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More Interviews from Pensacon 2016

March 10, 2016

Rosco and myself got to interview quite a few people at Pensacon 2016 this year.  Here’s a link to the Terry Molloy interview we did.  Terry played Davros on the classic Doctor Who series with the 5th, 6th & 7th Doctors.  He and the actors that played the Doctors can also be found on BIG FINISH audio productions also.penterry 1



February 25, 2016

I went to Pensacon 2016.  It’s their third year to have it and it’s my third year to go, WOO HOO!  This is one of the best con experiences around I tells ya.  I got to interview Doctor Who Peter Davison there.  He’s the 5th Doctor and of course I did the interview with my big monster puppet Rosco.  I actually got to interview quite a few folks so I’ll be posting those also later one.  Click HERE for the Peter Davison interview.

pendoc 1

and be sure to read my comics at BUBBAWORLD COMIX.


March 6, 2015

As a cartoonist I tend to go to conventions from time to time.  I went to Pensacon 2014 as an attendee and it was great.  It was a first year con then and they ran it like pros.  I decided to actually set up in artist alley this year and I am so glad I did.  Of course I carried my big hairy monster puppet , Rosco , with me and occasionally broke away long enough to run into some folks.  I met Colin Baker ( Doctor Who ) on Friday when I snuck away from my booth long enough to get him to sign my record album cover from THE HISTORY OF THE JAMS AKA THE TIMELORDS.  It features the song “Doctoring the Tardis” on it.


I even got back on Sunday and did an interview with The Doctor Colin Baker , well actually my monster puppet Rosco did the interview.  It was fantastic.  Colin was very nice and seem to really enjoy it.  Here’s the LINK TO THE INTERVIEW.  Click away and watch it on the youtubes.  I’ll be back with more Pensacon coverage later on.  Did multiple interviews and lots of pictures and such.  See ya in the Funny Pages.



July 24, 2009

jcc chuck 03

Me (BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.COM)  and Shane with the Chuck on the last day.  I’m in the center.  That’s a rough looking crew.  I think they wanted this photo for a wanted poster or something.  We will all three be back together at Van’s Artist Alley in Ridgeland Oct 3rd with some other artists so be sure to check that out.

jcc crowd 01

jcc crowd 11

Many a costumed people were beheld.

jcc crowd 09

I tried to sell this guy a book but apparently he startled easily.

jcc crowd 15

Dont you hate it when children fight with their parents in public.

jcc mystery box 01

Trey asleep at the Mystery Box Booth.  What’s Barrett gonna do when he finds out.

jcc dv 01


jcc dw 01

Dr Who girl came by and gave us jellie babies, she did.  And she bought sketch cards, she did.

jcc inky 01

It just aint a convention without Inky the Clown.

jcc inky 02

He was all over the place….and at our booth a lot.  I dont know what’s more amazing, riding a bike that small or pedeling with shoes that big.

jcc ric 01

Ric , also known as the BubbaWorld walking billboard, made it.

jcc paul 01

As did Paul.  He’s holding a Lion-O that I drew that he got signed by Larry Kenney, the voice of Lion-O.

jcc twisted toybox 03

the Twisted Toybox had some kind of full body Franken critter costume.

jcc twisted toybox 06

Here’s a close up of Paul…I mean Shane….no…..Maybe it’s a close up of the Franken critter the Twisted Toybox had.  It’s so hard to tell sometimes.

jcc supper 04

Sunday night Me and Shane went with the Heroes and Dreams crew to eat with Larry Kenney.  That was a Blast , I’ll tell you what.  It was “the Best Weekend Ever.”

bwc globe

A close up of the BubbaWorld Comix Globe to end with.  See ya at it next year, and hope to see ya at the Artist Alley in October.  I will have BWC vol One and TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD vol One and the first MISFITS & MAYHEM horror graphic novel.  Shane helped writing the MISFITS & MAYHEM book.


August 30, 2008

I’m going to review some books that I was fortunate enough to stumble upon in a comic book store I visit from time to time. It’s not my normal comic book store that I get the majority of my stuff from but when ever I find a new store, especially one so close to me, I like to get something there once in a while just to support comic book stores in general. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, so imagine my surprise when I found these little BBC BOOKS of Doctor Who. They are roughly the size of you hand, maybe a tad bigger, and hardback and about 250 pages or so.

They are a semi quick read and have the 10th Doctor’s character as played by David Tennant down pat. I’ve bought nine within three visits. So far I have read FOREVER AUTUM, WETWORLD, STING OF THE ZYGONS, THE PRICE OF PARADISE, NIGHTMARE OF BLACK ISLAND, and PEACEMAKER. I have not been disappointed yet. They have been great little reads and I discovered them right after the season finale so that was perfect timing for me. I still have WISHING WELL, WOODEN HEART, and THE DEVIANT STRAIN to read. The books go back and forth using the companions Rose and Martha. The DEVIANT STRAIN features the 9th Doctor as portrayed by Christopher Eccleston. I bought up the David Tennant books up first because I really like the way his Doctor is. I like Christopher Eccleston too, but some of the books got bought in between my visits so I’m glad I got as many David Tennant ones as I did. The last three I got were the last ones in the store and I don’t know if he will be getting any more. I can”t wait to read the others but I need to get some comics read in between the books. I actually got the new IDW trade paper back graphic novel of the first few Doctor Who Comic that they do. I’ve already read the stories in the monthly titles but couldn’t pass up having the graphic novel version. I’ve also been getting the collection of strips that appeared in the Doctor Who Magazines. My main comic book store has been finding them for me. I will have to look into getting the rest of the books. Maybe one or the other comic book stores I use will get them for me. I’d rather get them that way than off the internet.

If you’re a Doctor Who fan then you need to check out one of the comic strips that I do. It’s CAPN’ GEEZER of the Time Space Patrol. It’s at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET . I have six titles that I do there but on Thursdays I update CAPN’ GEEZER. I have a full archive that you can check out too and catch up on the title. He was inspired by all of the cheesy SciFi that I grew up on. His arch nemesis, Major Evil, might remind you of the Master. Of course, Major Evil built his time machine out of a … wait for it….a PORT-O-POTTIE! It’s more than a little cramp but it gets the job done. Check it out if you have time. If you don’t have time….make some time. You’ll enjoy it.