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September 5, 2016

BUBBAWORLD COMIX OMNIBUS VOL. ONE is available now online.  It collects the six main humor titles in one book. ALSO… I now have a Coloring Book for Grown Up Folks HERE for sale and a Horror Comic series LIGHTS OUT BOOK ONE of Five

I’ve been working on the New ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER book.  It’s a humor comic about , well, a zombie hunter.  It has two stories with him and his sidekick Be-elza Boo Boo the demon.  It’s been fun working on this one.  I’m also about to start working on LIGHT OUT BOOK TWO of Five.  Landon McMinn ( the writer ) has is written,  I’ve just got to start laying out pages.  I want to have it done before Pensacon in Feb.  The BUBBAWORLD COMIX OMNIBUS VOL TWO is in my computer finished.  It just needs a cover and I can put it out.  My sci fi time travel novel DOX has been written for ten years.  I originally was going to use it as a manuscript to put out a series of graphic novels but never had the time so now it’s just coming out as a VERY illustrated novel.  I will be putting 151 illustrations in it actually.  That’s four books I’m working on at one time.  I have another waiting to start as soon as I get these , or some of these, done.  I’ve just counted and didn’t even realize that I had 13 books that I’ve self published.  Mostly humor, some horror.  I’ll post a list here then I have to get back to the drawing board.  I literally will be going to the drawing board…. I’m a CARTOONIST! YAY!  Yall have a Bubbatastic day why don’t ya.

If you would like to support BWC and help me keep making comics you can buy these books
GAS GIANT 700 pages ebook PDF file (comics collection) $5
BWC OMNIBUS vol ONE 100 + page book (comics collection) $12
LIGHTS OUT book 1 of 5 Horror Comic $6
GAS GIANT vol One Hardback book (comics collection) $40
GAS GIANT vol Two Hardback book (comics collection) $40
MISFITS & MAYHEM ( Horror Comics Collection ) $20
MISFITS & MAYHEM ebook PDF file $2.50
MISFITS & MAYHEM vol 2 ( Horror Comics Collection ) $20
MISFITS & MAYHEM vol 2 ebook PDF file $2.50

There are other books on my lulu store page but the earlier ones are contained in the GAS GIANT volumes so I didn’t post them here.  There are regular and ebook copies of each one on my lulu store page if you feel you just absolutely , positively must have them.  You can get to my lulu store page from any of the book links provided.


BubbaWorld Comix Universe Sketch Cards

July 12, 2010

Of course I hope you already know of my comics web page BUBBAWORLD COMIX.  If you dont just follow the handy link I gave you by clicking on the name.

I am doing sketch cards of every character in the BubbaWorld Comix Universe.  Most cartoonists have one title, maybe two that they work on and have to keep up with all of the characters in said titles.  Some of these cartoonists may even have a writer helping them.  I have SIX titles and I write them MYSELF.  I really should start say I have seven titles , since I’m adding a new cast of characters this October to the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD Vol TWO.  It will be all new content that has never been seen on the website, ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER. ….. but back to the sketch cards.  I’ve just recently was at the SOUTHERN FRIED COMIC CON in Jackson, MS the last weekend of June having a blast at it if I do say so.  The people that put on this con did a great job and it’s only it’s third year running.  Every bit of support helps to make it an even better con each year.  So I am doing a sketch card of every character of ALL SEVEN TITLES that I do.  I’m also doing each one three times each.  This way I will have three complete sets of the BUBBAWORLD COMIX UNIVERSE SKETCH CARDS.

They will be raffled off to help raise money for next years con.  Three sets with one set in three stores around the state of Mississippi.  HEROES & DREAMS in Flowood, MS.  CROSSFIRE COMICS in Meridian, MS.  and THREE ALARM COMICS in Biloxi, MS.  The money will go to help fund the con next year.

Just so you understand why I’m calling this the BUBBAWORLD COMIX UNIVERSE, let me tell you that there are over 120 plus characters that I’m about to draw.  Maybe more.  I tend to lose count.  Some people ask why do I write for so many characters.  The answer is simple.  This keeps me from going schizophrenic and developing multiple personalities.

