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November 30, 2015

“I’ve just decided to switch our Friday schedule to Monday, which means that the test we take each Friday on what we learned during the week will now take place on Monday before we’ve learned it. But since today is Tuesday, it doesn’t matter in the slightest. Pencils ready!”  Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory quote.

The only constant in the Universe is Change…. and my underwear…. and Change is coming to the BUBBAWORLD COMIX site , I tells ya.
For centuries ….. well maybe not centuries , although it feels like centuries, not that it’s a bad thing , just saying… for a long time now I have been doing six comic strip titles.  Originally when it was a paper it was six pages with each title a full page.  Then I made it four pages and each title got half a page with one title getting a full page.  Then I changed again…. I went to the interwebs.  It became a web comic.  I was updating six days a week.  That’s a lot for a web cartoonist.  A different title for each day of the week.  Then I had to take side jobs that became full time jobs and I made a new change.  I went to three updates a week, still pretty good, and did three titles one week and three titles the next week.  All this I was putting out collection books of the strips too.
Now the time for Change has come again.  Having six titles on one page makes the archives a little difficult.  I had six archive pages, one for each title, that held about ten strips each.  Then I created six wordpress sites for the full archives of each strip.  All six titles are humor strips and have one shot gag strips but each one of them has ongoing stories also.  With each title updating twice a month it’s a little hard to keep up with whats going on.  If it takes three or four strips to advance a story then you’re looking at it taking six to eight weeks to read that story while doing the same with five other titles.
Here is the Change.  I will be dropping all six titles on the BUBBAWORLD COMIX webpage and replace it with a one shot humor gag strip.  It won’t involve regular characters and will not have ongoing storylines.  Do not fear, the six original titles are not going anywhere.  They will become books.  I have a collection book that will be released in the upcoming weeks and more strips for a second collection book.  After that each title will have it’s on long base story in book form.  Around fifty pages or so which will be around a hundred strips.  Two strips per printed page.  The page count depends on how the story goes.  Hopefully I can come out with a book every couple of months and all the titles will be represented within the year.  I could never stop doing these titles, they are like my children…  they’ve just hit puberty and need to grow into something different , hopefully something better.
Two weeks and one day.  That’s how many updates of the old way will happen before the new Changes take place.  These are the last seven strips That I had written so I’m drawing them before switching over.  Until then, I’ll see ya in the funny pages.

P.S.  I will still be updating the six archive pages on wordpress with the new strips so those sites will still be active, and will announce books on those sites when the times come.


April 18, 2013

BUBBAWORLD COMIX is holding a contest for actual people to become companions in the CAPN’ GEEZER comic strip.  Travel thru space and time with Capn’ Geezer and his assistant , Bot , in a comic strip.


Your name and likeness will be a companion in the CAPN’ GEEZER comic strip.  If you win you can decide if you want your last name used or not.

It may be a one shot , it may be for weeks or months… there is no telling how long.  Zoe and Red Shirt have been there for 13 years so far.  I doubt it will be that long though.

This is a humor strip so there will be jokes and silly situations.  If you have any problem with you cartoon likeness being in those situations or saying things that I write then don’t enter the contest.  If you enter the contest you are giving me license to use this character the way I choose to do so.

If by chance you are a steampunker then let me know if you want to appear as your steampunk persona.


Multiple ways to enter

1.  Write an email and send it to me HERE telling me how much you want to be a companion traveling thru time and space with CAPN’ GEEZER & BOT.  Mention how long you have been reading CG or if you’ve just started reading it.  New fans have the same chance of wining as old fans.  Include a photo of yourself.  Close up and full body shot.  I will have to make you into a cartoon after all if you win.

2.  Or make a youtube video telling why you want to be a companion.  Pretty much the same as number one just as a video.  Of course you will be in the video so there’s the included pictures.  Try to get some close ups and full body shots.  I will be making a YouTube video and putting the link HERE for response videos to be added to it.  For now my youtube channel is HERE

3.  Bribe is an ugly word.  But it does works.  Presents and gifts will be accepted.

Go to BUBBAWORLD COMIX and check out the CAPN’ GEEZER page


January 29, 2013

I’m a cartoonist.  If you’ve read me blogs or seen my comic blogs you may have suspected this.  I write and draw many humor comic titles and put them on the interwebs , I do.  The main six humor titles appear on my website at BUBBAWORLD COMIX .  Usually they update every day…. a title for each day.  I take the Sundays off now don’t I.  Anyway, years ago I started a Halloween special.  At that time there were Halloween specials all over the web  by cartoonists.  Usually collaborations and such.  Now it’s not as common, sad really when you thinks about it.  I still do it.  I likes the way my special evolved over the years.  TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD is the title I started with for the special them oh so many years ago.  At first it was the brothers from the QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR comic strip telling tales from an actual appliance graveyard.  I would do Halloween horror humor with the different titles I had.  Then it occurred to me that I could do a cross over event.  Yeah , that’s the ticket.  I would cross over QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR, MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS, DAWN OF TIME, CAPN’ GEEZER, SPACE REDNECKS & GOING BATTY into one horror humor special each year.  It worked.  I’ve done it each year on my BWC website.

