towards the end of the month I will be releasing SPACE REDNECKS : THERE GOES THE GALAXY on the site as a free PDF humor comic graphic novel.

There will still be updates at BUBBAWORLD COMIX main page of humor one shot gag comics also.

There is more to come and I hope yall have a happy new year.


March 1, 2012


You can own all 27 pages of original artwork for $300 plus shipping.  Just email me at if you’re interested .

You can get all of my comic collections , horror graphic novels and Halloween special Books in print or downloads HERE


October 30, 2011

You’re probably been thinking, “Where’s he at?  Why hasn’t he posted any blogs lately?  Is he dead in a ditch?  How many licks does it take to get to the center of this tootsie roll lolly pop, Mr Owl?”  Quit searching the ditches, I’m fine.  To be perfectly honest I didnt even notice myself missing… mainly due to the fact that no matter where I went , there I was. 

It’s Horror Movie Marathon night.  Something I do around every Halloween.  Whichever friends can join me help.  How they actually help I’m not sure.  It aint like they prop my eyelids open the later it gets.  they’re just there watching the same movies with me… and eating my candy.  Ah, they help me eat my candy, although that aint really much help.  I like my candy…. they’re being more of a hinderance now that I think of it.  I may have to rethink this next year.  BRINGS YOUR OWN CANDY YOU CANDY EATING GOOF’S , I’ll yell.  That should do it.

After the Horror Movie Marathon we will listen to the Coast to Coast AM Radio Show.  There are some freaks that call in to that show I tells ya.  They will just about let anyone talk on the radio that calls in on open lines night.  Which makes me wonder what they think of me when they quit ansewing my phone calls.  Oh well, Ob la da sey la vie…. or something like that anyway.

I’ve started an email comics paper by email I have.  I’m sending it to anyone that wants it for free.  They just have to let me know they want it and the email address they want it sent too.  Apparently telepathy isnt the best way to let me know seeing as how I havent received any emails by thoughts yet.  So if you want it just email me at bubbaworldcomix (at) gmail (dot) com  .   I wrote it that way so the spammers wont be sending me so much I tells ya.

See Ya in the Funny Pages.


September 14, 2011

I just did a video…. on the youtube even.  BUBBAWORLD COMIX LOW BUDGET CARTOON THEATER.  I plan to do more of these in the future too….. I’m not so sure about the past though.  I dont think I will be doing any others back then.  My time machine is on the fritz again , and by on the fritz again I mean it’s never has worked.  Oh well.  There will be plenty more in the future and when we get there we will look back and say, “Hey …. there’s a lot more of these Low Budget Cartoons in the past now!”  And we will all be pleasantly confused.   I even linked the video for ya’s I did.

I have six different humor titles , my that’s a lot, and I plan to eventually use all of them in the Low Budget Cartoon Theater.  I also plan to put them out semi regularly.  I also plan to keep working on my time machine.  One day if it works I may travel back and tell myself it wasnt worth all the bother and to give up on it.

I’M EATING HALLOWEEN CANDY AND IT’S ONLY THE MIDDLE OF SEPTEMBER!!!   I’m eating it while I write this here blog I am.  It’s not even the year old stuff that you find in between your couch cushions on them cold lonely nights when you wonder if it’s still safe to eat while you’re already chewing on it!  NO!  This is the good stuff that is hitting the store shelves a month early.  Two months early is you realize that Halloween is at the end of the month.  But that’s okay…. I’m an adult now…. in age anyway…. and don’t have to wait on having Halloween candy till Halloween.  I can buy bags of it and munch on it now.  Of course my friends say, ” You might eat it all up before Halloween and not have any for the Trick or Treaters.”  To which my reply is always, “SO!  Let the little beggars go out and get a job and buy there own freakin’ candy.”  I will probably also be mildly curious as to how they avoided and got past all  the traps.

I’ve gots to go draw sumpthin’….

See Ya In The Funny Web Pages



June 6, 2011

My friends and I did a video blog , otherwise know as a Vlog.  We put it on the YouTube.  We talked about the Horror graphic novels that I’ve put out and the T shirt based off the cover of the MISFITS & MAYHEM vol 2 cover and BubbaWorld Comix in general.  We also chose a unique location to vlog from.  We recorded from the middle of a lake.  Here’s a link to the vlog .

If you would like a MISFITS & MAYHEM Tshirt or even one of the Horror Graphic Novels in print or on CD as a PDF file then just go to the BubbaWorld Comix website.

I also have a contest going on at my youtube channel for a chance to win some original artwork.  Check out the Vlog  to find out about it and get the details on the contest page at BubbaWorld Comix.


February 18, 2011

That’s right interwebers, I will shortly be putting out Vol 4 of BUBBAWORLD COMIX. Ironically Vol 4 is my eighth book to self publish…. the math seems a little odd there, doesn’t it. Well I have put out two Horror Graphic Novels and two Halloween Humor specials, so if you were the least bit confused , that accounts for the other four books……I LIKE JELLY BABBIES……

VOL4 will bring us full circle. I collect strips from two of my six humor titles for each volume. We have come back around and this book will contain strips from QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR and MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS.

