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September 5, 2016

BUBBAWORLD COMIX OMNIBUS VOL. ONE is available now online.  It collects the six main humor titles in one book. ALSO… I now have a Coloring Book for Grown Up Folks HERE for sale and a Horror Comic series LIGHTS OUT BOOK ONE of Five

I’ve been working on the New ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER book.  It’s a humor comic about , well, a zombie hunter.  It has two stories with him and his sidekick Be-elza Boo Boo the demon.  It’s been fun working on this one.  I’m also about to start working on LIGHT OUT BOOK TWO of Five.  Landon McMinn ( the writer ) has is written,  I’ve just got to start laying out pages.  I want to have it done before Pensacon in Feb.  The BUBBAWORLD COMIX OMNIBUS VOL TWO is in my computer finished.  It just needs a cover and I can put it out.  My sci fi time travel novel DOX has been written for ten years.  I originally was going to use it as a manuscript to put out a series of graphic novels but never had the time so now it’s just coming out as a VERY illustrated novel.  I will be putting 151 illustrations in it actually.  That’s four books I’m working on at one time.  I have another waiting to start as soon as I get these , or some of these, done.  I’ve just counted and didn’t even realize that I had 13 books that I’ve self published.  Mostly humor, some horror.  I’ll post a list here then I have to get back to the drawing board.  I literally will be going to the drawing board…. I’m a CARTOONIST! YAY!  Yall have a Bubbatastic day why don’t ya.

If you would like to support BWC and help me keep making comics you can buy these books
GAS GIANT 700 pages ebook PDF file (comics collection) $5
BWC OMNIBUS vol ONE 100 + page book (comics collection) $12
LIGHTS OUT book 1 of 5 Horror Comic $6
GAS GIANT vol One Hardback book (comics collection) $40
GAS GIANT vol Two Hardback book (comics collection) $40
MISFITS & MAYHEM ( Horror Comics Collection ) $20
MISFITS & MAYHEM ebook PDF file $2.50
MISFITS & MAYHEM vol 2 ( Horror Comics Collection ) $20
MISFITS & MAYHEM vol 2 ebook PDF file $2.50

There are other books on my lulu store page but the earlier ones are contained in the GAS GIANT volumes so I didn’t post them here.  There are regular and ebook copies of each one on my lulu store page if you feel you just absolutely , positively must have them.  You can get to my lulu store page from any of the book links provided.



September 16, 2009

I have ordered the MISFITS & MAYHEM horror graphic novel and should have them in shortly.  I have also ordered, at the same time, the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD Halloween special for BubbaWorld Comix .

MISFITS & MAYHEM is a graphic novel containing six horror stories.  Three are written by me, Andy B. Childress.  Three are written by my friend, Shane Sullivan.  All six stories are drawn, inked, and lettered by me, Andy B. Childress.  I did this book in a totally different style from the way I do my humor strips.  TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD is a collection of Halloween themed stories involving all six of my humor strip titles that appear on the website.  Some of the stories even cross over some or all of the titles.  Come October there will be a new TALES special on the website.  The book collects all the past specials that are not avaliable online any longer.  The new special will only be up for the month of October and will come down the month of November.  It will come out in book form next year with a special story that will appear only in the book.  The new story will contain never before seen characters that I have been working on.

I love Halloween web comic specials but have trouble finding any online any more.  So I do one every year.

I will be promoting the two new books all thru October.  I have signings lined up for four of the five weekends of October.  The first three Saturdays will be in Jackson, MS.  Oct 3 will be at Van’s Artist Alley in Ridgeland, MS held in Van’s Comics & Cards.  Oct 10 will be in Flowood, Ms at the Heroes & Dreams Comic Shop.  Oct 17 will be in the Eudora Weltly Library in Jackson, Ms with the Imagicopter group.  Oct 3o will be at the Book Mart on Main Street in Starkville, Ms.

I will be releasing a BubbaWorld Comix collection book every four months and also other graphic novels from time to time.  I have already written a manuscript for a sci fi time travel graphic novel 5 or 6 part saga.  I’m currently working on thumbnail layouts for the pages of the first book in the saga.  All this while keeping a six day a week update schedule on my comics website.


July 17, 2009

I’ve had a book signing or two.  A Couple  in Louisville (home town) and one in Meridian.  Oddly enough I’ve sold the majority out of the back of me car as I run into folks or talking about them and being over heard.

First off my books made it in my hands before the Red Hills Festival in Louisville.  Here’s a look at my booth.


and a look at the street before things got started…


This was the first Red Hills Festival that I ever made a profit on.  It rained and misted most of the day.  The crowd was nowhere near the normal size due to the weather.  And I left a few hours early before the big rain hit.  And I still managed to sell enough books to make me happy I went.  I also met a fellow MS web cartoonist from Ethel that I knew from the internet so that was cool too.