The first year I had a bit of a happy accident.  I broke the fourth wall with the CAPN’ GEEZER characters.  the Capn’ and Bot have two companions traveling with them in his time machine.  Zoe and Red Shirt.  I had been drawing my strips for years and stockpiling them.  I had even put them in a self published monthly paper here locally.  When I decided to fully go online with me comics I started from the beginning of the strips I had been stockpiling.  So in the Halloween special the Red Shirt companion mentions that he has not been introduced into the series online yet but was with them for the special.  The Capn’ replies that he’s a time traveler and that Red Shirt will be a companion and that he can cross his own time line for a holiday special.  So I uploaded that page and was pleased with myself.  The following Thursday, the day CAPN’ GEEZER updates on, I uploaded the CG strip and realized it was the first appearance and introduction of Zoe.  Zoe herself had not even been introduced into the strip yet.  Even though these are humor strips I tend to have story lines and occasionally will call back on past events.  But I have decided that each Halloween TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD specials would have something of the future hinted in it.

One year I had the CAPN’ GEEZER strip written way ahead of the one showing up on the web in updates.  I was also way ahead on drawing the CG strip and had just been updating it and not drawing new ones for a little while.  I had been drawing Bot’s new body and getting use to the design when I did the Halloween special that year.  I drew Bot in his new body and never realized it till after the updates.  That was fine though.  Thru time travel we got another peak into the future.  Another year I was doing my comics in a new style that hadn’t started showing up in the updates before the Halloween special was drawn that way, it also had the Emu that was about to make an appearance in each title.  In twenty eleven I had redisgned the SPACE REDNECKS space ship but it was first seen in the TALES special for that year before it happened.  The question is what did I hide in plain sight this time ( 2012 ) that will be showing up in the titles.  I guess you’re just gonna have to read the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD : IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE special and then the ARCHIVES of my comic strips to find out.


September 18, 2012

Oh my stars and garters the Festival is just around the corner I tells ya.  Cartoonists, web and syndicated and comic book.  Novelists, writers ( horror , sci fi, fantasy, steampunk, ect. ) will be there.  An Artist Alley.  Three comic book shops from around the state of MS.  Three Paranormal groups.  The Mandolorians , an Anime group, two Steampunk groups.  A couple of ventriloquists and Inky the clown.  The creator of Arlo & Janis , Jimmy Johnson , will be there.  Cosplay will be going on you can be sure of.    NOVELISTS!…. there will be Novelists there too…… Oh , I believe I have mentioned that.  Just about every Web cartoonists in the State of MS should be there with a couple from out of state.  Funs I tells ya.  Sept 29, 2012 at the Coliseum in Louisville, MS.  AND it’s a Time Travel Meet Up also .  Time Travelers are invited to use this as a meeting time and place.  See ya in the funny pages.


August 23, 2012

I just checked on this site yesterday and discovered that I could post again!  Yay!  for the longest while they had a bug and I could not update or post pictures or anything.  Not being able to post a picture is tragic for a cartoonist I tells ya.

The BACKWOODS COMICS FESTIVAL is fast approaching it is.  Sept 29th 2012 at the Coliseum in Louisville, MS .  It’s also a Time Travel Meet Up in case you run into any time travelers be sure to pass the word or leave word of it somewhere they can find it in the future.

I will talks more on this later but for now here’s a toon for ya’s ….

DOX : a Time Travel Adventure comic strip Saga

March 4, 2012

I do a lot in the way of comics I tells ya.  I keep losing count on how many comics I actually draw and write.  Each week I have to draw a strip for each of my eight main humor titles.  I also have a ninth humor title that I do as specials.  I also do a Mississippi and National political comic weekly now.  I’ve worked on Horror graphic novels in the past and will do more in the future.  But I am right now drawing THREE pages every week for an action adventure time travel saga comic strip that I call DOX.

I put this comic strip at the bottom of each page ( total of three each week ) of my Digital Periodical that I send out free to subscribers. It has the eight amin humor titles that I mentioned earlier spread over the three days.  And the DOX strip is on every page Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.  But you can now catch up on the DOX saga with the archives that I put up on one of these here wordpress sites.  In fact, every time that the word DOX appears in this article it is linked to the site starting with the very first page.  Be sure to check it out.

