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August 23, 2012

I just checked on this site yesterday and discovered that I could post again!  Yay!  for the longest while they had a bug and I could not update or post pictures or anything.  Not being able to post a picture is tragic for a cartoonist I tells ya.

The BACKWOODS COMICS FESTIVAL is fast approaching it is.  Sept 29th 2012 at the Coliseum in Louisville, MS .  It’s also a Time Travel Meet Up in case you run into any time travelers be sure to pass the word or leave word of it somewhere they can find it in the future.

I will talks more on this later but for now here’s a toon for ya’s ….


BubbaWorld Comix GAS GIANT

March 7, 2012

OH MY WORD!  Am I really thinking about making a BubbaWorld Comix GAS GIANT Book?  Apparently so.  Actually I’ve done it once.  It was only offered as a PDF on a cd though.  This time I’m gonna see if I can actually print it …. as a book even, I tells ya.  It will house all of the black & white humor comics that I’ve done.  May be around 700 pages.  OH MY WORD THAT’S GONNA BE AWESOME!

I’ve got to figure what to call it.  Do I just add a number “2” or make a small “2” where it might read as GAS GIANT (squared).  Decisions , decisions.  Do I come up with a worded title like GAS GIANT: GALACTIC MAYHEM.  I likes that I tells ya.  I’ve got me some thinking to do, I do.  I should put on my thinking cap but it’s back at me house.  It’s a top hat.  I wear it when I draw the comics sometimes and occasionally when I’m playing solitaire with my gigantic Jumbo Playing Cards.  It’s great being me.  I need to remember to wear it the next time I go grocery shopping.

What will be in the GAS GIANT you wonder?  Well I’m just the one to tell ya.  I’m in the process of making it now on the computer.  The main humor strips that I do will be in it:  CAPN’ GEEZER …. DAWN OF TIME …. GOING BATTY … MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS … QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR …. SPACE REDNECKS ….. and in that order too.  If you’re wondering why in that order the answer is simple.  The folders I keep each title in are in that order alphabetically in the computer files.  Every strip that I’ve drawn to date  for each strip with the exception of the first twenty eight MSD…. OH MY STARS AND GARTERS THOSE 28 ARE HORRIBLE!  I mean they’re …ok…. sort of.  They are the first AND worst strips that I have ever written or drawn.  For any new comers wanting to write and draw comics , you have to write some bad stuff first to get it out of your system and get in a groove for the good stuff to start.  I will be putting the Bubba Gnomes in there and also what I have of the wordless ” !?! ” strip.  I’ve replaced ” !?! ” in my Digital Publication with a Parody strip I call Farced.  The black and white versions of those that I have will be in the book also.  MY WORD THATS A LOT!

I will not be putting my Horror Graphic Novel series MISFITS & MAYHEM because I collaborate (you wouldnt belive how I spelled that word before spell check)  with someone on that project and every thing in the GAS GIANT will be all me… writing , drawing , lettering , inking , rambling …. all me.  I wont be putting my Sci Fi Adventure Time Travel title, DOX, in there either.  Just the Humor titles.  DOX wont have enough of the ongoing story ready for it to go in.  I work on that title alone also but I will be putting it out as a book by itself later.  YAY!

I will be talking about this more in the future…. or the past if you are reading this way later…. Until later, See Ya in the Funny Pages.


February 28, 2012

Who was the person that decided that Smurfs were three apples tall.  I dont think they knew what they were talking about.  I was in the grocery store the other day and while in the produce, before being dragged out by security, I was stacking apples on the floor.  I was trying to stack them three apples high.  That is way too tall for a smurf I tells ya.  In fact I was yelling it in the produce department of the grocery store…. which comes to think of it, might explain why I was dragged out of the store kicking and screaming.  What kind of apples were they using?  Definitely not red delicious.  Maybe they meant crab apples and it just got lost in translation. I could possibly see them being three crab apples tall… maybe.