I had a signing in June at the Winston County Library.



This was before the signing started.  I didnt take any pictures during the actual signing.  I’m a bit absent minded at times.  That’s Mom in the first one.  I did ok at this one.  I wasnt a lot but enough that I was still happy with the results.  A day selling a few books is better than a day selling no books.  I actually sold more by accident on the way home from the signing, so the total of al the day sales was cool for me.

Then there was the Meridian signing.  I did it at a coffee house on Front Street called the Gathering Place.  I love this spot and try to drop by whenever I’m in Meridian.  Thanks to Terrance for letting me have the signing there, He’s a cool fellow.  And also a shout out to my Buddy Barrett who help me out a lot by promoting it and putting up posters for me.

bw signing meridian 03

Here’s my buddy Ric who I talked into tagging along to help me with the signing and hanging out with me at the signing.  This is getting stuff took into the Gathering Place.  Notice the very stylish and cool T-shirt Ric happens to be wearing.  Is that a Bubbaworld Comix T-shirt?  Why Yes it is.  It’s actually hand drawn by me with sharpie markers.  Ric is also my walking billboard.

bw signing meridian 02

a better view of the T-shirt before we left for Meridian.

bw signing meridian 04

And my Paintings set up inside the Gathering Place.  We were set up in the area right behind this at the nearest table.  Again I didn’t think to take any pictures during the actual signing.  I didn’t even think of telling Ric to.  The good thing about forgetting this again is that maybe I wont forget in Jackson.  I’m about to go to the Jackson Comic Con (July 18 & 19) and be in the Artist Alley.  I am so looking forward to this.  I hope it’s a yearly thing and grows some each year.  I plan to support it each year.  Shane will be with me so I plan to actually take a butt load of pictures this time around.  Plus it’s my first comic con that I’m a part of.

Archives updates and Book Release

May 27, 2009

I was updating each BubbaWorld title every month but now I am doing it every week.

Also I have released the first BUBBAWORLD COMIX VOL ONE collection book.  It features the BubbaWorld Titles , QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR & MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS.  It’s a hundred page flip book with QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR’S “Metal in the Microwave” taking up the first half and MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS’  “Who are you going to Believe….Me or 25 Hysterical Nuns” taking up the back half.  The book has two covers and half is upside down to the other half.  I plan to be releasing a BubbaWorld Comix book every four months now so be sure to keep an eye out for them.


August 15, 2008

In celebrating my one year anniversary at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET and planning the MISFITS & MAYHEM horror anthology graphic novel I have neglected to share any more of my COMIC STRIP PAINTINGS that I have done. I have done 7 of these paintings in total. They are on one foot by three foot canvases. I will be showing off two of them today that are based off of two of my MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS strip.


These are two of my favorite strips from MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS. The one with Knothead the Clown pulling the “HAT OUT OF THE RABBIT” is my absolute favorite and a lot of other people have expressed this as well. The hysterical nuns was just fun to design all of the nuns.

The anniversary celebration is going well over at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET with the future bonus strips. be sure to check it out before they are gone.

BubbaWorld Comix

April 12, 2008

Well ding dang it , I done went and joined a blogging community.  I am a cartoonist with a web comic call BubbaWorld Comix

Yall should go and check it out.  It’s updated six days a week with six titles.  Each title updates on a different day.  QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR is on Mondays and about two idiot brothers working for their dad in the family appliance business .  MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS updates Tuesdays  and as  the name suggests, it’s about a psychotic chicken and a pessimistic clown.  DAWN OF TIME updates on Wednesday and follows the adventures of Bubba the Caveman and his great grandfather, Paw Paw Bubba, and Milo the chimp.  CAPN’ GEEZER is a srip about a time traveler and his crew.  Capn’ Geezer’s main arch nemesis is Major Evil.  Major Evil’s time machine is built out of a port-o-pottie.  This title has fun with all the good old sci fi I grew up with.  SPACE REDNECKS updates on Fridays and is if Houston, Mississippi had it’s own space program.  GOING BATTY ends up the week on Saturdays and is about Merlin the bat and the mad scientist, Doc, and all the freaks that live in the castle.

I draw all of these comics and I write them too.  It has been updating six days a week since Aug 2007.  I have a back log of strips so there should be no fear of me missing an update for at least 2 years.  That’s right….I’m about two years ahead on updates.  So be sure to go to Bubbaworld Comix and check them out.