Also , if you like my comics be sure to check out my BOOKS at the link provided.  You can order them online in print form or as PDF downloads.  And if you are in or near central MS come Sept 29 you can bring any books of mine you have for me to sign and draw in to the BACKWOODS COMICS FESTIVAL & TIME TRAVEL MEET UP.

I will talk about the other comics I do thru out the week.  Till then , See Ya in the Funny Pages.


March 1, 2012


You can own all 27 pages of original artwork for $300 plus shipping.  Just email me at if you’re interested .

You can get all of my comic collections , horror graphic novels and Halloween special Books in print or downloads HERE


January 4, 2012

A new year and a new post, can you believes it?  If you’ve read earlier posts of mine you may already realize that I put comics into a PDF and send them out by email three times a week.  From this moment henceforth I shall refer to this as a DIGITAL PERIODICAL .   It’s twenty-twelve and  I publish a DIGITAL PERIODICAL …. it is officially the future!  I live in the future… although I seem to have misplaced my flying car at the moment.

Just to show you what you may be missing if you havent signed up for the BWC DP  ( email me at to get it for FREE ) I will show you the first page of the new Action Adventure Time Travel strip that appears all three days at the base of the PDF.  The strip is titled ” DOX ” .  Just click the image for a bigger size.

If by chance you do decide to join the flocks of intellegint & beautiful people that want these comics emailed to them and want the pages of the DOX story that you have missed, then just let me know in the email and I will make up some special PDF’s with four or so of the DOX strip on each one and get ya caught up.  WOW! That makes me super awesome!

If you’re just the least bit curious about what else is in the paper then let me just tell ya, I will.

Every Monday you will be entertained by the humorous strips of QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR ( a strip about two idiot brothers working for their Dad ) and MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS ( as the name suggests this strip is about a psychotic chicken in a floppy ear hat and a pessimistic clown ).  They are joined by a third humor strip by the name of BUBBA GNOMES.  Basically gnomes with a redneck twist.  I dont currently put this one online like the main six titles I started with , but like the DOX strip I think I can share one here since yall begged so nicely.

Oh my stars and garters!  With a Smurf reference even!  BONUS!  Yay Smurfs!…. what was I talking about?…. Oh yeah, ninjas…. no comics.  I always get those two confused.  Of course the fourth srip on Mondays is a DOX strip.  Time traveling adventure I tells ya!

Then there’s Wednesday…… the spelling of Wednesday always looks funny and strange to me…. you have the hilarious humor strip DAWN OF TIME ( a strip about Bubba the Caveman and his chimp friend Milo ) followed by CAPN’ GEEZER ( a strip about a time traveller (( MORE TIME TRAVELING GOODNESS!! )) and his companions and adversaries , one of which travels in a port-o-pottie time machine ).  The third humor strip is an experiment of mine… I swore I would never do anymore experiments after the last one ran away and terrorized that village…. well, not so much as swore as was forced to sign an agreement not to do any more experiments… well, not so much forced to sign an agreement as was chased out of said village by angry villagers with pitchforks and fire.  They ruined those perfectly good pitchforks by lighting them on fire, but I digress…. where was I , oh yeah… This third ninja….I mean comic strip is done completely without words.  I KNOW! THAT’S FREAKIN’ AMAZING!  I use the action to convey the humor.  I named it  ” !?! “…. I know , confusing aint it.  How would you even pronounce that?  Well, that’s easy.  Take your index finger, put in in your mouth pressing on your cheek, then pull it out so that it makes that “popping” sound and that is how you pronounce ” !?! “.  The strip features the same character each week.  I will even give you fine folks an example of this strip also.

and of course there is another installment of the DOX action adventure time travel strip at the bottom of this page too.

Then there is Friday with the two humor strips SPACE REDNECKS ( Houston , MS with it’s own space program ) and GOING BATTY ( mad scientist, crazy bat, mummy, lil’ Frankie and grotesque  humpbacked lab assistant by the name of Buttercup ).  ANNNNDDDD another , count them it’s three, installment of the DOX strip.

That’s a lot for FREE.  I draw eight humor strips and three pages of an action adventure strip every week.  That’s a lot of drawing for one person I tells ya, and I do the lettering and inking.  That might be why I dont blog as much as I need to… in fact I need to draw right now….

….see ya in the funny web pages….


December 9, 2011

I’m a freakin’ genius I tells ya.  Even though I couldn’t spell “genius” without spellcheck doesn’t mean a thing.  I write and draw comics, I do.  Better than that , I offer them for free to anyone that wants to read them.  Who doesn’t want to read free comics?  Communists maybe.  No… I bet even the communists like free comics.  I have a website but even better I offer an email pdf three days a week.  All you have to do is email me at and tell me you want “free comics”.

