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October 24, 2015

I have six main humor titles and a horror humor special.  Just how many characters do I have to keep in my head for these strips?, you ask.  As the title suggests, one hundred fifty five six at the current count.  That is not even counting things like vehicles and ships and props which at times can seem like characters also.  My archives for each strip can be found at



There’s not an archive for ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER because it will be special book releases for him, but lets take a closer look at the characters for each strip, shall we.

QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR  — (1) Jasper Quick and his brother (2) Corky Quick.  They also sometimes double as the super heroes (3) Repairman and (4) Tool Toter.  Their parents (5) Pop and (6) Mom.  There’s the villain (7) Bubbaman they go against  when they are Repair man and Tool Toter.  (8) Blazer White Fange is their Chihuahua puppy.  Their older brother (9) Junior who occasionally will appear as his alter ego (10) the Plaid Ninja.  Another older brother (11) Thomas who is the Chief of police of their town.  By the way the name of their fictional town is Backwoods, MS.  (12) Doc S. is their Chiropractor.  (13) Blond Lady has helped Bubbaman on occasion.  (14) Elvis’ clone that live with the (15) Bigfoots , not to be confused with The King that appears in another strip… more about that when we get to that strip’s list,  (16) Doc is the name used for their family doctor and his less than plesant nurse, (17) Nurse Packer.  (18) Truckerman is one of their friends from the coffee shop.  (19) I have given an actual name to the Preacher, they just call him Preacher.  *(20) Flying Bob is a pilot that has a modified Bi-Plane named DeathTrap.  This is a good place to mention that an * preceding the name means that this character will appear in the other five main strips from time to time. Flying Bob is inspired by one of my friends just like *(21) Mingo , *(22) Ric, & *(23) Bobby are.  They are used as ‘extras’ from time to time.  Although Bobby actually got sucked into a portal to Hell in the post office and we’re not sure what became of them.  Be careful if your post office box has a suspicious number.  (24) Sha-Bu-Bu is the psychic waitress at a coffee shop.  She’s a dyslexic psychic and can foresee the past with a 33% accuracy.  (25) It-Man is a villain with his side kick (26) Name Call Boy.  *(27) Jay is another ‘extra’ character inspired by one of my friends.  (28) Moe is Corky’s cat who embodies all the personalities of all the cats I’ve ever had.  Jasper and Corky have neighbors , they are (29, 30, 31) Maw, Paw & Tiny Reddnecks.  (31) Their secretary is their cousin (32) Dawn , also inspired by a real cousin of mine.  (33) Mr. Jinkins is a repeat customer for Quick appliance repair.  Some characters that appear in this title but are numbered in another title are ( Melvin the Mailman, Kiltboy, Sophisticated Al ).  Some of the locations and things unique to this strip, The Barber Shop, their Work Shop, The Villain’s Hideout which is an abandoned van.  The repair truck , Corky’s 68 Buick Skylark, their improv group Budapest Monkey Farts and the Water Towers.  That’s a 32 count for QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR.

Now lets take on MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS:  (1) Herman the Psychotic Chicken and his best friend (2) Knothead the pessimistic Clown.  Herman lives with (3) Bill and (4) Bubba the Swamp Dragons.  There’s Knothead’s dog, (5) Speedbump and countless numbers of (6) Nuns that Herman torments.  (7) Fuzzywhat is a little furry thing that showed up thru the dimensional rift behind Herman’s boots in his closet.  He decided to step thru just seconds before it closed so he’s here for good now.  (8) there’s the Robot that Herman made out of junk.  It’s no longer bent on the destruction of mankind.  (9) T.R. is the name of Knothead’s rabbit from his magic show.  It’s short for Traumatized Rabbit.  Those of you that remember the “hat out of the rabbit” magic trick will understand why he’s so traumatized.  There is the Feng Shuy Coffee Shop with it’s owner, (10) Cho Nuff.  He’s from the far East…. Arkansas… that’s about as far East as you can get before winding back up in Mississippi.  (11) Mr. Mann is the owner of The Mann’s Bookstore and can be described as a disgruntled Easy Reader type character.  (12) Mr. Mann’s Mother also helps out at the store.  Knothead has his (13) Tornado Cow, which showed up …. after a tornado.  She gives sour milk every time it clouds up and looks like it might storm.  (14) Harold the Mime is Knothead’s brother.  Herman recently got a pet cat named (15) Oscar.  (16) The Ninja Nuns are a special nun task force created because of Herman.  (17) Hershel the Swamp Dragon is much older than Bill and Bubba and has recently showed up and is staying with them.  *(18) Melvin the Mailman is often tormented by Herman and the character *(19) Kiltboy shows up from time to time with his own brand of insanity.  *(20) Emu birds tend to be around more than one would expect.  Some characters that show up from other strips or just for special occasions is * Trey, *Inky the Clown ( a real clown that’s a friend of mine, Trey is a real Trey that’s a friend of mine too.) and *Sophisticated Al.  Some interesting things about this strip is Knothead’s two story mobile home, The swamp dragon’s cave, Croquet, Herman’s 68 Buick Skylark ( not the same as Corky’s ) that he made into a flying car and sometimes it’s a time machine.  And be careful of the Kudzu… it’s a wee bit dangerous.