I will be putting up the cards as I do them for the titles MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS…..CAPN’ GEEZER….. DAWN OF TIME ….. GOING BATTY …… SPACE REDNECKS ….. QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR ….. ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER ….. and a few characters that have only appeared in the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD Halloween specials.  I will be doing some short posts after this one but more frequent with a few cards in each post so as not to overwhelm yall.


KNOTHEAD THE CLOWN.  Very pessimistic, hates mimes, lives in a two story mobile home and is pals with Herman the Psychotic Chicken. Sleeps on a park bench because of his back.

SPEEDBUMP is Knothead’s dog.  Speedbump has not appeared  in many strips.

HERMAN THE PSYCHOTIC CHICKEN.  Wears a floppy ear hat most of the time because he thinks he’s the Easter Bunny and other times because he thinks it’s stylish. Loves to Aggravate the Nuns.  Lives with Bill and Bubba the Swamp Dragons.

More to come later……


June 2, 2010

I will be slightly busy for the next 3 months or so.  June the 12th is the PULPCON in Jackson at the Commons.  Some writers and artists will be gathering for this.  I will be one of them.

While I get ready for this I will also be preparing for the SOUTHERN FRIED COMIC CON in Jackson on June 26-27.  I will be trying to get new sketch cards and sketches drawn up before the con but will also be taking requests at the con also.

But what I have really been working on is more books.  I will be releasing BUBBAWORLD COMIX VOL 3 at the SOUTHERN FRIED COMIC CON.  It’s in my computer and all I have to do is a couple of covers and then I can order it.  This book will feature ” CAPN’ GEEZER:  Port O Pottie Time Machines, Oh My!” on side one and “DAWN OF TIME: The Warm Spot in the Gene Pool” on the other.  Yes, it will be a flip book like the first two comic collections I’ve already put out.  It’s Wednesday so I need to get on the ball and get those covers done.

I’ve also been working on the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD VOL 2.  It will be coming out in October.  It will put in print the special holiday special crossing over all six of my humor titles in the story “It’s The Great Pumpkin Massacre Dr Brown” that appeared on my BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.COM website last October.  As a special somethin’ somethin’ I’m adding a story with a brand new character that has never appeared anywhere on the web or in print.  ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER.  It’s another humor title that will appear in each TALES each year when they go to print.  I’ve been drawing the ZACK pages for the last week or so.  I’ve got the first 14 penciled and inked.  The story itself is 26 pages long.  I’ve been wanting to use this character for a couple or more years so I’m glad that I’m finally doing it.

I’m also working on the MISFITS & MAYHEM VOL 2.  It’s a horror graphic novel comic book with it’s own horror host.  This is one of the very few projects that I work with someone else on.  Shane Sullivan writes three of the stories and I write three of the stories.  Then we talked about the intros and outros with the Creepy Clyde horror host , then I draw and ink it in.  Shane just finished his stories about a week ago and I sat down one Saturday and banged out my three stories in about two hours.  I also finished writing the ZACK story while I was at it.  I’ve just penciled in the first page to M&M today.  It should be between 80 to 100 pages , which mean I need to draw and ink one to two pages every day for the next 90 days in order to get it done in time to put together in my computer and send off to the printers.  All this while also  finishing up the last ten pages to the ZACK story and writing and drawing THIS year’s TALES special that will be on the web for October.  Luckily I have all of September to finish that one.    But I still need to draw one regular humor comic strip a day just so I dont lose my buffer for my daily updated site.

Did I mention I have a sci fi graphic novel series I want to do?  I’ve already written it down….years ago….and am now in the process of thumbnailing the pages for the first of five or six part saga.  It deals with time travel and such.  Most likely it will start appearing in 2011 unless I magically find some spare time somewhere.  I work on appliances during the day so I have to make time for all this comic productions and what nots.

Be sure to make it to the SOUTHERN FRIED COMIC CON on June 26 & 27 and pick up a book or a sketch or a sketch card from me.  I put Vol One out in June of 2009 and now I will have Vol 3 out in June 2010.  Along with the TALES and the MISFITS books that’s a total of five books I’ve put out this year.  I cant wait to see how this next year goes.