You may wonder what kind of comics are on this email.  Does it make me psychic if you were wondering that?  I’ll have to look into that.  I have eight humor comics…..EIGHT!!  Every Monday you will get QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR ( a strip about two idiot brothers working for their dad.)  MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS ( as the name suggests, this is a strip about a psychotic chicken in a floppy ear hat and a pessimistic clown.)  & BUBBA GNOMES ( gnomes and mystical type stuff but with a redneck twist to it.)  On Wednesday you get DAWN OF TIME ( Bubba the Caveman and Milo the Chimp and their friends at the beginning of history.) CAPN’ GEEZER ( travel space and time with Capn’ Geezer and his companions.  Oh… his main arch nemesis , Major Evil, travels in a Port-O-Pottie time machine.) & !?!  (…. that’s right , I named a strip with punctuation.  It’s an experiment to see if I can do a strip with no words ever and convey the humor only thru the action of the character.)  On Friday there’s SPACE REDNECKS ( Houston , MS with it’s own space program.  Yes, the M.S.S. BESSIE II is a space shuttle that runs off of moonshine.)  & GOING BATTY ( A Mad Scientist & his pet bat and all the freaks in the castle…. including the grotesques humpbacked assistant , BUTTERCUP. )

Is that an impressive list of humor comic strips or what.  What more could anyone want?  A time travel action adventure comic strip saga that appears all three days each week you say.  That’s AMAZING!  I just happen to be preparing a time travel action adventure comic strip saga that will appear all three days of the week starting on Dec. 19.  The title of this strip will be DOX.   Be sure to join up now and start from the beginning.  It will be Awesome I tells ya.  Tell your friends… heck , tell your enemies …. spread the word so everybody can share in the awesomeness.

See Ya in the Funny Web Pages….



August 30, 2011

It just occurred to me that I didnt even be putting a link in me earlier blog for my web comic site.  Well let me do that now before I gets distracted… Oh , something shiny!  What was i doing?… oh yeah… BUBBAWORLD COMIX is my web comic site, it is.  Now that I think about it I might have linked it… I’m not sure.  Well, I’m too lazy to check and see so it is most definitely linked here.  I do six humor titles .  One title for each day of the week.  That’s freakin’ awesome.  Seymour is my editor… did I mention that Seymour is my cat?… No…. well he is my cat.  I’ve been his human for over 16 years now.  My that’s a long time.  I dont know what I would do if something happened to him. Yes I do, I would run around my front yard screaming incoherently (  I spelled “incoherently” right the first time, I almost never get that word right ) while ripping my clothes and throwing myself down to the ground while beating my fists in the dirt.  My neighbors will probably just think , “Oh, it’s just another Tuesday night at that nutter cartoonist’s house again.”  Maybe I shouldnt do that so often… oh well.  Seymour is a good editor , … well he’s cheap.  He literally works for catfood.  He does seem to like the comics I show him though.  Of course he may realize he’s getting catfood if he approves of them.

24 HOUR COMIC BOOK DAY!! It’s going to be on Oct 1st.  I will be participating in it.  What is it you say, I will tells ya.  You draw comics for 24 hours straight.  I’m gonna be some kind of loopy by the end of that I tell ya what.  Rambling more than usual I bet.  I will be on the FACEBOOK updating my status as I go.  Some other cartoonists might be joining me online.  Every October I do a special comic where I cross all six titles into one humorous Halloween story called TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD.  Last year it was ” ATTACK OF THE WERECLOWN ” .  This year it will be , ” THE LEGEND OF THE MONKEY WOLF DOG “.  Fun I tells ya.  This will be my 24 hour comic.  I will be working on it that whole weekend and trying to get it ready to post to me site early the following week.  If you want to follow my loopyness on the FACEBOOK  then I’ve just linked the event page for you to go to.  If you want to friend me on the FACEBOOK then my page is linked to the word SUPERCALIFRASTICESPIALIDOSHIOUS  … Why did I link to that word you say?  I havent the foggiest idea why actually.  This is an event you can follow online from the comfort of your own home …. unless your home isn’t comfortable.  You can even comment and post as we draw for 24 hours straight just for your amusement.  Saturday October 1st from 10 a.m. till 10 a.m. the next day.  I’m pretty sure Seymour will be napping 23 of those 24 hours.

And once again you can find of of me books HERE, just follow the link.  You can get them in the traditional print format or as a download.  The downloads are cheaper and you can get more for less.  I’ve got 8 books out now.  Four are humor comic strip collections, Two are humor Halloween specials ( the TALES books I’ve mentioned earlier ) and Two are actual Horror Graphic Novels.  That’s right, I do Horror too.  I’m just versatile I tells ya.

Gotta go, but remember….. If you have a song stuck in your head, you might as well dance to it.

See Ya In The Funny Web Pages.