Now we come to the prehistoric comic strip with the redneck cavemen, DAWN OF TIME.  Of course the main two characters are (1) Bubba the Caveman and (2) Milo the ape.  Bubba’s great grandfather is (3) Paw Paw Bubba who has an ongoing feud with the (4) DoDo birds. (5) Pygmy is one of Bubba’s pets, he’s like a miniature T rex.  (6) The Professor comes up with all the modern conveniences , like bowls and such… he just hopes they don’t burn him at the stake when they confuse science for magic.  There have been female cavemen as extras in strips but only (7) Mary has been used more than once.  (8) Lt. Dum Dum and the mighty Zontar is actually one character.  A crashed tentacled alien with a puppet that he believes to be his commander.  Speaking of aliens , the Grays could count as a character and will in another title but two individual Grays are in this strip stranded after crashing their saucer.  (9) Jon and (10) Shane.  Jon eventually gets eaten by a dinosaur and Shane becomes a member of the tribe after being forgotten by his own race.  (11) The Woolly Booger…. this is an interesting character in the fact that no one living has ever seen it.  The few that have seen it are dead.  It’s interesting to have a character that you can never show.  I may have to start using him more often.   In a Flashback story we get to see Paw Paw Bubba’s grandfather (12) Pappy Bubba.  What’s a tribe of cavemen without a (13) Chief?  (14) Woolly Mammoths and (15) the Ape Council.  Then we have the (16) Old Hag Witch Lady… that’s actually her name.  She once said that her father was a cruel cruel man.  (17) Seymour is a Sabertooth Cat and one of Bubba’s pets that he raised.  I personally had a cat by this name for over 19 years and had to one character named after him and what’s better than making him a sabertooth cat?  (18) Johnson is one of the cavemen and of course you’re gonna have (19) Dinosaurs.  (20) The Storyteller is an old caveman that , well, sits around the fire telling stories. (21 & 22) are Nomad and Nomad Jr.  They travel a lot but tend to go in circles and keep showing up.