If the Smurfs were three three apples high then it made Gargamel”s hands huge.  And how the heck could he not find their village.  Ohhhh, it’s disguised as mushrooms in the forest.  There are mushrooms all in the forest so the village blends right in.  Of course we all know that they had plenty of head room and even a bedroom above which means…. the stem part of the mushroom house was between four or five apples high with the top at least four apples high.  That means the average Smurf mushroom was at least eight to ten apples high……THAT’S SOME FREAKIN’ BIG MUSHROOMS I TELLS YA!  How did Gargamel not notice these ginormous mushrooms in the forest?  Or anyone else for that matter.  The fact that the mushrooms had little doors and windows in them should have been a clue also.  Just saying.

I tells ya, if I was to catch the Smurfs coming on one of those nostalgic cartoon channels I would just stop what I was doing and watch it right then and there cause I love that freakin’ show….. even with it’s badly camouflaged ginormous mushroom houses.

The only thing that could be better of course would be Zombie Smurfs.

It’s in color even.  I’m a cartoonist…. web cartoonist even.  I draw and write around 10 humor titles, I write and draw a sci fi adventure title, I draw and co write horror comics, I even self publish a digital periodical that comes out three times a week by email free to subscribers and I self publish collection books that you can get the print or download copies HERE.  If you want to keep me drawing more and more funny pictures just buy a book… or two… or three or more and tell your friends about them too.  I have FOUR humor collection books, TWO horror graphic novels, & TWO Halloween humor specials available at that link.  Till next time , See ya in the funny pages.


March 18, 2010

I’ve had an idea in me head that I’ve been meaning to implement for centuries….well, not so much as centuries but definitely years.  Come April Fools Day I will be dong something special on the BUBBAWORLD COMIX web site.  I’m not telling what it is but it was inspired by April Fools Day, It will involve the CAPN’ GEEZER comic strip title…mainly because it is always on Thursdays and so is April Fools Day this year….. and I plan to do this event every year.

Now some of you may be thinking that it’s all an April Fools joke and nothing happens that day and I yell gotcha.  That isnt going to happen.  It is an actual EVENT that I’m planning.  It’s very cool and even cooler if you read the web page every day before then.  So…go to BUBBAWORLD COMIX and read you some comics.  Come April Fools Day you wont regret it… unless of course I’m lying…. which I’m not.


September 16, 2009

I have ordered the MISFITS & MAYHEM horror graphic novel and should have them in shortly.  I have also ordered, at the same time, the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD Halloween special for BubbaWorld Comix .

MISFITS & MAYHEM is a graphic novel containing six horror stories.  Three are written by me, Andy B. Childress.  Three are written by my friend, Shane Sullivan.  All six stories are drawn, inked, and lettered by me, Andy B. Childress.  I did this book in a totally different style from the way I do my humor strips.  TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD is a collection of Halloween themed stories involving all six of my humor strip titles that appear on the website.  Some of the stories even cross over some or all of the titles.  Come October there will be a new TALES special on the website.  The book collects all the past specials that are not avaliable online any longer.  The new special will only be up for the month of October and will come down the month of November.  It will come out in book form next year with a special story that will appear only in the book.  The new story will contain never before seen characters that I have been working on.

I love Halloween web comic specials but have trouble finding any online any more.  So I do one every year.

I will be promoting the two new books all thru October.  I have signings lined up for four of the five weekends of October.  The first three Saturdays will be in Jackson, MS.  Oct 3 will be at Van’s Artist Alley in Ridgeland, MS held in Van’s Comics & Cards.  Oct 10 will be in Flowood, Ms at the Heroes & Dreams Comic Shop.  Oct 17 will be in the Eudora Weltly Library in Jackson, Ms with the Imagicopter group.  Oct 3o will be at the Book Mart on Main Street in Starkville, Ms.

I will be releasing a BubbaWorld Comix collection book every four months and also other graphic novels from time to time.  I have already written a manuscript for a sci fi time travel graphic novel 5 or 6 part saga.  I’m currently working on thumbnail layouts for the pages of the first book in the saga.  All this while keeping a six day a week update schedule on my comics website.


