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I will draw ALMOST anything for $3

March 1, 2012

( I now have a full time job along with drawing me comics so the “I will draw almost anything for $3 special is over due to time constraints. )

That’s right folks, I will draw ALMOST anything for three dollars.  You pay me by paypal ( ) and tell me what you want drawn.  Here’s the conditions …. this is the ALMOST part….

It cant be pornographic, profane, nasty, prejudicial insulting….. mainly common sense things.  I will draw a quick sketch ( it’s 3 bucks you aint getting a Rembrandt ) and scan it and post it on this blog and give credit to whoever commissioned it.  You’re paying for the image to appear on the internet.  That’s why it’s so cheap, no mailing cost.

Why am I doing this you say?  It’s a fun way to promote my BACKWOODS COMICS FESTIVAL that will be happening on Sept 29, 2012 and help to even fund it some.  So try to come up with some parody stuff for me to draw.  Have you ever wanted to see a Muppet as a Green Lantern?  , Smurfs as Zombies?, The TARDIS and the Delorian race?  A Wookie in a Kilt?…… Oh , I need to remember the wookie one.  Dont try to be clever and say you want a battle scene of every x-man battling every avenger or all of Starfleet battling the Empire from Star Wars…. I will just do a bunch of dots and say we’re really far away from the battle and keep your 3 bucks.  Again , use common sense.  These are gonna be quick cartoony sketches….. here’s an example….

Have fun, ask for something silly, and send me some money.  If you’re in Mississippi or a neighboring state come to the BACKWOODS COMICS FESTIVAL in Sept.

Pop Culture Artist Summit

February 17, 2010

I’m preparing for the Pop Culture Artist Summit in Biloxi MS at 3 Alarm Comics.  I’m stoked about getting down there.  I’ve made some artist/cartoonist  friends around the coast area that will be there and some artist/cartoonists friends from Jackson will be down there too.  There will be some that I dont know yet that I will get to meet on Feb 27th.  I will have BUBBAWORLD COMIX VOL 2 which has a collection of my SPACE REDNECKS & GOING BATTY comic strip titles.  I’m also working on some original artwork and sketch cards to carry down with me.

Here’s a couple of sketch cards, in color even….I dont do many sketches or cards in color.  Maybe it’s because of my color blindness with reds & greens….a color blind artist, who ever heard of such?  I did these Guardians of the Universe right after I did an 8 1/2 x  11 sketch of the Statler & Wardolf Muppets as the Guardians.

The folks at the Heroes & Dreams comic book store in Flowood MS have been having me draw a bunch of Muppet / Green Lantern Rings pictures.  It all started with a request of Fozzie Bear wearing all the Lanter Rings of Power…

….and then a Gonzo….

….and so on.  I am currently working on more Muppet and Sesame Street / Lantern Rings pictures.  I’ve also been working on some of my sketch cards.  This Booster Gold was bought just a couple of days after it was drawn.

the same person bought one of the Counts too…..

….Two….Two Muppet Sketch Cards…ah ah ah ah ah…(Thunder sound effect overhead)

And of course I will be working on some Doctor Who sketches and cards…..must draw some Who.     I will be working on a bunch of types of drawings.  I will be bringing some of my original comic strip art from all six of my titles of  BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.COM

I will even have artwork of future projects.  This is a Shak-A-Ree from my sci fi saga , “DOX”.  I will be working on some original sketches and sketch cards from this series I have already written.  I just have to lay out the pages and start drawing on the books.  It should make about 5 or 6 graphic novels.  The  sizes I draw in are 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 , or trading card size….8 1/2 x 11 1/2 …… and  11 x 17.  I use to do some on 5  1/2 x 8 1/2 but I pretty much dont draw on that size anymore.  Be sure to pop down to Biloxi on Feb 27th in a couple of weeks and check out the Pop Culture Art Summit.  If you want a certain sketch or card drawn just email me at   bubbaworldcomix   (at)  gmail (dot) com

If you want something and dont live in Mississippi or cant make it to the coast then just email me with your requests.


Jim Henson Exhibit in Jackson MS

December 20, 2009

A couple of friends and myself just went to the Jim Henson Fantastic World Exhibit in Jackson, MS at the Mississippi Musuem of Art this Saturday.  I am a huge Muppet fan.  I grew up watching Sesame Street and the Muppet Show.  I even remember when the Muppets used to do skits on Saturday Night Live.  When I was younger I wasnt sure if I wanted to grow up and become a cartoonist or a puppeteer.  Now that I’m older I realize that first, I never grew up.  Second, I became a cartoonist ( ) and third, why cant I do both.  I’ve been collecting puppets since I was 2 when Santa brought me a Oscar the Grouch.

The exhibit was great.  We even attended a sing a long with Gorden from Sesame Street.  We had a guided tour given by somebody with the Henson Foundation that made it more special.  Before the tour was over he was joined by another and we had two tour guides.  At the end of the tour we retraced our steps and viewed every puppet and every sketch that they had.  They even had some videos up of the old commercials that helped start the Muppets.

If you are in driving distance of Jackson Mississippi between now and the middle of March I suggest you go and check it out.  In one display I was plesantly surprised that Jim considered being a cartoonist at one time.