If you are new to BUBBAWORLD COMIX, first let me say I’m glad you’ve finally crawled out from that rock you’ve been under, next let me tell ya about these two titles quickly.
QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR is a comic strip about two idiot brothers working for there dad in the appliance repair business. They have misadventures involving coffee shops, neurotic mailmen, aliens, Elvis, redneck neighbors, Bigfoots….Bigfeet?… and so on. Occasionally they get a service call run.
MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS , as the name suggests, is a comic strip about a psychotic chicken in a floppy ear hat and a pessimistic Clown that lives next door. Herman (the psychotic chicken) does live with two Swamp Dragons by the names of Bill & Bubba. Knothead the Clown lives in a two story mobile home next to the Swamp Dragons’ cave. It’s a rather nice cave with lovely furniture. Sort of like what a Hobbit Hole would look like if the Hobbit was seven feet tall and had long tails.

The past three volumes of BUBBAWORLD COMIX have been flip books. Each title had it’s own cover and half the book was upside down to the other half. I have started releasing my books as PDF’s now. In order to make the transition to a downloadable file or a book on CD easier for me I’m only doing one cover. Also the entire book will be orientated in one direction. It will be divided into two chapters, one for each title. And it will have a black and white cover for each chapter inside the book with a color cover on the outside using characters from both titles in it.

The book will be over 100 pages and will cost $20. You will be able to get the download for $5.

If you are interested in any of the other books I have done then go HERE and check them out. They’re available in print or download there. I will be blogging again when I get closer to releasing the book. That shouldn’t be long. I have the file nearly finished. I just have to make a cover and the two chapter inside covers.

See Ya In The Funny Web Pages


November 24, 2010

I’m still drawing comics and putting them on the web every day at BUBBAWORLD COMIX. Be sure to check them out. I update six days a week with six humor titles. Each title has it’s own day of the week to update on. Mon thru Sat they are , QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR, MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS, DAWN OF TIME, CAPN’ GEEZER, SPACE REDNECKS & GOING BATTY.

I’m still working on graphic novels also. I will be writing some of my horror stories for next year’s M&M graphic novel. I’m working on character designs again for the Sci Fi series of graphic novels that I already have written. Both of which may be drawn in a landscape position instead of vertical so when I release them on CD or as a download they appear on the computer screen better.

Stay tooned and I’ll see ya in the funny web pages!

Buy Horror Graphic Novels and Halloween Themed Comics

October 24, 2010


I’m finished with the MISFITS & MAYHEM VOL 2 horror graphic novel. The link above will take you to a page where you can buy all of my books. They are all available as traditional print books or as a download. The download is way cheaper too.

This is the cover to MISFITS & MAYHEM 2. I’m rather proud of the lettering I did on the name. It , like the first one, has six short horror stories. Three are written by me, Andy B. Childress, and the other three are written by Shane Sullivan. The stories are once again introduced by the horror host Creepy Clyde and his misfit band of performers from his Night Carnival. There’s even a Hell Hound this year.

This is a HORROR BOOK. I’m known for my humor books so I just want to point out that the M&M books have violence and death in it.


This is the second vol of TALES and it of course has last year’s web comic Halloween special that appeared at BUBBAWORLD COMIX. It also contains all new content in the ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER story. Yes the Zombie story is done in a humorous style also. Trust me you’ll love it.

You will want to read this story just to see the cool Zombie Mobile I gave him. There will be a new TALES this year on or slightly before Halloween at BUBBAWORLD COMIX. Be sure to check it out and go get the books or downloads of them at MY STOREFRONT now.

Download Comic Books

October 20, 2010

I’ve recently took the first four of my books and made it into one huge pdf file book on CD. I have no way to offer this book for a download but the place that I get my books in print form can offer all of my regular books as down loadable files. You can now get all seven of my books from that site as either a print book or a down loadable file just by going HERE.  I will be putting my future books up in the same location for download.  The good thing about the downloadable books is that you can get them a lot cheaper than the print books.

Heroes & Dreams Signing

October 6, 2010

the HEROES & DREAMS anniversary will be Oct 16th in Flowood , MS.  That’s on a Saturday peoples, get out and check them out.  I will be there with my books and art.  I will have the new BUBBAWORLD COMIX GAS GIANT  Vol 1 with me.  The 406 page pdf file book on CD.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the CD books after I’ve done the original artwork for the CD case.  The Chicken and Clown in these pictures have already been sold but the great thing is I can draw more Chickens and Clowns at any time. The first four BWC books and a bunch of extras as a CD book for only $20.

Along with the GAS GIANT book on CD I will have two new “traditional” books with me.  TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD: IT’S THE GREAT PUMPKIN MASSACRE DR BROWN.  This book also contains the brand new content never before seen on the web ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER.  I will also have the MISFITS & MAYHEM VOL 2 with me.  Check out the Check someone used to by the new horror graphic novel and Halloween Humor special with.  ( important info has been whited out ).

isn’t it ironic, I really do think.

I will also have my art and sketch cards with me.