July 24, 2009

jcc chuck 03

Me (BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.COM)  and Shane with the Chuck on the last day.  I’m in the center.  That’s a rough looking crew.  I think they wanted this photo for a wanted poster or something.  We will all three be back together at Van’s Artist Alley in Ridgeland Oct 3rd with some other artists so be sure to check that out.

jcc crowd 01

jcc crowd 11

Many a costumed people were beheld.

jcc crowd 09

I tried to sell this guy a book but apparently he startled easily.

jcc crowd 15

Dont you hate it when children fight with their parents in public.

jcc mystery box 01

Trey asleep at the Mystery Box Booth.  What’s Barrett gonna do when he finds out.

jcc dv 01


jcc dw 01

Dr Who girl came by and gave us jellie babies, she did.  And she bought sketch cards, she did.

jcc inky 01

It just aint a convention without Inky the Clown.

jcc inky 02

He was all over the place….and at our booth a lot.  I dont know what’s more amazing, riding a bike that small or pedeling with shoes that big.

jcc ric 01

Ric , also known as the BubbaWorld walking billboard, made it.

jcc paul 01

As did Paul.  He’s holding a Lion-O that I drew that he got signed by Larry Kenney, the voice of Lion-O.

jcc twisted toybox 03

the Twisted Toybox had some kind of full body Franken critter costume.

jcc twisted toybox 06

Here’s a close up of Paul…I mean Shane….no…..Maybe it’s a close up of the Franken critter the Twisted Toybox had.  It’s so hard to tell sometimes.

jcc supper 04

Sunday night Me and Shane went with the Heroes and Dreams crew to eat with Larry Kenney.  That was a Blast , I’ll tell you what.  It was “the Best Weekend Ever.”

bwc globe

A close up of the BubbaWorld Comix Globe to end with.  See ya at it next year, and hope to see ya at the Artist Alley in October.  I will have BWC vol One and TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD vol One and the first MISFITS & MAYHEM horror graphic novel.  Shane helped writing the MISFITS & MAYHEM book.


July 21, 2009

JACKSON COMIC CON WAS GREAT!  If you didn’t come shame on you.  They Had Larry Kenney as the special guest.  He’s the Voice of Lion-O in the Thundercats cartoon & Count Chocula & Sonny the CoCo Puffs Bird along with many others including the voice of the Best Week Ever on Vh1.

jcc larry k 01

This is myself with Larry Kenney , the voice of Lion-O…He was a blast to be around the whole weekend I’ll tell you what….

jcc larry k 02

This is me and my buddy Jeff.  This picture was taken by Larry Kenney.  This may start a new trend.  Taking pictures with celebrities only they are not in the picture, they are taking the picture.

jcc larry k 03

And of course my buddy shane was there.  He’s the one helping me write the Horror anthology graphic novel, MISFITS & MAYHEM.  It will be out in October along with my BubbaWorld Comix’s TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD.  And of course you can always get the current BUBBAWORLDCOMIX VOL ONE that is out now.

Being a part of Artist Alley was really cool.

jcc aa 03

Chuck Jett was a cool fellow and was our neighbor.  He had some cool horror paintings , one of Barnabus Collins.

jcc aa05

You can see a bit of Barnabus behind him as he’s taking a pic of somebody in costume.

jcc aa 07

Katheryn & Zac and their crew.  They were super cool.  I’m glad I got their names in the shot so I can remember them now.  I’m horrible with the names I am.

jcc aa 04

Some people say that Jesse Labbe is real, while others say he’s just a myth.  Is this an actual photo of the Jesse Labbe.  Skeptics say it’s too blurry to be definite proof of his existence but I choose to believe he does exist.  He’s as real as Sasquatch and the Loc Ness Monster I tell you!  I offer this blurry photo as proof.  The skeptics want accept it but come Aug when his book comes out they will have to redefine their thinking.  They will have proof in their hands.  Some may still choose to live in ignorance.  Of course they use the same argument on Anthony Coffey.  Maybe Monster Quest can prove they exist , I don’t know.

jcc aa 12

Wade Acuff….nuff said.