Halloween Special Web Comics

October 23, 2009

Every year I do a special Halloween themed comic, TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD, at my website BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.COM that overlaps all six of my humor web comic titles.  This year, 2009, will be the fourth such special with “IT’S THE GREAT PUMPKIN MASSACRE DR BROWN”.

I have just released a book containing the first 3 of these TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD specials this month and it can be found at my BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.COM website.  Where I do humor Halloween themed stories with my daily web comic titles I have also released a Horror Graphic Novel, MISFITS & MAYHEM, that can also be purchased at my site.

The TALES special will be up all month during October and possibly November in it’s entirity.  The website itself will continue with it’s normal daily updates also.


July 28, 2009

October 3rd, (a Saturday) 2009, there will be an arttist alley signing at Van’s Comics & Cards in Ridgeland, MS.  It will have 7 tables of independent cartoonist and writers.  Some of the tables will have more than one person at it.  Web Cartoonists and Comic book artists and writers will be there.  The most important thing….FREE ADMISSION!  Just show up between 10 am till 6 pm that day.  The artists and writers will be selling and signing their own books and art.

558 Hwy 51 Ridgeland, MS is the address to the store.

vans 09

This is a photo of the shop.  If you are coming from the North East ( Canton or Madison area ) heading South West on Hwy 51 it will be on your left (the East side of the road).  You will see these shops….

vans 06vans 07

….if you pass the Trace grill then you’ve gone too far.

vans 04

Van’s Has two drives entering into his parking lot on either side of his store….

vans 03

This is a full view of the store.  The Artist Alley will be in the building on the right but you will have to enter through the building on the left thru the door next to the Van’s Comics Sign.

If you are coming from the South West ( Jackson area ) heading North East then it will be on your right.  Use the landmark pictures above, only in reverse.

It’s East of Hwy 55.

I didnt take any shots of the inside of the artist alley room but I did get a couple or so of the inside of the comic book shop to give you an idea of how big it is.

vans 11

A view of half the store looking from the back toward the counter.

vans 12vans 13

two pictures from the front to the back showing two halves of the store.  It may be a little confusing depending on how close the blog puts them next to each other.

Once again it will be FREE ADMISSION to come and see the Artist and Writers selling their books and art.  Tell all your friends and family.  It’s Oct 3rd from 10 am till 6 pm.

I will put up more blogs later about the actual artists and writers that will be appearing and any websites that might help.

BubbaWorld Comix is my website for my webcomics if you want to check it out while you wait, and yes I will be one of the cartoonist/writers in the artist alley.  And I will have sketch cards and 3 books.


July 17, 2009

I’ve had a book signing or two.  A Couple  in Louisville (home town) and one in Meridian.  Oddly enough I’ve sold the majority out of the back of me car as I run into folks or talking about them and being over heard.

First off my books made it in my hands before the Red Hills Festival in Louisville.  Here’s a look at my booth.


and a look at the street before things got started…


This was the first Red Hills Festival that I ever made a profit on.  It rained and misted most of the day.  The crowd was nowhere near the normal size due to the weather.  And I left a few hours early before the big rain hit.  And I still managed to sell enough books to make me happy I went.  I also met a fellow MS web cartoonist from Ethel that I knew from the internet so that was cool too.

I had a signing in June at the Winston County Library.



This was before the signing started.  I didnt take any pictures during the actual signing.  I’m a bit absent minded at times.  That’s Mom in the first one.  I did ok at this one.  I wasnt a lot but enough that I was still happy with the results.  A day selling a few books is better than a day selling no books.  I actually sold more by accident on the way home from the signing, so the total of al the day sales was cool for me.

Then there was the Meridian signing.  I did it at a coffee house on Front Street called the Gathering Place.  I love this spot and try to drop by whenever I’m in Meridian.  Thanks to Terrance for letting me have the signing there, He’s a cool fellow.  And also a shout out to my Buddy Barrett who help me out a lot by promoting it and putting up posters for me.

bw signing meridian 03

Here’s my buddy Ric who I talked into tagging along to help me with the signing and hanging out with me at the signing.  This is getting stuff took into the Gathering Place.  Notice the very stylish and cool T-shirt Ric happens to be wearing.  Is that a Bubbaworld Comix T-shirt?  Why Yes it is.  It’s actually hand drawn by me with sharpie markers.  Ric is also my walking billboard.