Now we have the CAPN’ GEEZER comic strip title which is about a time traveler and his companions.  The first character would obviously be (1) Capn’ Geezer himself and then there’s (2) Bot who is his constant companion.  His main arch nemesis would be (3) Major Evil who travels around in a Port-O-Potty time machine with his minion (4) Igor.  The Capn’s longest running companion would be (5) Zoe from the 1960’s Earth.  One of the main alien races that he goes against would be a race of clones known as the (6) Zogs.  (7) The Chameleon is another alien that is a master of disguises whose travel bot is named Stroodle and looks similar to a floating toaster.  Of course there is the (8) Time Council that the Capn’ reports to.  In the future there is the Confederation Of Planets and (10) Captain Rufus J. Piddle is captain of their flagship the Galactic Mayhem with the (11) Ox bot and (12) Ensign Snerk.  This is where Capn’ Geezer got one of his main companions was from this crew.  (13 ) En Johnson more commonly known as Red Shirt.  Another villain of the Capn’s is (14) The Brain which as the name suggests is a brain in a jar type of deal.  The Brain’s assistant was (15) Lurch but the Brain may have not know his real name from calling him Buffoon so much.  More villains are (16) the Psychedelic Psychotic Cyborg Penguins of Planet X.  Major Evil’s grandfather, (17) Grandpappy Evil even showed up in a Outhouse Time  Machine.  Even though we counted the whole race of Zogs we’re gonna count the (18) Emperor Zog separate.  (19) The Gray Guardian of the Universe is unique as he’s neither a force of good or evil but one of indifference and his hat is sentient so lets count (20) The Gray Guardian’s Hat.  We have an alternate universe with alternate universe doubles for ( 21-25) A.U. Major Evil, A.U. Capn’ Geezer, A.U. Bot, A.U. Zoe , A.U. Red Shirt.  As you can guess, the Capn’ and his crew in this universe is evil where as Major Evil is good.  *(26) Clark is a unique character as he’s inspired by one of my friends but has actually become a semi regular appearing character.  (27) There’s a three eyed telepathic alien that I haven’t even given a name to or a name for his species/race but I plan on using him more later on so we will count him.  *(28) Chaos is an immensely powerful being and loony as a fruitcake and can change his form at will but so far we’ve only seen two main versions of him.  The next characters can be slightly confusing, (29) Grandma… she’s Capn’ Geezer’s sister…. she was named after their grandmother…. she hates her parents.  Her Holographic Transmogrifying Bot is named (30) Uncle.  Recently Major Evil found out his minion was a Time Council spy and has a new minion, (31) Simian Simon.  There is a space diner called the King’s Domain and it is run by (32) The King of Rock and Roll with the help of his cook and assistant (33) Billy Bubba ( Xzanqustx*7ockock’tick”pop’) .  The King is also a secret agent for the time council.  There are two other Zogs that went under cover on Earth and took the Earth names of (34) Whiskers and (35) Mr. Tiddles.  Since we never refer to Zogs by names I’m counting these two special.  This is a time travel strip so technically these other two characters have already been counted but they get counted again because we get to see them at different points in the time line at the same time so (36) Future Captain Zoe and (37) Future Red Shirt.  And yes, they are married in the future.  These next characters are real people that have appeared as companions by entering a contest but they were basically walk on roles so I’m not counting them but would like to mention them, Steve, Rusty, Danny, Katie.  Some fun things in this comic strip are, Temporal Cloned Ship, Confederation Of Planets ships the Galactic Mayhem and the Infinity, holographic Transmogrifying Bots, Diminsional Manipulation, matter Transmogrification, Orion’s Belt Bar and Lounge, Nexus Point Tower, Time Machines, Near Death Rays, Sonic Plunger, and the King’s Domain Diner.  Fun for the whole family.

Now for SPACE REDNECKS.  The Mississippi Aeronautical Space Administration sent a bunch of rednecks into space in a shuttle with a pickup bed by the name of the M.S.S. Bessie.  Now they use it as a shuttle on the M.S.S. Bessie II.  (1) Mr. Ray Bob is in charge at ground control in Houston , MS with help from (2) Sarah Bob.  (3) Space Cowboy is the pilot, (4) Skeeter is the fuel technician… which means he makes the moonshine.  (5) Bubba is in charge and the mechanics are twins by the names of (6) Jeff & (7) Mutt.  (8) Professor Bob helps with upgrades and such and (09) Mama Bubba and (10) Papa Bubba take care of (11) Lil’ Bubba , which is an elephant.  You have the (12) Gray Aliens that they tend to feud with most of the time along with the (13) Redneck Gray whose mind was damaged trying to Read Roy’s mind.  How could we forget (14) Roy of the crew…. he’s more or less is in the way more than anything and keeps Bubba riled up something fierce.  You have the (15) Greens which look a lot like the Grays only a little taller and with a dot on their fore heads, oh and they are green , too.  The (16) Space Critters are little fur balls with three eyes and antennas that have a semi hive mind and can teleport and use telepathy and telekinesis.   (17) Shane, the gray alien from the Dawn of Time strip is ancient now and Emperor of the Gray homeworld.  (18) They have just discovered the aliens by the name of (19) the Yonn-kees.  All this and their space stations look like Mobile Homes to boot.