The one thing I do regret…ooo, wait.  It’s Black Canary!  I’m sorry.  I lost my train of thought.

jcc bc 02

Oh…the one thing I do regret is not gettin a picture of Stephen Butler and Mitch Byrd.  They were drawing at the 3 Alarm Comics booth and I went over and talked to both of them whenever I could and forgot to get any photos of them.

jcc dv 02

Maybe it was because I was being metally choked by Darth Vader outside their booth at the time….my memory is a little fuzzy around this time.

jcc bwc 01

The best thing about Artist Alley was THAT I WAS THERE! Woo Hoo! I’ll tell you what!  This is my spot right after set up on the first day.  See the cute little BubbaWorld Globe that I made.  All the cool people came by the BubbaWorld area.

jcc bwc 08

….and even the not so cool ones.

jcc bc 03

Shane with Black Canary and Wonder Woman.  Can you see them struggleing to get away?  Trust me , I was there.

jcc bwc 03look ma

guess which drawing he was checking out.  As soon as I said “these are not the droids you are looking for” he left.

jcc bwc 02jcc bwc 05

I sold sketch cards to blurry people and not so Blurry people.

jcc bwc 06jcc bwc 07

John Yelverton showed up twice to the booth.  Once as his alter ego, Superman.  The picture is blurry because he was moving at super speed to hide his secret idenity …. I guess I shouldn’t have said his name then.  He’s much taller when he’s Superman…I don’t know how he does it.

jcc bwc 09jcc bwc 11

Shane harrassing women in costumes again.

jcc bwc 04jcc bwc 10

People of all ages were there…..

This is becoming such a long post that I will make another one later in the week.  Part two of the Jackson Comic Con coming soon….


July 17, 2009

I’ve had a book signing or two.  A Couple  in Louisville (home town) and one in Meridian.  Oddly enough I’ve sold the majority out of the back of me car as I run into folks or talking about them and being over heard.

First off my books made it in my hands before the Red Hills Festival in Louisville.  Here’s a look at my booth.


and a look at the street before things got started…


This was the first Red Hills Festival that I ever made a profit on.  It rained and misted most of the day.  The crowd was nowhere near the normal size due to the weather.  And I left a few hours early before the big rain hit.  And I still managed to sell enough books to make me happy I went.  I also met a fellow MS web cartoonist from Ethel that I knew from the internet so that was cool too.

I had a signing in June at the Winston County Library.



This was before the signing started.  I didnt take any pictures during the actual signing.  I’m a bit absent minded at times.  That’s Mom in the first one.  I did ok at this one.  I wasnt a lot but enough that I was still happy with the results.  A day selling a few books is better than a day selling no books.  I actually sold more by accident on the way home from the signing, so the total of al the day sales was cool for me.

Then there was the Meridian signing.  I did it at a coffee house on Front Street called the Gathering Place.  I love this spot and try to drop by whenever I’m in Meridian.  Thanks to Terrance for letting me have the signing there, He’s a cool fellow.  And also a shout out to my Buddy Barrett who help me out a lot by promoting it and putting up posters for me.

bw signing meridian 03

Here’s my buddy Ric who I talked into tagging along to help me with the signing and hanging out with me at the signing.  This is getting stuff took into the Gathering Place.  Notice the very stylish and cool T-shirt Ric happens to be wearing.  Is that a Bubbaworld Comix T-shirt?  Why Yes it is.  It’s actually hand drawn by me with sharpie markers.  Ric is also my walking billboard.

bw signing meridian 02

a better view of the T-shirt before we left for Meridian.

bw signing meridian 04

And my Paintings set up inside the Gathering Place.  We were set up in the area right behind this at the nearest table.  Again I didn’t think to take any pictures during the actual signing.  I didn’t even think of telling Ric to.  The good thing about forgetting this again is that maybe I wont forget in Jackson.  I’m about to go to the Jackson Comic Con (July 18 & 19) and be in the Artist Alley.  I am so looking forward to this.  I hope it’s a yearly thing and grows some each year.  I plan to support it each year.  Shane will be with me so I plan to actually take a butt load of pictures this time around.  Plus it’s my first comic con that I’m a part of.