bw signing meridian 02

a better view of the T-shirt before we left for Meridian.

bw signing meridian 04

And my Paintings set up inside the Gathering Place.  We were set up in the area right behind this at the nearest table.  Again I didn’t think to take any pictures during the actual signing.  I didn’t even think of telling Ric to.  The good thing about forgetting this again is that maybe I wont forget in Jackson.  I’m about to go to the Jackson Comic Con (July 18 & 19) and be in the Artist Alley.  I am so looking forward to this.  I hope it’s a yearly thing and grows some each year.  I plan to support it each year.  Shane will be with me so I plan to actually take a butt load of pictures this time around.  Plus it’s my first comic con that I’m a part of.

Comic Strip Archives

February 20, 2009

I have been busy this last week or so. I do a web comic site that features all six comic strip titles that I write and draw at a site called BUBBAWORLD COMIX that can be found at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET

The program I use to do my webpage is convenient in the fact that I don’t have to know too much about writing html code but it is just as aggravating with some “bugs” in the system.  It would have to build the entire page, all 150+ pages, just to send the three that I would change day to day.  It wouldn’t go thru the first time and I would repeat the process…over and over some days.  Then it might “lose” a comic strip jpeg in the archives that I didnt even do anything to and the program would “replace” it with any comic strip archive jpeg at random.  Usually one that wasn’t even from the same title.  I would try to correct it and resend the changes and it would make a new problem.  Then I would have to send all to get all the problems fixed and it would just become a big ol headach.  Every 6 or more weeks I would add six more pages to the archives, one page per title.  I came up with a solution to my problem.  I started six more blogs here at word press, one for each comic strip title that I do.  I began posting the archives their with a months worth in each post.  I deleted all the 125+ pages of archives from my webpage and it sends so much quicker and easier now and I just direct the archive links to the wordpress pages.  You have to click on each strip to see a readable size but more people have been finding my strips thru searches on word press that they have my actual webpage.  The wordpress archives all have links to each other including my home page so more people have been making it their too.  It’s increasing my traffic and making my comics more known so I consider this move that had me worried a wonderful success.  If you look below the blogroll on the side of this page you will notice all of the pages I’m talking about including the homepage so go to ’em and read some comics and enjoy.



September 27, 2008

I’ve decided to do a blog about each one of my titles that I write and draw and put up at the daily updated web comic site BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET .

Today’s title will be QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR, which appears every Monday. The strip is mainly about two idiot brothers that work for their Dad in the Family Appliance Repair Business. I guess this strip is near and dear to me heart due to the fact that it is a warped (very warped) view of most of my growing up life up to my twenties. The two brothers look nothing like me or my brother but they have our personalities. Jasper is inspired from my older brother and Corky is, sadly, inspired from me. They have two older brothers, Jr. and Thomas, both of which are inspired by my oldest two brothers.

These two brothers get into all sorts of adventures with aliens, Elvis, bigfoots, or just hang out at the coffee shop with all their weirdo friends. Sometimes they dress up as the superheroes REPAIRMAN & TOOL TOTER. They usually have to go against their nemeses BUBBAMAN or IT MAN. Their brother Jr. occasionally joins them as the PLAID NINJA after his short run as the NAKED NINJA. Occasionally they even get a service call run.

The mayor of the town is a Chimpanzee and his translator is a circus clown that also serves as his secretary. The boys drive an old jalopy type truck with no roof. A few of my friends in real life appear in the strip as “extras”. I use them in the straight man role while doing the craziness or joke with the main characters. The exception to this rule is KILTBOY. If you read the strip let me warn you now… YES….KILTBOY IS INSPIRED BY A REAL PERSON as scary as that is. The real person is a nut so I let the character inspired by him be just as big of a nut.

This is also the strip that inspired the name for my Halloween Special every year called TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD. All six of my titles are theoretically in the same area…just two of them are separated by the fourth dimension….one of them just some of the time. Because of this I use the Halloween Special to cross over the titles with each other. In 2007 I did a 30 day special that crossed over all six titles. This year (2008) I’ve crossed over different titles but only 2 or 3 at a time in different stories. Be sure to go to my site BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET and check out the special each week of October and all the daily updates.