GOING BATTY, the sixth humor title that I update online regularly I tells ya.  The main character is also where the strip gets it’s name.  Because he’s a bat.  (1) Merlin is the pet Bat for the mad scientist, (2) Doc Brown.  (3) Lil’ Frankie showed up after Doc spent the night in an Insane Asylum’s cemetery with a bottle of vodka and a chemistry set.  (4) Harry the spider is Merlin’s best friend.  Of course Merlin hates spiders.  Good thing he’s so forgetful.  Some days he forgets Harry is a spider and other days he forgets he hates spiders.  Then there are the days he doesn’t forget and has to apologize to Harry for the clubbing that ensues.  What’s a comic strip about a mad scientist without a grotesque lab assistant?   If you have a grotesque lab assistant for a mad scientist then there is only one name you can give him…. (5) Buttercup.  (6) Bill the Mummy was a nice addition to the gang along with (7) Brad and (8) Janet who wound up as prisoners in the dungeon only later to become next door neighbors only later to be living on the dirigible they all live on now while lost in the Bermuda Triangle.  (9) Al the Ghost’s full name is Aloysius but I call him Al cause I can’t spell Aloysius.  Every castle needs a (10) Dungeon Master , and even a dirigible can use one.  Dungeon Master keeps a pet piranha named (11) Spot in the drinking water jug.  Everywhere they go there tends to be an (12) Angry Mob forming to give them chase.  It may consists of different people each time but I count it as it’s own character.  (13) Fluffy the Gardener is a bit unique as he’s not a werewolf, he’s more of a wereman.  He was a wolf that Doc hit with his car and somehow he became a man.  Now that they’re in the Bermuda Triangle he is back to being a wolf.  Later I may have him in the middle as half and half to make it more interesting.  Doc Brown mad Lil’ Frankie a pet…. yes I said made… he used various parts of cats and dogs and monkeys and such and made (14) Patches.  There have been different (15) Moat Alligators all meeting with horrible ends, mainly Buttercups fault.  (16) Nigel is really a Rock and Roll Musician but everyone refers to him as the Hippie Prisoner in the Dungeon.  If he didn’t want to be confused as a Hippie Prisoner then he should not have gotten caught in a Hippie Trap.  (17) Frank… poor Frank.  What can I say about Frank.  Mainly he’s a skeleton in the dungeon that keeps the Hippie company.  “Quit ya staring, Frank”.  Most recently added to the gang is (18) John the Centaur which it turns out already had past history with Doc.  It’s actually Doc’s fault that he is a Centaur now.  Oh , and the third floor bathroom is actually a Mystical Forrest.  (EDIT) I actually let one character get past me.  Had to change the title to 156, it’s (19) Sophisticated Al who was the neighbor of Doc’s before they left in a dirigible.  S. Al is redneckish with his redneck zen garden and mobile home guest house and wears a top hat with his overalls and refers to his Massey Ferguson Tractor as his classic convertible.

Now we have ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER.  This is a strip I do as book specials and doesn’t have the history that the others do so not as many characters….yet.  (1) Zack of course is a zombie hunter but he hunts just about any supernatural type of creatures.  (2) Be’elza-Boo-Boo is his demon traveling companion that Zack has control over because he knows his anti-name.  His first (3) Assistant that didn’t really live long enough for me to come up with a name for him.  (4) The Glitter Vampire didn’t get a name either… just a stake in the heart.  (5) Zelda is also a hunter and apparently her and Zack have known each other in the past.  Zelda is no assistant though, she’s Zack’s equal and it tends to be a bit competitive between them.  (6) Nosferatu Vampires and we’re thru with this title, for now.  Except that Zack’s Zombie hunting vehicle is an Ice Cream Truck.

And there you have it.  A countdown of all the characters that I use in my main strips.  I’ve been meaning to do this for centuries.  Some people have asked me , ” How do you keep from going insane with that many characters in your head at one time.”  I’m confused by the “keep from going insane” part of the question.  I will say it probably helps to keep me from having split personalities by putting all of the characters on paper, but who really wants to be sane?  I must go now, I have a new kitten and I don’t know if I’m gonna try to get him to talk like the last cat I had or just let him be semi normal.  See ya in the funny pages.