September 23, 2008

I’m curious as to how many web cartoonists there are in Mississippi. I’m one. My site is BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET and it houses six titles that I write and draw that updates on their own special day of the week thus making my website updating six days a week. Most of my humor strips are based in and around Mississippi….even the sci fi humor strips deal with Mississippi a lot. SPACE REDNECKS whole premise is, “If Houston, MS had it’s own Space Program.” CAPN’ GEEZER of the Space Time Patrol strip winds up in Mississippi a lot of the times he winds up on Earth. Even my caveman strip, DAWN OF TIME, features Bubba the Caveman in the area that he refers to “What will become Mississippi.” Being a Mississippian I just find it easier and funner to write my strips this way with my unique southern based humor. I’m still curious to how many web cartoonists are from Mississippi though. Being a cartoonists of any type is hard in the fact that you usually have no one in common near you to talk shop with….even more so in a small town in Mississippi.

I recently found a web comic called the ERRANT APPRENTICE that was about magic returning to the world in the 1970’s and a modern day knight from Ridgeland, MS. The creator of this strip is also from near this area too so I was overjoyed to find the strip. I was even happier when I discovered it was good. There are a lot of comics on the web now a days….you don’t actually have to be good at it to get your comic on the web. There are actually more pitiful comics than good ones and it takes a while to weed thru them to find the good ones. So the fact that the only two web comics that I know of from Mississippi are good is way above average. Actually….mine are quite brilliant even.

I’m a big supporter of self publishing. With the web the way it is there is no reason a cartoonists cant try to self publish his own work. Maybe there are more cartoonists in Mississippi but they just don’t realize that getting there comic out to the public is just a keyboard away. HOW TO MAKE WEBCOMICS is a great book published by IMAGE that any old or new web cartoonist needs in their collection. It’s written by four of my favorite webcomic creators that I read daily….Dave Kellet….Scott Kurtz….Brad Guigar……& Kris Straub. You can order the book from any one of their web sites.

When I was younger and in school and college I had friends that were artists too and wanted to draw comics one day, whether they were humor strips or comic books. I’m the only one I know of out of them that actually did something with it. I was self publishing a monthly four page newspaper with nothing but my comics and ads that I eventually moved to the web to make it easier on me. Most of my artist friends don’t even take time to doodle anymore. You can have all the talent in the world but it don’t amount to a hill of beans if you aint got any gumption to follow thru with anything. If you’re in school or college start crafting your comics now and keep doing it before the real world sneaks in and slowly conforms you into another drone.

It’s easier to inspire young new talent….It aint worth you time to constantly prod the ones that have proved they don’t have the drive to create anything with their talent anyway.

Comic Strip Paintings

April 13, 2008

I’m not your typical cartoonist. I , in the past, have been known to paint on occasions. The last painting I did, before 2008, took me 3 years to paint….or 3 days. I only painted on it for three days but there was a year and a half between each day. This year I decided to do something a little different. I call it My “Year of Paint 2008”. I am going to attempt to paint an average of one painting a week for the whole year of 2008. So Far so Good. I am around 15 and I think we’ve had 14 weeks this year.

As I was painting I decided on a new subject to paint. COMIC STRIPS! Not just any comic strips but the ones that I write and draw. I am picking out some of me favorites and painting them on 1×3 foot canvases in acrylic paint. I’ve been having loads of fun doing it and enjoying the mess out of it. The first one I did was actually on a 1×2 foot canvas and used my SPACE REDNECKS title.


The first panel someone is saying, “Hey look, a sign of intelligent life!”. In the second panel the SPACE REDNECKS are in the asteroid space bar surrounded by some ‘Grey’ aliens and Bubba is saying, “Ding Dang it! We’re in a Grey Bar!”

This is probably one of me favorite comic strips that I have ever done. I actually gave it to my art teacher from college a couple of weeks ago. I have done six COMIC STRIP PAINTINGS and actually gave him the option to choose which one he wanted and this was it. I am glad to see it go to a good home. He is retiring at the end of this semester and it was his retirement gift.

I am going to the Cotton District Arts Festival before too long with a booth and setting up to sell my paintings. Hopefully they do well.

Until next time have a bubbatastic time.